You must have probably heard of South Africa media personality Bonang Matheba. She is actually a woman with a successful career, she has strived and worked effortlessly to get to where she is today. 


  • Full Name: Bonang Dorothy Matheba
  • Age / Date Of Birth: 30 / June 25th, 1987
  • Bonang Matheba Net Worth: $7.2 Million
  • Country Of Origin: South Africa
  • Occupation: Artistes

  • Biography

Born in South Africa is Bonang Dorothy Matheba, the year 1987, June 25th. Her mother who is named Charlotte was the corporate head of human resources at an Agric business company while her father who is named Gampi was a lecturer at the University of North West. Bonang is not the only child as she has other siblings, her parents divorced and her mother later re-married and had a son. She attended Fourways High school in Leondale, Johannesburg, the school was a government co-educational school.

At age 15, Bonang ventured into becoming a media personality, she has her first break into television on SABC 2’s kids game series, Manhattan Fantasy Challenge. After she graduated from high school and enrolled in a marketing course at the University of Johannesburg.

Boning is a television personality, radio host, and a businesswoman. In the year 2007, she auditioned as the host of South Africa’s most watched music series “LIVE”. During this period, she dropped out of the university, her parents were not happy with the decision she took in her life. She actually got the job, but they felt a television personality will not take her anywhere in life. She had to work very hard to convince her parents that dropping out of the university was a very good idea. A few months after joining “LIVE” as the show host, she became an overnight sensation, this was where her fame began, she was the most sought-after celebrity in South Africa and she gave herself the title “Host with the Most”.

Boning hosted major music and television awards, the South African music, Channel O music awards, beauty pageants, government, and corporate functions. She made a name for herself as Master of Ceremonies. Boning actually wanted to be a presenter for the YFM, which is a popular youth radio station in South Africa, she applied and was rejected for two (2) years, later on, she received a call that she would be part of the new presenter line up. Her show was on weekends in the afternoon which was titled “The B Hive” and it was an instant hit as it attracted young listeners and youth in South Africa.

In the year 2012, after five years on “LIVE,” Bonang announced that she would be leaving the music series to join the people lifestyle and travel series “Top Billing”. On her debut for “Top Billing,” the producers of the series reported an increase in audience ratings. Boning patterned up with a London based designer to create a line of handbags called “Baby Star”. In the year 2013, she was named as the new host for international franchise clash of the choirs where she was there for two (2) seasons, she was later replaced by Lawrence Maleka.

Boning also played a role in acting but seems it was a difficult and stressful for her as she said in a statement that she knows her limit that she respects actors and their works. All of these was said after Bonang plays a role as a nurse in a drama series called InterSEXions and she was named “Seipati” in the drama series.

In that same year, Bonang was named as the first spokesperson outside of the USA for the international beauty products Revlon, her paycheck to be said worth seven figures. In the year 2014, high-end South Africa retail brand Woolworth named Bonang as the face of the lingerie line, Distraction. In 2014, Bonang was unveiled as the spokesperson for Ciroc Vodka in Africa along with David Tlale a South Africa fashion designer, hip-hop recording artist Da L.E.S and disc jockey DJ Dimplez.  She also got a contract as the new host of Metro’s FM good morning slot, she was replacing Siphokazi January. Bonang named her show “The Front Row”. Then a little fallout came about with the radio station, Bonang was taken off air after just two months in the job. Rumour had it that she was fired due to a breach of contract, that she took an offer from a rival broadcaster. There was actually lots of confusion as lots of things happened, but after much findings which were a month and a half later, both parties sort their differences she was later back on the air.

In the year 2016, Bonang was named the new African spokesperson for Panema Sandals, she also released a book in 2017 titled from “A to B” which was written by Black Birds Books Thabiso Mahlape, the book is number one in South Africa. She has a new reality show playing on VuzuAmp channel 103, she actually gives a glimpse of her day to day life, the show is called being Bonang.

Boning has been successful in her career up till now, she has gotten lots of endorsements deals and many awards which also made her one of the most successful women today in South Africa. Some of her awards are; SA style awards, African woman of the year, New African Woman Magazine, Channel 24 social media awards, Digital influencer of the year, Glamour awards, Woman of the year readers choice, You spectacular, Most stylish media personality, Nickelodeon kids choice awards, Best South Africa radio DJ, Style icon of the year and many others to mention.

Bonang Matheba is dating the South African rapper AKA whose real name is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes. They are called the most powerful couple in South Africa, because of the large amount of media attention they receive.

She has gotten involved in lots of controversies in her relationship with AKA, much information is actually spread on social media about their love lives. She has been questioned much about the relationship, asides that currently she is the owner of Bonang Matheba Entertainment.

  • Bonang Matheba Net Worth: $7.2 Million

Philanthropy Work

She has also been involved in lots of philanthropy works like when she raises a large amount of money for charity of Nelson Mandela children’s fund, thee bursary fund which was also launched recently after she was reached out by a student to help finance her tuition fees, she was also involved in “carry yourself with confidence”. A campaign which helped in donating products to young girls in their teens and providing them with products they need and also learn essential life skill.

How Much Is Bonang Matheba Worth ?

After all of this her achievement and philanthropic activities, she is worth $7.2 million. Boning has helped herself move to the ladder of success, she is indeed a great woman.

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