Flavour House and Cars {Interesting Details About Them}

Flavour Houses and Cars And Interesting Details About Them

Flavour is no doubt a successful Nigerian music artiste. The musician was born on November 23, 1983, into the family of an Igbo man and an Igbo woman. He is the eldest of his father’s 12 children. The musician has 4 siblings and 7 step-siblings. Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli (his real name) is a native of Umunze, Anambra State, Nigeria. { Flavour House and Cars }.

Flavour House and Cars

Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli House and Cars

The 34-year-old songwriter sings Igbo high-life and hip hop. He has been active since 2005 and has an affiliation with other music stars like M.I Tiwa Savage Kcee, Phyno, Chidinma, P-Square, Masterkraft and Mr. Raw. Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli started his career as a drummer, at a church in Enugu State.

Flavour who is currently signed to 2nite Entertainment has released a good number of music albums. He started his career at the age 13, being a drummer for a local church in Enugu State. Apart from being able to drum remarkably, the musician could also drum.

His NightClub

His NightClub

The resident pastor of the church where he drummed, sensed his potential and introduced him to Chris Ordor. Chris Ordor who is the CEO of SoundCity Communications nurtured Flavour. He trained him from being a mere drummer to being a professional music star.

Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli released his first album in 2005. He titled the music album N’abania, and this album was a relative success. N’abania was majorly known in the South-east of Nigeria. Mr. Raw was featured in a music of the album. Mr. Raw whose real name is Okechukwu Edwards Ukeje used to be known as Dat N.I.G.G.A. Raw before he changed his stage name.

Flavour House and Cars

Flavour House and Cars

Dat N.I.G.G.A. Raw just like Flavour lived in Enugu. Albums that have been produced by Mr. Raw include Right & Wrong in 2005; Everything Remains Raw in 2007; End of Discussion in 2010; The Greatest in 2012. The musician is well-known to work with some great Nigerian musicians like Duncan Mighty, Phyno, Illbliss, 2Face, M-Josh, and Slowdog.

Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli did not release any other music album until 2010. In 2010, he released a new music album which he titled Uplifted. This music artiste invested a lot of effort into the production of the album as the success of his previous album served as a great moral to the musician.

This album was released by a South African record label known as Lolhiphop Records. Uplifted contains impressive music like Nwa Baby (Ashawo Remix), Adamma, and Oyi Remix. Oyi featured a popular female Nigerian artiste, Tiwa Savage.

Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli’s third album came in 2012. The musician invested more effort and money in the album. The third album was titled Blessed. It is well-known that Blessed is Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli’s biggest music so far.

On October 18, 2012, Blessed was released to the market, through 2nite Entertainment and iROCKING LTD. Of all Flavour’s album, Blessed is the album that saw the involvement of the highest number of producers. Furthermore, October 18, 2012, marked the day the musician opened his nightclub, 2nite Club.

After Blessed, Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli released two more albums. The music star released ‘Thankful’ in 2014, and ‘Ijele The Traveler’ in 2017. Thankful was released in the month of December 2014. This album which features 22 music tracks, ran for about 77 minutes. Some great music on the album includes Ololufe, Wakeup, Wiser, and Golibe.

Flavour House In Lekki Lagos

Flavour House In Lekki Lagos

The album featured the likes of Chidinma, Wande Coal, Phyno and M.I. Ijele The Traveler is the musician’s latest music album. The music star is a father of two girls. He has a girl named Gabrielle whose mother is Sandra Okagbue. He shares his second daughter, Sophia, with an ex-beauty queen: Anna Ebiere Banner.

 Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli Flavour House and Cars

Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli has a lot of fantastic cars and houses. Among cars, he owns are Bentley, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Toyota Camry, and BMW. Bentley is a well-known luxurious car in the world. This car is owned by only people who are exclusively rich. The car was produced by a British automobile company, Bentley Motors Limited. Bentley Motors Limited is a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group.


Bentley Motors Limited was founded in 1919 by two brothers: H. M. Bentley and W. O. Bentley. Since the time the company founded, this company has been sold three times. The company was first sold to the manufacturer of Rolls-Royce in 1931. In 1980, Rolls-Royce Limited sold the company off to Vickers Plc. The company was managed for about 49 years before Vickers plc sold it off to its present owner, Volkswagen Group.

Flavour Cars and Houses

Flavour Cars and Houses

Jaguar is not a very popular brand of car among Nigerian musicians. However, Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli is one of the few musicians that own a Jaguar. Jaguar is no doubt an amazing and luxurious car. This brand of car has existed sine 1935.

The following are compact executive models and racing and competition models of this car: 1935–1949 — 1½ Litre saloon; 1955–1959 — Mark 1; 1959–1967 — Mark 2; 1963–1968 — S-type; 1966–1968 – 420; 1966–1968 – 240 & 340; 1999–2008 — S-type; 2001–2009 — X-ty; 2008–present — XF; 2015–present — XE; 1950s — C-Type; 1950s — D-Type; 1960s — E-Type Lightweight; 1985–1992 — XJR-5 through XJR-17; 2009 — XFR Bonneville Salt Flats speed record; 2010 — Jaguar RSR XKR GT2.

Jaguar also has large executive models of the car: 1935–1955 2½ Litre saloon; 1937–1948 — 3½ Litre saloon; 1948–1951 — Mark V; 1951–1957 — Mark VII (& VIIM); 1957–1959 — Mark VIII; 1959–1961 — Mark IX; 1961–1966 — Mark X; 1966–1970 — 420G; 1968–1987 — XJ6 Series 1, 2 & 3; 1972–1992 — XJ12; 1986–1994 — XJ6 (XJ40); 1993–1994 — XJ12 (XJ81); 1995–1997 — XJ6 & XJ12 (X300 & X301); 1998–2003 — XJ8 (X308); 2004–2007 — XJ (X350); 2008-2009 — XJ (X358); 2009–date — XJ (X351); 1948–1954 — XK120; 1954–1957 — XK140; 1957–1961 — XK150; 1961–1974 — E-Type; 1975–1996 — XJ-S; 1992–1994 — XJ220; 1997–2006 — XK8/XKR (X100); 2006–2014 — XK (X150); 2013–present — F-Type; 2016-present — F-Pace.

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