Adekunle Gold Net Worth 2020 And Biography

Adekunle Gold Net Worth 2020 And Biography. Nigerian singer, songwriter and graphic artist Adekunle Kosoko, popularly known as Adekunle Gold, is an artist whose musical genre is a combination of high urban life and R & B. He was born on January 28th, 1987 as a Prince of the Kosoko Royal Family in Isale Eko, State of Lagos, Nigeria.  

Adekunle Gold Net Worth 2020 And Biography

  • Full Name: Adekunle Kososko
  • Date Of Birth: January 28th, 1987
  • Occupation: Musical Artist
  • Record Label: YBNL
  • Charges Per Show: Not Specific/Fixed
  • Private Phone: N/A
Adekunle Gold Biography



  • Education and Early Life

The singer is a from a family of four, three sisters and him being the only son bagged an HND degree in arts and design from the prestigious Lagos State Polytechnic.

Adekunle is a big fan of Nigerian musical legends, King Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obey, he grew up listening to their songs and admiring their musical masterpiece which his father often played whenever he was in the mood for some light entertainment. Gold loved music right from his cradle, he decided to join the church’s choir when he was only a teen, it was at this stage of his life that he composed his first ever song.

The addition of Gold to his stage name was as a result of a sermon he was opportune to be a part of.

  • Music Career

Adekunle Gold was initially a member of a trio-performing group popularly known “The Bridge” – This band was formed when he was still in school and it housed artistes like Skales and GT da guitar-man, Adekunle finally decided to go solo and do his own thing all by himself, he made this decision in 2013 and shortly after, he released his first official single as a standalone artist, the single was titled “Sade”.

The single was widely accepted by music fans and critics alike, it was an icebreaker for the artiste who was still new in the musical scene, the single enjoyed massive airplay on radio and tv stations alike, the song was full of emotion and it was nothing like what music fans had ever heard, this unique trait helped build his fan base in no time. The success of “Sade” brought Gold to the attention of the YBNL boss, Olamide Adedeji, he saw potentials in the Sade crooner, he made him a juicy offer and a deal was struck. Gold and Olamide had been transacting in a business environment before the recording deal brought them closer. Adekunle Gold was the brain behind the shiny and ever attractive YBNL logo.

Later in 2013, Adekunle Gold released a track titled “Let it stop” – it was a song that highlights the need to maintain peace and order nationwide. According to the singer, Sade was a song borne out of his personal love experience coupled with some fiction to spice things up. Months later, when Gold finally released the visuals to his hit songs, it was to the amazement to the eagerly waiting fans. In the year 2016, Adekunle Gold released his maiden album which he titled “Gold” – the album was so good music fans had a difficult time choosing a favorite.

The album which consisted of only sixteen tracks was a constant replay in every party, it topped charts for months after it’s release, at the end of his recording contract with the YBNL Boss, Olamide, Adekunle Gold forged ahead to unveil a live band he called “The 79th element” which according to him, represents natural gold’s atomic number and a directive from God to help boost his musical career.

Adekunle Gold Net Worth Biography


  • Most Searched Celebrity

According to a list released by Google in the year 2015, Adekunle was one of the most searched celebrity, this had little or nothing with his musical prowess, the massive attention was mainly because of his image manipulation skills, apparently, he had too much time on his hands and he wanted to have a bit of fun and this he did by photoshopping himself into a couple of trending celebrity pictures.

The enormous attention did add to the singer’s CV as he earned himself the nickname, “King Of Photoshop”. Adekunle Gold’s kind of music is a little bit slow but the lyrical content has always been top notch, Gold when asked made it known he is not willing to change his kind of music for quick fame or anything for that matter. The Sade crooner aims to become an evergreen artiste whose songs will be played centuries after his demise.

  • Relationship Rumour

Though not yet confirmed, the singer has been rumoured to be in a relationship with the “Smile for me” crooner, “Simi”. The duo tried the very best to hide their relationship status from the prying eyes of the public but it wasn’t quite successful as fans of both celebrities figured out what they had is deeper than platonic friendship. Both artists had in the past featured on several tracks together, sometimes as the backup singer(s) and at other times as lead vocalists.

The man of the moment is no doubt a lover of prints as he has been spotted on so many occasions rocking adorable African prints that evidently shows our rich cultural heritage in dressing. This print has been confirmed to draw both wanted and unwanted attention to him whenever he is quietly seated at events and other outings, as people walk up to him to compliment his dress and also ask for directives on how to cop one of their own.

  • Adekunle Gold Net Worth 2020

For all fans interested in knowing Adekunle Gold Net Worth, He is believed to be worth an estimated 50 million naira.

Adekunle Gold Net Worth Biography

Adekunle Gold Net Worth

  • Deals and Endorsements

Adekunle Gold is still pretty new in the music scene, as such, he is yet to bad many endorsement deals, he did bad one recently though and it was a sickle cell ambassador deal, one he had to work with Zahra Buhari, the president’s daughter on.

  • Adekunle Gold Songs and Collaborations

Since his emergence as a professional, the singer has only been able to come up with just a studio album and nobody know if he has plans to release more or not, asides that, he has several hits linked to his musical prowess. A few of his hit songs include but not limited to

  • Sade,
  • Pick Up,
  • Orente,
  • Money etc.

The singer had in the past collaborated with a few artists like Simi, Aramide, Niyola and several other.

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