9ice Net Worth 2020 and Biography

9ice Net Worth 2020 and Biography. He is popularly known and addressed as 9ice but his real names are Alexander Abolore  Adigun Adegbola Alapomeji Ajifolajifaola.  9ice was born on the 17th of January 1980, he is from Ogbomosho in Oyo state but he grew up in Bariga, Lagos. He attended Abule Okuta Primary School and later finished his secondary education at CMS Grammar School. He was admitted to study law at Lagos State University but he later dropped out to concentrate fully on his music career.

9ice Net Worth 2020 and Biography

  • Full Name: Alexander Abolore  Adigun Adegbola Alapomeji Ajifolajifaola
  • Date Of Birth: January 17th, 1980
  • State Of Origin: Oyo State (Ogbomoso)
  • 9ice Net Worth: $ Million
  • Profession: Musical Artist, Entertainer
  • Record Label: Alapomeji Ancestral Records
9ice Net Worth


9ice came from a polygamous family; his father has five wives and nine children, he grew up in such environment. He wrote his own songs at the age of 14, but his parent only found out about his singing career after it started in 2000. 9ice was singing Fuji Music when he started his singing career because he was a big fan of Pasuma. He claimed he derived inspiration from his environment and he was motivated by the music of the likes of Alhaji Ayinla Omowura, King Sunny Ade, Tatalo Alamu and Alhaji Haruno Ishola.

Having dropped out of school, 9ice is currently trying to get a degree to complete his education. He is doing an online course in Criminal Law and Public Safety at Capella University.

9ice’s Music Career

At the start of his music career, 9ice joined a musical group called the Mysterious Boys, they recorded few tracks and none was them was a hit. Within few years, the band split and 9ice went on his way to record his solo songs. He started going solo in 2000 but it took him 5 years to make it to the limelight. 9ice’s producer is I.D Cabasa, he produced the song (Ganja Man) that made him popular in 2006, and the song was in a reggae style.

9ice recorded many hit songs in his first album; the biggest hit among all the songs in the album was Gongo Aso.  He’s success with Gongo Aso can be likened to hitting gold; the song was one of the best singles of the year 2007, and he won multiple awards for the song that year. The song became a household song, the song was chorused by both young and old, educated and illiterates alike.

The success of his first album paved ways for others; he released other albums like Ganja Man, Little Money, Music Daddy and Make Dem Talk. 9ice’s second title was titled Gongo Aso after his hit song; he kept recording success with his songs after then. The themes of his songs cover various life issues ranging from Marriage to partying and women, he also sang about originality and gratitude.

9ice is known for his Yoruba songs, he sings in his native language with a mixture of pidgin. His singing style endeared him to many in the South West and he became a household name. 9ice later established his own record label called Alapomeji Records and performed at notable shows including Mandela’s birthday in London and 50 years anniversary of Independence in Holland and Malaysia.

Since his coming to the limelight in 2007, 9ice has featured across Campuses in Nigeria in the Soundcity/MTN campus tours, he also featured in Mandela’s 90th birthday in Hyde Park, London, Ariya Entertainment featured him in their Lets Go There Tour in Chicago, Houston, Maryland, LA and NY in 2008, he was one of the artists in Star Mega Jam from 2007-2010 etc.

9ice Biography


9ice’s Marriage and Divorce

9ice got married to Tony Payne and she gave him a son who they named Zion together. Unfortunately for the couple, the marriage ended almost as soon as it started and they have to part ways in 2010. 9ice accused his wife (Tony Payne) of dating many artists in the music industry; some of these artists are his friends. Because of his popularity in the music industry, his divorce generated into a scandal in 2010 but it managed not to hurt his music career.

After divorcing Tony Payne he reunited with his lover Vicki Gordis and both of them had two daughters (twins). They named the girls Maya and Miya.

9ice’s Political Career

9ice revealed his political intention in 2014; he revealed that he was going to contest for political office in Ogbomosho, Oyo State, which happens to be his native state. He joined a political party after declaring his intention, he joined APC (All Progressive Congress) and declared that he wants to contest for a seat at the Federal House of Representative.

During the primary election, 9ice lost to another party member and could not achieve his political aim. However, the governor of Oyo State, Senator Abiola Ajumobi later named him as the Special Adviser to the Governor.

(9ice) Adigun Alapomeji’s Awards

9ice has won the following awards in his music career:

  • Most Promising Act at the Dynamix Awards 2007
  • He won Gbedu Awards in 2008
  • Best Song of The Year at Dynamix Awards 2008
  • He won the award of Best Act in Nigerian Music Awards 2008
  • He won Most Indigenous in Nigerian Entertainment Awards 2007
  • He won MOBO Best African Act 2008
  • Best Act in Nigerian Entertainment Awards 2008
  • Magazine Awards
  • He won Ltv/Eko Fm Awards
  • He won MTV Base Best Hip-hop Act 2008
  • He won Best Vocal Performance at Hip-hop World Awards 2008
  • He won Revelation of the Year at Hip-hop World Awards 2008
  • Best Album at the Hip-hop World Award 2009
  • Best Act at the Hip-hop World Awards 2009
  • Artiste of the Year at Hip-hop World Awards 2009
  • Best Song at the Hip-hop World Awards 2009
  • City People’s Award 2009
9ice cars



He has released the following album from the inception of his music career:

  • Certificate_2007
  • Gongo Aso_2008
  • Tradition_2009
  • Certificate and Tradition reloaded_2010
  • Bashorun Gaa_2011
  • CNN/GRA_2014

9ice’s Songs

9ice has released many songs from 2007 till dates, notable among his songs are:

  • Street Credibility
  • Gongo Aso
  • Abefe
  • Living Things
  • Pariboto
  • Olorunsogo
  • Irapada
  • Party Rider
  • Gbamu-Gbamu
  • No be Mistake
  • Glass House
  • Respect is Reciprocal

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