Die Antwoord Net Worth 2020 And Biography

Die Antwoord Net Worth 2020 And Biography. Die Antwoord is a South African musical group formed in 2008 at Cape Town; the group sings hip hop type of songs. The lead vocalist is a South African man named Watkin Tudor Jones, who is known for assuming different types of character on stage. In Ninja, some said he was vulgar and aggressive. The duo is a lady by the name Yolandi Visser.They are a pair of male and female rappers with their regular producer G.O.D, formerly Dj- Hi-Tek. Ninja dances and raps in his dark side of the moon boxer short on stage. 

Die Antwoord Net Worth 2020 And Biography

  • Full Name: Watkin Tudor Jones/Yolandi Visser
  • Date Of Birth: September 26, 1974/December 1, 1984
  • Die Antwoord Net Worth: $2 Million
  • Genre: Alternative Hip-Hop
  • Country Of Origin: South Africa
Die Antwoord Net Worth And Biography Members


The name DIE ANTWOORD means ”Afrikaans for the answer”. Their music contains several ‘zef ‘elements.  zef, as explained by DIE ANTWOORD, is a slang that means that although you are poor you still have style. He put it in his words ‘zef means you are poor but you’re fancy, you are poor but you are sexy, and you’ve got the style.

Die Antwoord Net Worth 2020 And Biography


Before they released their debut album in 2009, they participated in Maxnormal. Tv and the constructus corporation. This is contrary to the belief that they rose suddenly into the limelight. Their public performances, however, started in 2009.


They have a unique style comprising of the high-pitched rhymes of Yolandi and the swagger Of Ninja.

They made their debut album in 2009. It was titled SOS. This was made to reflect some of their earlier works like: good morning Africa, rap-rave Megamix, beat boy and the likes. It also did a duo with a Cape rapper, Garlic Brown, Scallywag, Isaac Mutant, ack Parow and Jaak Paarl. A South African company shot the video for the single “Enter the Ninja” and the video made a big hit as the traffic it generated overpowered the South African web hosting company (Hetzner) they started with. The company had to disable their web account due to the high volume of bandwidth they needed to continue hosting it as a result of the hits the website was receiving from web users. The group had no option but to look for a stronger hosting company which they got in the United State of America.

The album SOS received the massive acceptance and download probably because it was given out to be downloaded free and definitely it’s what the people liked. In their comment about the uniqueness of the album, they said all the music works they did before it was nothing to be compared with it. In fact, they categorized those earlier works as trying to learn the rope.

”Enter the Ninja” video made the top 40 in Britain that year and this gave a great boost to their career as they were flown to Los Angeles On business class where they signed a deal with Interscope records. And a release was made in July 2010. With the revision Of SOS in October 2010, the opened door continued as they were privileged to perform at the international c concert at Coachella music festival in California before 40,000 people. Later they started performing in various programs all over America performing songs from their debut album.The fortune continued as they left America and went to the United Kingdom for music expeditions too. After the UK they visited Denmark, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, Japan, Australia and Other Countries.

At the end of 2010, Die Antwoord won the ‘Best Music Video of 2010’ award Of MySpace for ‘enter the ninja’ video. They, however, called their deal with Interscope quit in 2011 as they were not able to agree on some things about their next album.

Never-the-less they formed their own recording company after they left Interscope name ‘Zef Recordz’.

They released from their Zef Recordz their album ‘Fok Julle Naiers’ which was distributed by DIPLO they also made a non-album single release in 2012 titled ”XP€N$IV $H1T”.  In 2014 they made an album DONKER MAG with the singles ‘cookie thumper and ‘pitbull Terrier’. In 2016 they came up with ‘suck On this’ which includes ‘bum bum’ and the rave –hiuse ‘Gucci coochie’ with Dita Von Teese. Later in 2016 they also released ‘Mount Ninji and Da nice time kid’.


During his music career Ninja has been known with different names like Mc totally Rad, Yang weapon, the man who never came back, Max Normal etc, but in Cape Town, he is popularly called ‘Waddy’ although he does not always answer it

Unlike many others Die Antwoord did not stay with music alone, they make movies and merchandise. Prominent amidst the things they made are the ”Chommie toys”.

Die Antwoord Net Worth 2020 – $2 Million

The worth Of Die Antwoord is put at around 2million dollars, his wealth and exotic cars are results of his steady and persistence in the music world.


They have many times been criticized for several things ranging from the artwork on their jobs to the languages they use in their releases. Sometimes Some People have called them racists.The Following is a list of times that they have been fired at by different people.

1   When one of them had back face on the fatty bum bum

2   When they were making money at feeding Off Of the cape flat

3 The way they used the n-word in their Never – le – Nkemise

4 When they were accused of trivializing the Xhosa culture, by the way, they wore the hat and blanket that are used during the traditional Xhosa circumcision ceremonies.

Richest South African Rappers Net Worth Die Antwoord

Yolandi Visser And Watkin Tudor Jones

Some people believe that the criticisms are as a result of the cold war between the white hip-hop musicians and their back counterparts in a country that is struggling to forget the injuries that apartheid left behind. The Die Antwoord duo are both whites and several backs are dropping their support for them although the whites and the blacks were all out for them when they made their first album. The general white community in South Africa has also been attacked On Die Antwoord because they were said to always rush to defend him when they don’t know many details. Some people even believed that America, Japan, England etc have Over celebrated Die Antwoord at the expense Of Other back hip hop singers and may not recognize the talents Of Other Africans except Die Antwoord endorses them.

Waddy is married to Yolandi and they have a baby girl.


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