Humblesmith Net Worth 2020 And Biography

Talking about Humblesmith in this article, he isn’t also known as the Osinachi crooner. His full name which is Ekene Ijemba, he was born May 14th, 1991. Coming from a decent background, Humblesmith is a Nigerian musician, he made his breakthrough into the Nigerian Music Industry in the year 2015. This article will talk about HumbleSmith Net Worth 2020 and Biography, his early background, and his music. 

HumbleSmith Net Worth 2020 and Biography

  • Full Name: Ekenedilichukwu Ijemba
  • Date Of Birth: May 14th, 1991
  • State Of Origin: Ebonyi State
  • Country Of Origin: Nigeria
  • Occupation: Musical Artist
  • Record Label: N-Tyze
  • Charges Per Show: Not Fixed
  • Private Phone Number: N/A
Humblesmith Biography


Humblesmith was born in Abakiliki, Ebonyi state in Nigeria. He is the fifth child out of the eight children by his parents. I know you might be wondering why we said Humblesmith came from a humble beginning. His dad was a stations dealer while his mom was a teacher. At his tender age, he already discovered his pension for entertaining, this was an age six. Humblesmith has the mind of becoming an artist someday, he listened to some songs by Bright Chiemeize, this was actually one of his role models. Later on, the major focus on his mind when he was using Humblesmart but later changed at a ceremony to Humblesmith. This actually happened when the master of ceremonies at a social function introduces him mistakenly as Humblesmith till date he has adopted the name because he feels the name sounded good or better than the former one. Growing up was tough for the singer because he was not born with a silver spoon, but even with that, they are not very poor as they were able to afford feeding and some other things. He and his siblings had to hustle for extra income for the family. They all hawked Moi Moi at a certain time through primary and secondary school. Their parents taught them that they should not depend on anybody because they believe that if you must eat, you must also learn how to work hard. At some time he was able to lead a group of his mates to perform a various social and church events. They also had a group name and they were called the American Boys, even while growing up and showing his talents l,  he continued to receive special attention and attraction as people began to see his talents. Putting up so much hard work and not relenting for any reason made Humblesmith be able to achieve what he wanted. That is why it is good to always work hard so you can get what you wait easily read on.

  • To Asaba

Being a child Humblesmith often sneaks out from his home at different hours in search of shows to perform. He was actually trying to make sure things go well for him. Going on he went to Asaba which is the capital of Delta State. Asaba is a town that it’s going far in the movie industry in Nigeria, the town was becoming synonymous with Nollywood. He was trying his best to showcase his talent, so he can get noticed, he was able to get featured in some minor roles in a handful of movies but it did not work out for him. After all of this, he returned to his state.

Humblesmith Net Worth Biography

Humblesmith Net Worth Biography

  • Back Home (Abakaliki)

Going back there he was limited to lots of opportunities because his town was not really into things of entertainment. Going back he knew that he might be able to miss her opportunity of becoming what he wanted. His town Abakiliki was good in terms of food production they have a huge rice mill in the town. During his time there again, he was able to gain courage which made him go back because he knew that what he wanted something great and big for himself. This time he summoned up courage he was able to face his fans and he was more determined to succeed. Starting up his musical career when he went to Asaba. Going there made him searched the town for shows and also scouted for movie roles. Luckily for him, he was able to get a show in which he approached the promoter with his Demo CD. Performing at the show became a problem because the DJ hardly allow him to after so much begging and delay, the DJ finally gave him two mins which he seized the opportunity and he gave an awesome performance.

Some movies which he featured in was like Hypertension and also acted with some A-list actor like late Sam Loco and Mr. Ibu. Humblesmith spent four years in Asaba, during that time he was trying to understand the entertainment industry.

  • Moved To Lagos State

Relocating to Lagos was also a tough time for him, he moved there in 2012, Two years later he was able to get a record label to sign him up. Nigte Entertainment this was in the year 2014, which was when he released his first single and it was titled JAMO. Releasing the song, it did not gain much attention as his expectation even with the video alongside with it. They did not grow up after then, as he was so much determined that he will be able to achieve more and lots of things. He worked hard and he dropped a song which was titled OSINACHI. Osinachi was a hit, the song made him popular everywhere as he was getting lots of attention which he wished for. Dropping the song he featured Phyno and which he later remix and featuring Nigeria biggest artiste Davido which even made the song a bigger hit. OSINACHI song became a limelight for Humblesmith as the song was topping the charts in no time, the video was also dropped and made waves in every part of the country. Talking about the song Osinachi, he was inspired by what he has been through in life. There was some point in his life when things did not go well for him, he had no one to look unto but God. That was the main reason for the song, so instead of complaining to God, he decided to thank him and that was it. According to Humblesmith, he never wanted to join any record label but due to lack of finance, he had no option than to look for one. The way he wanted was not what happened, but he is definitely making it now. Getting a record label was not easy and even convincing them that you are a good artist because they will have to invest in your career. Hard work and patience was also needed as you will be working with a team that will also advise you on what type of songs to sing and even when to release them to the market and also the way fans will react to your songs is also considered.

Humblesmith Net Worth Cars

Davido and Humblesmith Net Worth Cars

  • HumbleSmith Net Worth In Dollars

Currently, we don’t have his estimated net worth, buh we would update it as soon as possible.

Talking about his net worth he has been able to make a good name for himself and this has landed him an Endorsement deal with Tummy Tummy Instant Noodles. He was also nominated for the Headies award as the Rookie of the year 2015. Following his other songs, he has released other singles in addition to it.

After the release of Osinachi song following that same year he dropped a new single which he featured flavour and the song was titled JUKWESE the song was also a hit in the country and his fan base kept increasing. Following up his latest single with Olamide which he titled Abakiliki to Lasgidi which also trends. 

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