Anthony Joshua Net Worth 2020 And Biography

Anthony Joshua Net Worth 2020 And Biography. Anthony Joshua (AJ) is a professional boxer who has mixed parentage comprising a British father and a Nigerian mother. Since April 2017, He has remained the holder of two major titles –the IBO and the WBA (Super) besides that, the professional boxer has remained the holder of the renowned IBF title since 2016. In view of the three world titles he currently holds, Anthony Joshua is considered a unified heavyweight champion across the world.

Anthony Joshua Net Worth 2020 And Biography

  • Full Name: Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua
  • Profession: Boxer
  • Date Of Birth: 15 October 1989
  • Country Of Origin: United Kingdom / Nigeria
  • Anthony Joshua Net Worth: $120 Million
Anthony Joshua Net Worth


From 2014 to 2016, Anthony Joshua claimed two major regional-level titles –The Commonwealth and the British heavyweight titles. In 2011, Joshua represented England in the super-heavyweight division of World Championships and as an amateur, he bagged a silver medal for England. In 2012, Anthony Joshua represented the United Kingdom (GBR) at the Olympic games and bagged a gold medal from the competition. In 2013, Anthony Joshua became a professional boxer and in the subsequent year (2014), he was given an award –titled Prospect of the Year –by The Ring Magazine.


Family Background and Early Life

Going by the birth name Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua, Anthony Joshua was born in 1989. His birth came about in Watford, England. Anthony Joshua’s mixed parentage is between Robert (a British father) and Yeta Odusanya (a Nigerian mother of Yoruba descent). Although Anthony Joshua’s father –Robert –is regarded as a British man, he is actually descended from Nigeria.

As a Nigerian of Yoruba descent, Anthony Joshua has a Yoruba cousin known as Ben Ileyemi. Just like his relative (Anthony Joshua), Ben Ileyemi is also a remarkable professional boxer who maintains an unbeaten record. In 2013, Anthony Joshua –together with his cousin Ben Ileyemi –marked his debut as a professional boxer.
Anthony Joshua spent some part of his childhood growing up in Nigeria. However, he went back to his birthplace (the UK) at the time he was apparently a 7-years-old. On his return to the UK, Anthony Joshua lived in Hertfordshire while schooling at Kings Langley Secondary School. While Anthony Joshua was in school, his colleagues and his teachers were fond of shortening his middle name –Oluwafemi –to “Femi’’. Before he ventured into boxing as a career, Anthony Joshua made excellent performances in athletics and football. One of his notable athletic records was the Year Nine 100m he smashed within the time rate of 11.6 seconds.

His Career As an Amateur Boxer

Only at the age of 18, Joshua stepped his foot in boxing as a career in 2007. Meanwhile, this decision came after his cousin had urged him to engage in boxing. For two consecutive years (2009 and 2010), Anthony remained the winner of Haringey Box Cup. Having recorded just 18 bouts, he emerged as the winner of 2010 senior Aba Championships. Later on, Anthony surprised everyone by rejecting an offer of £50,000 to become a professional boxer. While Anthony Joshua spoke about his rejection of the offer, he insisted that his passion as a boxer was to win medals and neither to earn money. Also in the subsequent year, Anthony Joshua won the senior Aba Championships for the second time.

Anthony Joshua became a distinguished boxer particularly through his domestic achievements which gave him a position on the GB Boxing team in 2010. In the same year (2010), Anthony claimed victory over Amin Isa during the GB Amateur Boxing Champions. In view of this victory, he was named British amateur champion.
Anthony Joshua was favored by a string of boxing successes and this gave him another victory at the European Amateur Boxing Championships where he defeated the duo of Cathal McMonagle and Eric Berechlin. However, he was eventually defeated by Romanian boxer Mihai Nistor. The year 2011 marked a marvelous boxing career for Joshua and this earned him an award – Amateur Boxer of the Year (2011) –from the British Boxing Writers’ Club.

How Much is Anthony Joshua Worth Wealth

How Much is Anthony Joshua Worth Wealth

World Amateur Boxing Championships (2011)

Anthony Joshua suddenly emerged into the global boxing scene after defeating Roberto Cammerelle at the World Amateur Boxing Championships which took place in Azerbaijan. Having triumphed over Roberto Cammarelle, who was the then reigning Olympic and World champion, Anthony Joshua went ahead to defeat German Erik Pfeifer during the semi-finals of the tournament. However, he was eventually defeated by Magomedrasul Majidov. Joshua’s performance on the path to the final earned him his spot at the Olympic Games held in 2012. Meanwhile, he emerged into the 91 kg+ division of the 2012 Olympic Games as a boxer newly introduced to the elite division of the tournament.

2012 Olympic Games

Although Anthony Joshua was already a world silver medalist, the professional boxer was introduced into the 2012 London Olympic Games as a novice boxer at the international level. In the final 16 of the super-heavyweight competition, Joshua had to compete with tough boxers such as Erislandy Savon who was given the fourth spot in global ranking by AIBA. In the opening encounter, he had to fight hard through three rounds and at the end of this, the British boxer only bagged the result 17:16. With this result, many spectators concluded that Erislandy Savon had obviously defeated Joshua. But again, the result sparked some controversy which made a number of spectators argue that Erislandy Savon had defeated Joshua on merit. After the loss to Savon, Anthony Joshua took on Zhang Zhilei who previously won a silver medal in 2008 Beijing Olympics. Anthony Joshua claimed the victory of 15:11 over his opponent –Zhang Zhillei –during the middle round of the bout. With this win, Joshua was able to bag a bronze medal for himself. Having progressed to the semi-final, he had to fight with Kazakhstan’s Ivan Dychko. Joshua claimed a victory of 13:11 over the Kazakhstan boxer. With the help of this victory, he secured his spot in the final of the Olympic Games. In the final bout, Joshua fought with Italian Roberto Cammarelle who was a two-time World Champion and the then Olympic Champion. While Joshua fought with Cammarelle in the previous year, he defeated the Italian boxer. And now at the final bout of the 2012 Olympics, Cammarelle had claimed victories of 6:5 and 13:10 in the first two rounds. But after having found his rhythm during the fight, Joshua recorded a dramatic comeback to make the score 18:18. Meanwhile, this resulted after the third round.
Based on count-back, Anthony Joshua emerged as the winner and this made him the new Olympic champion. Despite Joshua’s brilliant comeback to defeat his opponent, a number of boxing experts condemned the final decision and claimed it was an obvious “home decision’’ intended to favor the home boxer –Anthony Joshua.

In appreciation of his boxing contributions and achievements, Anthony Joshua became an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire). Meanwhile, he received this honour at the New Year Honours in 2013.

Early Professional Boxing Career

Under the promotional list released by Matchroom Sport, Anthony Joshua was declared a professional boxer. Meanwhile, this was announced and confirmed in July 2013. About two months later, precisely on the 5th of October 2013, he recorded his debut fight as a professional boxer. This debut performance came about in the Main-Event of a card at the London O2 Arena. On 26th of October 2013, Joshua marked his second professional encounter at the Sheffield-based Motorpoint Arena. Only in the second round, the officiating referee had to terminate the bout with the claim that Joshua had excessively punished his opponent –Paul Butlin. With this decision, Anthony Joshua eventually emerged as the winner based on TKO. On 14th of November 2013, Joshua appeared on the Prizefighter Series card to mark his third professional encounter against Hrvoje Kisciek. Only in the second round, Anthony has already declared the winner by TKO. Meanwhile, this marked his third consecutive TKO win.

In early 2014, Joshua had an encounter with Dorian Darch. Impressively, the British boxer recorded another TKO victory only in the second round to give himself a total of 4 TKO victories. In the subsequent month, Joshua fought against Hector Alfredo Avila in the Scottish region of Glasgow and recorded a KO victory from the first round of the fight. Also in the fifth month of the same year (2014), Joshua appeared on the undercard of George Groves II vs. Carl Frosh – a fight which took place at the English Wembley Stadium. Only in one round of the undercard, Joshua was able to eliminate his opponent –Matt Legg. On the 12th of July 2014, Anthony Joshua marked his seventh professional encounter at the Echo Arena held in Liverpool, England. During the fight, Anthony Joshua was able to claim victory over his opponent –Matt Skelton. Meanwhile, this win resulted from the official decision to terminate the fight during the second round. On the 13th of September 2014, Anthony Joshua was scheduled to record his eight professional encounters against Konstantin Airich of Germany. The fight was a Manchester Arena and following the decision to terminate it in the third round, Joshua emerged victoriously and this meant he bagged eight consecutive wins from the start of his professional career. This also meant he had remained unbeaten with a record of 8-0.
To mark his 9th professional appearance, Anthony Joshua appeared once again in the Main-Event of a Matchroom Sports card. On the 11th of October 2014, Anthony Joshua was staged with a fight against Denis Bakhtov at the London O2 Arena. Stepping into this fight, Anthony Joshua’s ambition was to claim the WBC International –a vacant heavyweight title –against his opponent. His opponent and one-time WBC International heavyweight champion, Denis Bakhtov, was determined to claim the title once again. Only in the second round of the fight, Anthony Joshua was able to claim a KO victory over his opponent. With this, the British boxer took his impressive unbeaten record to 9-0 i.e nine consecutive wins as a professional boxer. Interestingly, this also meant Joshua was in his mid-twenties –precisely 24 –while he won the WBC International heavyweight title.

To mark his tenth bout as a professional boxer, Anthony Joshua took on Michael Sprott. Remarkably and only in the first round, Joshua claimed victory over his opponent to take his unbeaten record to 10 consecutive bouts. Meanwhile, he claimed each of the 10 bouts as a result of match stoppage. Before his 10th professional bout against Michael Sprott, Joshua already had an unbeaten record of 9 bouts and none of these bout victories lasted beyond three rounds. As regards this statistics, Anthony Joshua was recorded with a total ring time of 35 minutes and 10 seconds for his professional boxing career. Following the tenth bout from which he claimed his tenth consecutive professional win, Anthony Joshua’s entire ring time (as a professional boxer) was extended to 36 minutes and 36 seconds.

Based on schedules, Anthony Joshua was expected to record his subsequent fight against America’s Kevin Johnson at the London O2 Arena on 31st of January 2015. However, the British boxer picked up an injury on the back and this resulted in the cancellation of the fight.

Joshua marked his return to the ring on the 4th of April 2015 during a bout against Jason Gavern. The fight took place in Newcastle and only in the third round, he claimed another knock-out victory over his opponent. Anthony Joshua recorded his 12th bout as a professional boxer. This came about in the subsequent month –precisely on the 9th of May 2015 –as a fight against Raphael Zumbano Love. The fight took place in Birmingham and just in the second round, Anthony Joshua secured another knock-out victory against his opponent.

On the 30th of May in the same year (2015), Kevin Johnson –who had formerly challenged for the world title and fought with prominent boxers like Dereck Chisora, Tyson Fury, and Vitali Klitschko –was beaten by Anthony Joshua. The fight ended in 29-6, 14 KOs in favour of the British boxer. Meanwhile, this defeat was a great blemish as it marked Kevin Johnson’s first career stoppage. On the next day after the bout, Kevin Johnson declared the decision to retire from boxing. However, in March 2017, the retired boxer marked a surprising return to the ring.

Current Professional Career Statistics

Anthony Joshua has claimed a remarkable professional unbeaten record from 20 fights. Out of these 20 consecutive fights, the British boxer maintains a total of 15 TKO victories while the remaining 5 victories were claimed by KO.

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Anthony Joshua Net Worth 2020 Wealth

If you are wondering how much is Anthony Joshua Worth, Joshua’s sumptuous net worth has increased over time, with his continuous wins and rise to glory. In addition to his sponsorship deals from the likes of Sky Sports, Beats, Lucozade, Jaguar, Under Armour, Lucozade, JD Sports and Beats which also boost his income. Joshua’s net worth has been estimated to hit a massive increase in future moments but based on what we have at the moment, the unified heavyweight champion’s net worth is no less than $120 million.

That’s all on Anthony Joshua Net Worth In Dollars, Biography and Wealth. Share your suggestions and thoughts with us through the comment box.


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