AKA Net Worth 2020 and Biography

AKA Net Worth 2020 and Biography. AKA is the stage name of South African 28 years old hip hop recording artist Kiernan Jarryd Forbes. Aside from being a recording artist, AKA is also a record producer an actor, songwriter, and sound engineer. He is one of the famous, widely known and respected South African music artist. To many, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes also known as AKA is the ‘Prince of South African Rap’. This post will discuss AKA net worth in dollars and biography.

AKA Net Worth 2020 and Biography

  • Full Name: Kiernan Jarryd Forbes
  • Aka Net Worth: $11.4 Million
  • Nationality: South African
  • Profession: Musician, Songwriter, record artist & producer, actor and sound engineer.
  • Charges Per Show: Varies
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Age / Date of Birth: January 28, 1988
  • Private Phone Number: Not Available
  • Record Label:  Sony Music Entertainment Africa and Vth Season.
  • Instagram / Twitter: @akaworldwide

AKA with his award gallery in background



AKA was given birth to on the 28th of January, 1988 in Cape Town, South Africa. Going by this, Jarryd Forbes is now 28 years old. AKA started schooling at the Holy Cross Convent School located in Cape Town and then moved over to Greenside Primary School where he completed his primary education. He then proceeded to St John’s College. It was at St. John’s College that he can be said to start his career.

He started his career at a very early age though it took him years to make money off it and that was when he became the widely known AKA as a recent of his Altar Ego Album release. His career in music can be said to have started when he, together with two of his schoolmates formed a rap group known as Entity. This became their platform on which he rode to success and fame as the group was growing in popularity, earning him fans than 2002, his music started making it into South African Music Charts.

With the fame they got, what happens to many music groups started having it way among them. That’s conflict! conflict of who does what and how, conflict of how they do their music and all that. This problem persisted, leading to each of the members going solo to do his own kind of music. Their union finally hit the rock in 2006 when they officially broke away, with each member caving his own unique niche for himself in the South African Music Industry and AKA continued with rap and from 2006 to today, he had grown to be one of the most popular music artist from South African with many hit songs to his name. When the group splitted, AKA went underground, doing his homework, brushing and learning more about rap and music in general.

His going offline paid off, as he returned into the scene with what can be termed as the bang! He created his own music production company alongside Buks and Kamza in 2007. With this, he was producing for other musical stars in the country he finally started producing his own music. With the skills and knowledge, he acquired as at the time he went offline, there was nothing stopping AKA from becoming the star he is today.  His popularity is what led us to write this article; AKA net worth and biography in 2017.


AKA gift his mum a brand new bmw car

Talking about how much is the worth of AKA in 2018, his net worth is put at $11.4 million US dollar. This was a sharp rise because as at 2015, AKA net worth was estimated to be around $300,000 US dollars. This money, he made through various means. Like I stated earlier in the beginning of this post, AKA is a recording artist, an actor, song writer, sound engineer and a record producer. He is also signed with Sony Music Entertainment Africa as well as his own record label Vth Season. He also has other businesses he is into such as endorsement and all that. While he can be said to be rich and had made a lot of money for himself now, his venture into making big money started recently, most appropriately when he released his debut album Alter Ego.

AKA owns many assets ranging from a blue coloured BMW X6M 2016 car and a spacious house in South Africa with a huge courtyard and parking lot. As at the time he got his BMW, he went high on social media, notably Instagram, displaying his new ride and dedicating it to his fans that made it possible. Looking at all his assets, his business and the fame he enjoyed, one can conclude that AKA is currently harvesting the seed of hard work he planted years back.


AKA Instagram post thanking his fans for their support

AKA cannot be said to be a small fish in the South African entertainment industry. He is a big fish and as such, what comes his way are usually big. From the years he started his now defunct rap group, Entity with his school mate to today, he had won series of awards and endorsement. Some of these achievements are discussed below.

He won the Male artist of the year awarded by the South African Music Awards. He was also awarded with the Best Newcomer award and the Best Hip Hop as well as the Best Produced Album of the year, all earned by his debut album, ‘Altar Ego’. He also won Channel O’s most Gisted Hip Hop Video at the 7th annual Channel O Music Video Awards. At the 18th South African Music Awards (SAMA), he won the Male artist of the year and the Best Street Urban Music Album. Also awarded Male Artist of the Year and Best Street Urban Music Album.

AKA in late 2014 signed a multi-album deal with Sony Music Entertainment Africa through its new local urban label Sound African recordings.

Talking of hit songs, AKA has hit songs to his name.  Widely known for his hits songs such as ‘In My Walk’ as well as ‘Do It’ and ‘Mistakes’. he is indeed one of the most talented artist from South African. Also known as The Supa Mega and 3WorldBoss, this young guy is a force to reckoned with in South Africa and the whole of the world when it comes to hip hop music in general. No doubt, he had written his name in the test of time.



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