Dammy Krane Net Worth 2018 And Biography


Whenever I hear the name Dammy Krane what pops into my head is help me say, Amin! Lol, guess you must have probably heard that song if you have then you need to know who gave us that hit. Well, this article will show you all you need to know about Dammy Krane Net Worth 2018 And Biography.

  • Full Name: Oyindamola Johnson Emmanuel
  • Date Of Birth: December 10th, 1993
  • Occupation: Musician
  • Charges Per Show: Not Fixed
  • Private Phone Number: N/A
  • Record Label: HyperTek Digital, 960 Music Group
  • Country Of Origin: Nigeria
Dammy Krane Biography


Dammy Krane Net Worth 2018 And Biography



Oyindamola Johnson Emmanuel popularly known as Dammy Krane is a Nigerian singer, composer, and performer, born on 10th December 1993 to Oluwakemi Osodi. He was born in a polygamous home, so he lived with his grandma, while his mother miss Osodi was a manager in Fuji music industry at that time in the United States. He started off his musical career at an early age of six, where he started singing in his Church children choir. Dammy lived in Lagos with his grandma, known to be an amazing dancer during his secondary school days, he attended the Redeemer university after graduating from his secondary school. Dammy studied for some time and came out as the school was not supporting entertainment. After he dropped out from the University he gave his music full time, although he did not know if he is going to be successful or not, he just believed in himself and ready to work hard. Tagged as a studio rat in Lagos as he works from one studio to another day by day grinding.


During the year 2012, Dammy Krane went out with a friend and he was able to perform a song which caught the eyes of Nigeria biggest and well-respected Nigeria music legend/artiste Tuface. TuFace asked him if he was signed to any record label, he said no and that was how he got signed to Hypertek Digital and the music group. That same year, Dammy Krane came into limelight in the Nigerian Music Industry. Known for his melodious voice, his lyrics and style of music are different. He released his first official single which was tagged, My Dear. This song was a hit in the Nigerian Music Industry although some were saying his own style of music is different but the truth is that it set him apart from the crowd. He also released another song which was titled AMIN which was a song of prayer. Amin became a hit song which made him gain fame and popularity in no time. Amin video was officially released and the views rate online was encouraging. Amin actually became the song of the street in no time and everyone was dancing to the tunes.

Dammy Krane Net Worth



For an Artiste who has gained popularity definitely Dammy Krane has been involved in lots of issues, surrounding both rumours and scandals. He has said to have been dating Ghanaian star actress Yvonne Nelson and also a certain time Cynthia Morgan. All of this has been reported to be rumours when he was asked directly about the issues. In the aspect of the controversy, Dammy Krane has had one within A-list artiste in Nigeria, Wizkid. During January 15th, 2016, there have been a club fight which occurred between the two young man. They were hanging out at an all black party at a club when things get heated up between them. According to reports it has been said that he was at the club before wizkid arrived at about 4am upon setting eyes on Dammy, he went over to him and it appears wizkid got a cold shoulder which he followed up, he picked up a bottle and smashed it on Dammy krane head. Report said that wizkid Was The first passion to make an attack on Dammy. The owner of the club Shina Peller weighed into the matter taking both musicians to his office to help settle the issues. After the talk, guests from the party reported that the artiste comes out from the office looking calm like nothing happened, although another version of the story came up, as it was now difficult to believe who, due to different report which came out on social media. Above all their disputes were settled.

On June 2nd, 2017, Dammy Keane was arrested in Miami Florida for booking a Tupjet flight with a stolen credit card. He later came out with series of tweets to about his arrest which he promises to release all that happens after his release. Following up on the accusations and arrests, he was arrested in the U.S both for identity fraud and Grand Theft. Due to the credit card accusations, the company lied detected the alleged fraud due to discrepancies in the credit card information he had provided. Dammy Krane was released from jail in Miami after meeting his bail condition which was set at $7,500. he pleaded not guilty to the charges and demanded a trial by jury. The Amin crooner was assigned an attorney and was billed to appear in court on June 23, 2017. His mother actually blamed the son troubles on the show promoters that booked his flight tickets, the mother actually said her son is innocent. During 2017 August, the American courts struck out all charges which include the Grand Theft, card forgery and armed conspiracy which was filed against him. We won’t say 2017 was a good year for the singer, as he had so many allegations made about him, although his fans supported him through everything he was going through. He finally came back to Nigeria after everything and explained what happened.

Dammy Krane Net Worth Biography

Dammy Krane Net Worth

Dammy Krane Net Worth 2018

Talking about the question “How much is Dammy Krane worth?”, this is measured by shows and endorsement deals. He is said to have gotten an endorsement deal from Digifons technology his networth have been said to be estimated to be $700,000 which is is quite okay as an Artiste himself. Even with all of these, Dammy krane has been nominated for different awards. He was nominated for Danamix award, 2010 Rookie of the year, Encomium top 10 most promising acts and peak awards 2011, he was also nominated as the next rated artistes back then .

We believe you now know lots about Dammy Krane Net Worth 2018 And Biography.


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