Babu Owino Wealth, Cars, Net Worth – Paul Ongili Biography

Babu Owino Wealth, Cars, Net Worth – Paul Ongili Biography

It will be quite pointless to state that Babu Owino is a very popular Kenyan man. Primarily known as a politician, and also a businessman. Unlike the majority of Kenyan politicians, this man is a very outspoken politician with great zeal. Two other major elements that make Babu Owino popular, are his diction and the allegations that have been made against him. The zealous politician has created a great curiosity in people; people do not only want to know this man’s biography, they also want to know things like his Babu Owino Wealth, cars, houses and net worth. To feed these curious people, we put up this article: Babu Owino Wealth, Cars, Net Worth – Paul Ongili Biography. In the article, we’ll provide as much info as possible.

  • Real Name: Paul Ongili
  • Country Of Origin: Kenya {Kondele, Kisumu}
  • Post: Politician
  • Babu Owino Wealth – Net Worth: NS
Babu Owino Wealth Net Worth

Paul Ongili Wealth

Babu Owino Wealth, Cars, Net Worth – Paul Ongili Biography

  • Background, Early Life, and Education

Babu Owino is originally known as Paul Ongili, the name Babu Owino is a name given to him because of his character. Paul Ongili, as he is legally known, was born in Kondele, Kisumu, Kenya. The man was born into a poor family that was able to give him a primary education. He happened to be a brilliant boy and was able to gain admission into a prestigious secondary school in the country. This prestigious secondary school in question is the popular Mang’u High School which he ended up not attending. Paul Ongili was unable to attend this school as a result of his parents’ poor financial state.

However, a man took Paul Ongili and sent him to Kisumu High School to obtain his secondary education. After receiving his secondary education from Kisumu High School, he went ahead to study Actuarial Science at the University of Nairobi in Kenya. His Actuarial Science programme lasted for about 4 years, between 2008 and 2012. Furthermore, Paul Ongili obtained Bachelors degree in Law from the University of Nairobi in Kenya.

babu owino cars wealth

  • Career

Paul Ongili, primarily known as Babu Owino, is a businessman as well as a politician. He started a business before going to the university. He also showed great interest in politics when he was at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. Paul Ongili started a farming business after completing his secondary education. He started this business with the help of the money given to him by his uncle. In his final year at the University of Nairobi, when studying Actuarial Science, he contested for the chairman of the students union post. He won this election and also became the longest-serving student in the student union in Kenya.

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Babu Owino ventured fully into Kenyan politics in 2013. In 2013, he contested for Member of Parliament for Westlands constituency, Kenya. The election did not end in his favour as he lost greatly to Honorable Timothy Wanyonyi. His 2013 loss did not discourage him from pursuing his political career. He remained an active politician, and he also contested for Embakasi East Parliamentary seat which he won. Babu Owino is furthermore known as a politician who attacks fellow politicians. Lots of allegations have been made against him by politicians and regular people. He has gone to the extent of attacking the Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta.

Babu Owino cars Paul Ongili


  • Babu Owino Wealth, Cars and Net Worth

Although coming from a poor background, Babu Owino is a very wealthy man. Furthermore, the net worth of this man is not something we can say, but we can tell you that he has a lot of luxurious cars. Starting from the first car Paul Ongili used, he used a Toyota Corolla 110. This car is the 8th generation of Corollas, and this car was used by him when it used to be the latest car. Among the fleet of cars owned by Paul Ongili, is a Range Rover Sport. Range Rover Sport is a luxury car produced by the British company, Land Rover. This car has a body dimension of 188.3 inches (4,783 mm) × 76.1 inches (1,933 mm) × 71.5 inches (1,816 mm). In addition to the Range Rover Sport, Babu Owino has a Land Cruiser V8. Land Cruiser V8 is also a luxurious car, and it is produced by Japanese automobile maker, Toyota.

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