With the ever-expanding world of commerce and trade which are essentialities in the existence of mankind, currencies have always taken centre stage. The very importance is of paper notes, coins and other forms of quasi-money are nowhere near overstated. In recent times there has been an increasing battle, trade wars between various currencies of the world. With the volatility of the world exchange rate, so many currencies are growing more powerful while some are growing weaker. It is believed that various factors influence how powerful a currency becomes. Among these factors have to deal with the counties trade policies, the natural resource that is available to such counties for trade with the world and also the exchange rate policy that is employed by these counties. { TOP 20 HIGHEST CURRENCY IN THE WORLD AGAINST INDIAN RUPEE 2018 }

In relation to the most powerful currencies, it is no news that the oil-producing counties in the Middle East take centre stage with a lot of them raking highest in the world. With the country of Kuwaiti leading the way for quite some time now, the middle-east has soon taken over so much of the world oil distribution and it is believed one out of every 20 in the country of Kuwait is a millionaire.

One of the best ways to rank for a currencies power is by its comparison with the dollar. Due to the steady stability of the American dollar, it has been a very good measure of the power a currency wields in the work exchange market.


The top twenty powerful currencies in the work are as follows;

  • 1. Kuwaiti Dinar

top 50 highest currency in the world

1 Kuwaiti Dinar Bank Note

And of course in number one consecutively is the currency of the country famous for its endowment in oil resource, the Kuwaiti dinar. The country of Kuwaiti is said to be one of the largest exporters of oil throughout the world. Kuwait ranked number one. So compared to USD and rupee, the Kuwaiti dinar goes for 3.32 USD / 210.37 INR / 1194.58 Ngn. Quite a fit to be achieved and maintained.

  • 2. Bahraini Dinar

1 Bahraini dinar

Highest currency in the world against Indian rupee

And in second place for some time now is the Bahraini Dinar. The Bahraini Dinar belongs to Bahrain. Also known for its riches in oil, the Arabian country is also possesses a legal tender that is a force to be reckoned with. With its ever-increasing outlet of world-class refineries that enables their oil to be refined and not just extracted. The currency has gained ground on the international market thanks to their dealing with oil. The stability of their currency is also significantly affected by the type of exchange rate policy employed in this country. As at the time of this post 1 Bahraini dinar now goes for 168.10 INR / 2.65 USD / 954.76 Ngn.

  • 3. Omani Rial

costliest currency in the world against rupee

1 Omani Rial

Ranking in third place on our list of highest currency in the world against the Indian rupee, dollar and naira is the Arab state of Oman found on the south-eastern coast of the Arab peninsula. Known for its large-scale trading in natural gas, copper, asbestos and limestone among many others, their currency has grown with increasing strength due to their vast expanding and controlled policy. The Omani Rial goes for 2.60 USD / 164.67 INR / 935.14 Ngn.

  • 4. Latvian Lat

5 Latvian Lat

5 Latvian Lat

The Latvian Lat, code LVL belongs to Latvia, which is also one of the countries in the European continent. This is also one of the most powerful currencies in the world as of now and it is also compared against to euro and 1 Latvian lat goes for 1.61 USD / 103.38 INR / 506.89 Ngn

  • 5. Jordanian Dinar

most expensive bank note

1 Jordanian Dinar

The very currency of the Jordan country. The currency code is JOD. The Jordanian dinar is always placed against the European Euro due to its geographical proximity. The Jordanian dinar can be exchanged for 1.41 USD / 89.26 INR / 507.04 Ngn.


  • 6. Gibraltar Pound

1 Gibraltar Pound

1 Gibraltar Pound

Owned by the European country Gibraltar. Although not popular, the currency is definitely very strong and is often times compared against the European Euro. 1 Gibraltar goes for 1.35 USD / 85.67 INR / 486.50 Ngn.

  • 7. Pound

10 Pounds Bank Note

10 British Pounds Bank Note

Dating back to 780 years, the British pound has been one of the most important currencies in world trade. One used as the major currency in Nigeria, the British pound has gained ground as one of the most powerful currencies in the world. The British pound goes for 1.36 USD / 85.93 INR / 487.74 Ngn.

  • 8. Euro

20 Euro Bank Note

With so many countries in the use of these currencies, it also holds a strong position among the world’s most valuable currencies. Used by so many countries such as Germany Belgium Italy etc, the euro definitely holds a powerful position in the world currencies. To get 1 EUR, you need 1.21 USD / 76.53 INR / 435.52 NGN.

  • 9. Cayman Island Dollar

Top 20 Highest Currency In The World Against Indian Rupee

Top 20 Highest Currency In The World Against Indian Rupee & Dollar

The Caymanian Dollar is the currency of Cayman Islands. Although not popular because of the unpopularity of the country of Cayman Islands, their currency is powerful due to its trade in petroleum gas, passenger, and cargo ships and more. One Caymanian dollar { Code – KYD } goes for 1.20 USD / 76.08 INR / 432.00 Ngn.


  • 10. Swiss Franc

1 Swiss Francs Bill

1 Swiss Francs Bill

Ranking number 10 on our list of top 20 highest currency in the world against Indian rupee and dollar, is the Swiss franc. Famous for its secretive banking which has made the country’s currency to grow with time. The major comparison of the Swiss franc is against the Euro. Despite it famous comparison with the Euro, 1 Swiss franc {Code CHF} is equivalent to 1.02 USD / 64.95 INR / 369.19 NGN.

  • 11. American Dollar

What is The Most Valueable Currency In The World

One US Dollar bill

The very popular currency, belonging to the great giant of the world. Surprisingly not in the top ten in the world, nut still stand amongst the most powerful currencies. Commonly compared with the European Euro, the American dollar has grown widely in the international, market due to the large exportation of technology. Currently the American dollar {Code USD} goes for 63.38 INR / N360.001.50 NGN.

  • 12. Canadian Dollar

which country has the highest currency

1 Candian Dllr

Yet another corollary of the American society, the Canadian society is also one the countries that possesses one of the world’s most powerful currencies. This majorly due to the mineral resources and it large in flock of immigrants that demand for its currency, helped it to grow in the world now the Canadian dollar {Code CAD} goes for 0.80 USD / 50.62 INR / 287.53 NGN.

  • 13. Australian Dollar

What is the most exensive currency

10 Australian Dollar Bank Note

A close corollary of the American dollar is the country that is located on the eastern and southern coast. Known for its richness in iron ore, and zinc which gives it an edge on the international market makes it be one of the strong countries in the world. Currently the Australian dollar {Code AUD} goes for 0.79 USD / 49.79 INR / 282.74 NGN.


  • 14. Brunei Dollar

1 brunei dollar

Going next on the list is the Brunei Dollar. This being the official currency of the Sultanate of Brunei since 1967. Rich in its endowment of Natural gas and Timber, the Asian country has certainly being a big player in the international market. Because of this, its currency has drawn much strength from its countries dealing in the world market. Recently, the Brunei dollar BND goes for 0.75 USD / 47.72 INR / 271.01 NGN.

  • 15. Libyan Dinar

1 libyan dinar

Another one of the prosperous countries in the world is Libya. The North African country is well known for its great riches in oil and it is also one of the most prominent members of the OPEC union. Libya has grown so well in the international market mainly because the demand for this country’s oil is expanding. This expansion has helped build their currency over time, now the Libyan dinar {Code LYD} goes for about 0.74 USD / 46.62 INR / 264.70 NGN.


  • 16. Singapore Dollar

Top 50 Highest Currency In The World Against Indian Rupee

Top 20 Highest Currency In The World Against Indian Rupee & Dollar

Although not considered as one of the major world players, the country of Singapore has helped itself in recent times to be one of the unavoidable factors on the world stage. With its well-developed system. Singapore has become one of the favourite places to visit. Also with its advanced educational system, so many people want to travel to Singapore to study, hence causing the high demand for its currency. Currently, the Singapore dollar SGD goes for 0.75 USD / 47.75 INR / 271.09 NGN.

  • 17. New Zealand Dollar

5 New Zealand Bank Note

New Zealand is located southwest of the Pacific Ocean, the country is deeply enriched with so many natural resources that aid its importance in the exchange market. These resources include natural gas, iron ore, sand, coal, timber, hydropower, gold, limestone which are all in high demand in the World market. Currently, the New Zealand Dollar NZD goes for 0.71 USD / 45.29 INR / 257.22 NGN.

  • 18. Brazilian real

The official currency of the South American Giant. The Real is one of the most demanded south American currency. Majorly for the purpose of tourism but also because of the country’s vast production of iron ore. Right now, the Brazilian Real BRL is valued at 0.31 USD / 19.64 INR / 111.50 NGN.

  • 19. Turkish Lira

turkish Lira

The lira is the official currency of the European country, Turkey. With the country’s vast and deep enrichment on the production and exportation of coal and copper, it has helped it grown and the development of its nation and along with it the nation’s currency in the world market. The Turkish Lira TRY now goes for 0.27 USD / 16.90 INR / 95.94 NGN.

  • 20. Israel New Shekel

1 israeli New Shekel Bank Note

Probably one of the most ancient countries in the world. Israel is undoubtedly one of the leading countries in tourism. This has caused rising demand for its currency. The country in the middle east is uniquely known for copper ore and potash although it has a strong dependence on oil and raw material inputs, it still has one of the stable and strong currencies in the world. 1 Israeli Shekel ILS is valued at 0.29 USD / 18.38 INR / 104.39 NGN.

As seen above, the top 3 counties Hail from the middle east, and this is greatly due to their endowment of one the world most vital resource, oil. How that will eventually change in yet to be seen. Although other currencies such as the pound and the euro. May not be as a result of oil but rather technology, it’s safe to assume that based on the world demand for which resource in the near future will go a long way to determine how powerful currencies will become. Hopefully to increase this post to top 50 soon.


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