Diamond Platnumz vs Ali Kiba: Who Is Richer

Diamond Platnumz vs Ali Kiba: Who Is Richer

In countries of the world, we will often come across a few music stars that dominate the music industry of a country. In Tanzania, there are two top musicians dominating Tanzania’s music industry, Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba. However, these two musicians are not just leading the Tanzanian music industry, they are also great rivals. Furthermore, fans of Diamond Platnumz are not in good terms with fans of Ali Kiba. Some even go as far as comparing them in terms of wealth. Fans of Diamond claim that Diamond Platnumz is richer than Ali Kiba, while Ali Kiba’s fans defend that their music star surpasses his rival Diamond Platnumz vs Alikiba Who is Richer.

This argument has been around for some time, and it seems neither the fans of Diamond nor those Ali Kiba has gotten a good answer to this argument. We feel it will be a good thing if we can enlighten people on this issue. Just as the title of this article reads, ‘Diamond Platnumz vs Ali Kiba: Who Is Richer’, this article is about Diamond Platnumz vs Ali Kiba. We will inform the world on which of these guys is richer. Apart from discussing which of them is richer, we will also discuss both music stars a little. If you have interest in knowing which of these musicians is richer, you have no reason to quit reading this article.

Diamond Platnumz vs Ali Kiba: Who Is Richer

Before we tell which of them is richer, you have to know that whatever we tell you are factual. We are not just taking anything from our head. The truth of the matter is that Diamond Platnumz is a lot richer than Ali Kiba. However, when talking about awards both musicians have received, they are roughly the same. Furthermore, Ali Kiba is a kind of musician who loves to show off his wealth more than the way Diamond Platnumz does. People should be aware of the fact that the number of houses and cars owned by one musician does not indicate that a musician is richer than another that does not have so many houses and cars.

Diamond Platnumz — Diamond Platnumz vs Ali Kiba: Who Is Richer

Diamond Platnumz vs AliKiba Who Is The Richest

Diamond Platnumz vs AliKiba Who Is The Richest

Diamond is a very talented musician who ranks as number two on the list of the top richest musicians in East Africa. He ranks as number one in Tanzania. This music artist was born October 2, 1989, meaning he is 28 years old as of the time of writing this article. It is reported that the music artiste attended a primary school and a secondary. It is unknown whether he went to a university. Diamond Platnumz who is officially known as Naseeb Abdul Juma, is an international music star. He has worked with a lot of Nigerian music artists, some of which include: Davido, Iyanya, Waje, Bracket, Flavour N’abania, P-Square, Tiwa Savage and Patoranking.

One of the music where Naseeb Abdul Juma worked with a Nigerian music artiste is his impressive ‘Number One’. Number One is an award-winning song featuring Davido, one of Nigeria’s popular music artiste. Naseeb Abdul Juma is a native of Kigoma, Tanzania, but he presently lives in the country’s capital, Dar es Salaam. In May 2012, he performed at the Big Brother Africa 7 eviction show. All his music fall in any of these two genres: bongo flava and Afro-pop. Furthermore, he is a songwriter and dancer, he also uses the following musical instruments: vocals, piano, guitar, and drum.

Just like we said earlier, this musician has won a lot of awards. He has won awards at the following events: Channel O Music Video Awards, WatsUp TV Africa Music Video Awards, HiPipo Music Awards, Top Ten Tube Music Awards, The Headies, The Future Africa Awards, African Muzik Magazine Awards, MTV Africa Music Awards, Tanzania People’s Choice Awards and Tanzania Music Awards. In 2014, Diamond Plantumz was all over Tanzania’s media as he won 7 awards at the Tanzania Music Awards. Awards he won at this event include Best Male Writer, Best Male Artist, Best Song Writer and Best Male Entertainer of the Year. In 2013, he also won a lot of awards.

Ali Kiba — Diamond Platnumz vs Ali Kiba: Who Is Richer

ali kiba biography

Although Diamond Platnumz is richer than Ali Kiba, Ali Kiba is, however, a very talented musician, just like Naseeb Abdul Juma. He was born on November 29, 1986, meaning he is about 2 years older than Diamond Platnumz. Ali Kiba is signed to his record label Rockstar4000 and Sony Music Entertainment. Unlike Diamond Platnumz who focuses on foreign countries like Nigeria and South Africa, Ali Kiba focuses on East African countries like Uganda and Kenya. Furthermore, he was awarded the most popular artiste top selling in East Africa in 2011. His full name is Ali Saleh Kiba.

Ali Saleh Kiba is known for a good number of music namely: Aje, Mwana, Chekecha Cheketua, Cinderella, Nakshi Mrembo, Usiniseme, Dushelele, Single Boy, Mapenzi YanaRun Dunia and Macmuga. In 2015, one of his songs was reported to be the most downloaded song of the year from mkito.com. Just like Diamond Platnumz who won 7 awards af the 2014 Tanzania Music Awards, Ali Saleh Kiba won 6 awards at the 2015 Tanzania Music Awards. These six awards he won at the 2015 Tanzania Music Awards include: Best Male Artist, Best Male Performer, Song Writer Of The Year, Song Of The Year, Afro Pop Song Of The Year and Best Collaboration.

Apart from the Tanzania Music Awards, Ali Saleh Kiba has also won awards at other events like: Watsup Music Awards, BEFFTA Awards 2016, MTV Europe Music Awards, Afca, East Africa TV Awards, ASFA Awards (Uganda), Soundcity Awards, Best Celebrity Player Awards (Uganda), WANNAMusic Awards 2016 (FRANCE) and TZ_INSTA_Awards. In 2016, he won 3 awards at the East Africa TV Awards. These music awards are namely: Best Male Artist, Song of The Year and Video Of The Year. At the 2016 ASFA Awards (Uganda), he won two awards namely Most Stylish Artiste East Africa and Most Fashionable Music Video Africa.


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  1. Rockstar4000 and Sony Music are not East African based record labels. They are also not owned by Ali Kiba, he was signed just like any other artist. The big Tanzanian based record label is owned by Diamond Platnumz #WCB (Wasafi Classic Baby). Which signed many Tanzania artists including award winning Ryvanny, Hermonize, Rich Mavoko, Queen Darleen, Lavalava, Mboso. The record label remains outstanding by producing many hit songs.

  2. from the big and most expensive endorsements,weekly concerts,adverts,wcb record label,and so much more,i think platnumz is not only the richest,rather the best artist than ali kiba.

  3. Exactly Diamond Is The Richest Than Ali Kiba Big U Niger

  4. Exactly Diamond Is The Richest Than Ali Kiba Big Up Niger

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