Ali Kiba House Cars and Pictures: Latest 2020

Ali Kiba House Cars and Pictures: Latest 2020. In every continent of the world, there are musicians who rule their continent. Africa is not an exemption, it is ruled by a lot of musicians from every part of the continent. This article is about one of Africa’s most important music star, Ali Kiba. Ali Saleh Kiba is a Tanzanian who has been around for so many years, from 2000. The artiste produces great musics that are loved by Tanzanians boy and girls, as well as other Africans. This music star is considered one of the richest in his country, as well as one of the most successful music artistes. Unfortunately, despite the amount of wealth this guy has, the public has very little knowledge of Ali Kiba house and cars. To help the unending curiosity of fans, we decided to put up this article, ‘Ali Kiba Houses and Cars’.

ali kiba pictures

Ali Kiba Pictures

Ali Kiba House, Cars and Pictures 2020

  • Net Worth

Before going ahead to discuss Ali Saleh Kiba’s houses and car, we want to discuss his net worth which we consider important to discuss. As at the time of writing this article, the music star is estimated to worth about $5 million. Just as you will expect, there have been lots of argument about how much the artiste really worths. Some people believe he is worth a lot more than $5 million, while some oppose, stating that his net worth is never as much as $5 million. He sits in position number two, on the list of the top 10 richest men in the country. The only Tanzanian music star wealthier than him is Diamond Platnumz. The following Tanzanian music artistes all fall behind him: Judith Wambura (LADY JAY DEE), Yesaya Ambwene (AY), Juma Nature (KIROBOTO), Barakah Da Prince, Jux (Juma Jux) and Vanessa Mdee. check more on his Net worth here

ali kiba house new

Ali Kiba house new

Ali Kiba House and Cars

As rich as Ali Kiba is, it is interesting to note that he does not have many cars. A lot of music artiste who are not as rich as he is, has lots of fanciful cars. The reason behind this is that Ali Saleh Kiba is not the kind of guy who likes to show off his wealth. The music star is said to have a few Range Rovers, he also has houses scattered across the country. Furthermore, he owns houses in some African countries and the United States of America. Another thing we can not ignore is his ownership of acres of land in Tanzania.

ali kiba New house new

His New House

More On: Background and Early Life

Ali Kiba was born on November 26, 1986, to a lovely family of Tombwe Njere (mother) and Saleh Omari (father). He happens to be the first child of his parents and saw the birth of 3 siblings. Ali Saleh Kiba’s family was neither rich nor poor, his family was an average Tanzanian family. For his primary education level, Ali Saleh Kiba attended Upanga Primary School. He proceeded to study at a secondary school in Tanzania, for his secondary education level. Little do we know if he attended a university or not. Ali Salih Kiba’s siblings are namely: Abdu Saleh Kiba, Zabibu Saleh Kiba, and Abubakar Saleh Kiba.

ali kiba cars house pictres

Ali Kiba Cars

More On Ali Saleh Kiba: Songs and Albums

Ali Kiba has produced a countless number of songs. He has also been featured in music owned by local as well as international music stars. It will be worthwhile starting our discussion from the albums of the musician. Ali Saleh Kiba’s first album was released back in 2007. He regarded the album as a success which gave him the courage that he can become a very successful musician. This talented artiste went ahead to release another great album in 2008. His 2008 music album titled ‘Alikiba 4 Real’, was also a success. Releasing an album every year became his hobby, and he released Modeling, ONE8, DUSHELELE and Acting in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 respectively.

ali kiba cars 2

Some of his great music since the beginning of his music career in 2000, include: Usiniseme, Cinderella, Nakshi Mrembo, Msiniseme, Dushelele, Njiwa, Mali Yangu, Wajua, Mwana, Zuu, Sikuoni, Single Boy (feat. Lady Jd), Naksh Mrembo, Single Boy, Zaidi Yangu, Nichum, Single Boy (feat. Lady Jay Dee), Msela, Single Boy (feat. Lady JayDee), Dunia Imemtupa, Nakashi Mrembo, My everything, Ndugu Yangu, Ntakuona Wapi, Naksh naksh, Simzima We, KARIMU, FAR AWAY Feat. CHIDI BENZ, Mapenzi Yana Run Dunia, Zuzu, Hadithi, Nakupenda, Nakshi Nakshi Mrembo, Mac Muga, Utamu Wa Mapenzi ft Berry Black, Nichum, Najua, and Yatima.

ali kiba pictures

  • More On Ali Saleh Kiba: Achievements

Ali Kiba is a winner of many local and international awards. He ranks among the music artiste who has won the most awards in the country’s history. Ali Salek Kiba recorded two awards in 2012, which are namely: Best Zouk/Rhumba Song — Dushelele (Tanzania Music Awards), and Best Collaboration — Nai Nai with Ommy Dimpoz (Tanzania Music Awards). In 2015, his awards multiplied by 3, leaving him 6 awards. The awards are: Best Male Artist (Tanzania Music Awards); Best Male Performer (Tanzania Music Awards); Song Writer of the year (Tanzania Music Awards); Song Of The Year — Mwana (Tanzania Music Awards); Afro Pop Song Of the year (Tanzania Music Awards); Best Collaboration — Kiboko Yangu With Mwana FA (Tanzania Music Awards).

  • More On Ali Saleh Kiba: Family

Ali Kiba is a father of three kids, one boy and two baby girls. His son’s name is Sameer Kiba, while his daughters’ names are Amiya Kiba and Chamy Kiba. Interestingly, the superstar is not married to any woman, he is single and only has baby mamas. Ali Saleh Kiba has 3 baby mamas, one for each kid he has. He blamed his marital status on the fact that he has not come across a woman he finds good to be his wife. He added, that he is in search of his dream woman, and if he finds one, he will be sure to marry her.


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