Chris Kirubi Net Worth 2020 And Biography

Interesting details on Chris Kirubi Net Worth – Born Christopher John Kirubi; Kirubi is an influential personage and native of Kenya. He is widely recognized within and beyond the confines of Kenya for his exploits in several areas such as humanity, industrialism, entrepreneurship, and business.

Chris Kirubi Net Worth 2020 And Biography

  • Name: Christopher John Kirubi
  • Age / Date of birth: 1941
  • Country/place of birth: Kenya
  • Career:  Businessman
  • Chris Kirubi Networth: $300 Millon



  • Family and Early Life

Christopher Kirubi’s birth came about in 1941 in his very native country –Kenya. As a young child of a very tender age, Kirubi’s life was beset by the disastrous loss of his two parents. To rub salt into Kirubi’s wounds at such tender age, his background was surrounded by abject poverty and this caused him to encounter struggles while striving to fend for himself and his siblings.

Before the deaths of his two parents, Kirubi’s family was already dwelling amidst poverty and when his two parents died, it definitely meant Kirubi would exert himself greatly to school himself and give his siblings a livelihood. Despite the hardship, Kirubi was able to carry on with his education through the work he did.


At the time Kirubi had graduated from school, he encountered his very first employment opportunity and was appointed by a conglomerate called Shell, to work as a salesperson. Regarding his role as a salesman, he was meant to fix faulty gas cylinders and sell the buyable ones.

After some years of service with Shell, Kirubi seemed to shift his motive to serving as a manager at a public-owned company providing transportation services. And eventually, in 1971, Kirubi decided to initiate his own business ideas by simply purchasing some dilapidated houses in some areas of Kenya. Kirubi was doing this in order to refurbish the bad buildings. As he gradually thrived in this quest, he began making money from either fixing the refurbished houses for rent or simply selling them.
Kirubi became extremely inclined to this business and soon he began resorting to financial institutions in order to obtain loans which he would use in buying important plots of land across Nairobi and its environs. Having succeeded in securing loans from the country’s financial institutions, business-minded Kirubi commenced the construction of buildings on the plots of land. Meanwhile, the buildings so constructed were meant for commercial, residential and rental purposes.

Kirubi’s Mercedes Maybach

  • Investment Holdings

Kirubi’s desirable wealth might have stemmed from his involvement in several investments. Previously, he held a share portion worth 9.58% of UAP’s total shareholding. However, in an attempt to part from the company’s shareholding board, he sold off his 9.58% share to Old Mutual in 2015.

Currently, Kirobi is believed to own, in some cases, the entire shares of some investments and in other cases, very large share portions. Among the several investments held by the influential Kenyan are Kenya Commercial Bank Group, 98.4 FM, Haco Industries Limited, Centum Investments, Nation Media Group, etc.


  • Chris Kirubi Net Worth 2020: $300 Million 

As part of Kenya’s richest personalities, if you are wondering how much is Chris Kirubi worth – it’s currently estimated at $300 million.



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