Behgjet Pacolli Net Worth 2020 and Biography

Behgjet Pacolli Net Worth 2020 and Biography. Behgjet Isa Pacolli was born on the 30th of August 1951 in Marec, Prishtina. He is the second of ten sons of Isa and Nazmije Pacolli. Behgjet is Kosovo Albanian by ethnicity but he also has a Swiss citizenship. Behgjet attended and completed his primary education at Marec, he later attended a high school in Prishtina. Behgjet Pacolli attended and received his Bachelor’s degree from Hamburg Institute of Foreign Trade in Hamburg, Germany.

Behgjet Pacolli Net Worth 2020 and Biography

  • Full Name: Behgjet Isa Pacolli
  • Date Of Birth: 30 August 1951
  • Behgjet Pacolli Net Worth: $900 Million
  • Country Of Origin: Albania / Switzerland
Behgjet Pacolli Net Worth Biography



  • Background

Behgjet was recruited in the military and went for military service in ex-Yugoslav. He completed his military service and returned to Kosovo in 1974. Behgjet got married to Masha Pacolli and they had three daughters and three sons together. The names of his daughters are Arbresha, Hana, and Selena Pacolli, his sons are Isa, Arman and Diar Pacolli.

After leaving the army in1974, Pacolli started his career in Foreign Language Correspondent and was the Deputy Director for Development at the Textile Enterprise in Gjilan.  Behgjet held this position until 1975; he once again left Kosovo and moved to the West to pursue other career opportunities.

Behgjet Pacolli held management positions in several companies from 1976 to 1980. He was Commercial Director for Regional Development of Peter Zimmer a company located in Kufstein, Australia. Behgjet was also  Commercial Director of a company called Interplastica Project Engineering in Morbio Inf, Switzerland, he was later named General Director of the company.

Behgjet went to a graduate school at Mosinger Zurich Institute, he received his Master’s Degree in Marketing and Management at the Institute in 1980-1982. Behgjet Pacolli speaks many foreign languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Serbo-Croatian, and Russia.

In 1990, Behgjet founded Mabetex Project Management, it was a construction company based in Switzerland which later developed into a large business Group known as Mabetex group today. Mabetex has interests in Banking, Construction, Hospital, Insurance, Design, and Media.

Behgjet Pacolli Net Worth Biography

Behgjet Pacolli Private Jet

  • Behgjet Pacolli Net Worth 2020: $900 Million 

Behgjet Isa Pacolli is worth about $546 million. The popular construction tycoon and politician was a former President of the Republic of Kosovo. He made his money from politics as a president as well as business, he is the CEO of Mabetex Group, a Swiss-based Civil Engineering, and Construction Company.

After finishing military service as a young man, Behgjet contacted many companies in Asia and German looking for work, he later joined an Australian company where he worked as a sales representative. Behgjet Pacolli was a sales representative for Bulgaria, Poland, Yugoslavia, and Russia. Pacolli later founded Mabetex Project Management which later developed into a big business group now known as Mabetex group with interests in construction, Media, and Insurance.

His company won international business contracts among which is renovation and reconstruction of former Russian Federation Parliament and the Opera House, State Duma, with the Moscow Kremlin. Mabetex group owned by Behgjet Isa Pacolli has built 40% of the building in New Astana City, Kazakhstan, including the palace of the new president. Behgjet Pacolli is currently serving as the First Deputy Prime Minister and minister of foreign affairs in the Cabinet of Hashim.

  • Honors and Awards of Behgjet Pacolli

The politician and Business tycoon has won many awards and recognition both at national and international levels. Notable among his awards are:

  • Behgjet Pacolli received the award of the Honorable citizen of Astana, Kazakhstan Republic.
  • Behgjet is currently recognized as the World’s Richest Ethnic Albanian.
  • Behgjet Pacolli received the award of the Honorable Citizen of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States.
  • In 2010, Mr. Behgjet Pacolli as the President of New Kosovo Alliance was honored by the International Union for Peace with a special prize as “Cavaliere Della Pace” (Meaning Cavalier of Peace).
  • Behgjet was honored by Boris Yeltsin the Russian President with the title Of the State Laureate for Architecture and Art, It Was The Highest Order given by the Russian government to a foreign authority.

  • Mabetex Group Owned By Behgjet Pacolli

Mabetex Group a company started by Behgjet Pacolli is a global company today. The company has spread over 5 continents, 18 countries, and has employed over 14,000 people.

Mabetex Group has embarked on numerous projects all over the world, list of some of the projects include:

  • The group is known for having renovated the Kremlin, it was done in grand style and lavish in gold leave and other extravagant materials.
  • Mabetex Group also reconstructed all the buildings within Kremlin including the house of the President of the Russian Federation.
  • Mabetex reconstructed the office of the president and his administration; it also worked on all its accompanying facilities.
  • The Russian Opera House
  • State Duma
  • Swiss Diamond Hotel
  • National Drama Theatre of Sakha
  • Vatutinki Hotel and Health Complex
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant at Sakha
  • Komdragmet Building at Sakha
  • Built the Presidential Complex of the new capital of Kazakhstan
  • Transformation of Presidential Residence at Kazakhstan

Built 40% of buildings in New Astana City such as:

  • The Presidential Palace
  • The Prime Minister’s office
  • The Parliament
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Hockey Hall
  • Astana City Administration and Ministry of Sports and Tourism
  • Kazakhstan’s State Residences
  • The Olympic Center inSuchinsk
  • Central Concert Hall
  • Astana International Airport
  • The Classic Theatre of Opera and Ballet
  • 5 Star Radisson Hotel and Shopping Center
  • Restaurant Venezia
  • Shopping Center Sine Tempore
  • Expo 2017 Future Energy
  • B&A Center
  • Interior of La Fenice in 2017

Mabetex Group Operations in Asia

Mabetex Group built many facilities in Uzbekistan ranging from City Hall to other administrative buildings, the company also built residential and banking premises. Mabetex Group was also in charge of interior decorations and architectural design of City hall of Uzbekistan

Mabetex was in charge of restoring the Tashkent Bank Academic a highly valuable historical building in the town. Mabetex Group continues to be a construction group to be reckoned with in Asia.


Mabetex Group Operations in Italy

Mabetex Group has undertaken many operations in Italy among which is the refurbishment of La Fenice Theatre, an opera house in Venice Italy. The opera house is one of the most famous and renowned landmarks in the history of Italian theatre. Mabetex was also in charge of designing all the furniture in the Opera after it got burnt.


Mabetex Group Operations in Switzerland

Mabetez Group the company owned by Behgjet Pacolli also undertook projects and operations in Switzerland which include:

  • Swiss Diamond Hotel, Lugano
  • Kazakh Embassy Geneva
  • Hotel Rixos Fluela, Davos
  • Kazakh Embassy, Geneva

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