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  • Full Name: Igho Charles Sanomi II
  • Age / Date of Birth: May 17, 1975
  • State Of Origin: Delta State
  • Igho Sanomi Private Jet Owner
  • Net Worth 2018: $1.3 Billion
  • Industry: Oil and Gas
  • Company (Among Others): CEO and Founder of Traveleras Group

Igho Sanomi Privat Jet


Igho Charles Sanomi II is often referred to as Nigeria finest entrepreneur. He hails from the town of Agbor in Delta state, born on 17 May 1975 to Mr. Dickens Sanomi and Mrs. Mabel Iyabo Sanomi. He is the first son of his parents and also the fifth child, he was born into a Catholic family. Presently, his father is late, his dad was the second national vice president of the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), and was also a retired assistant inspector general of police (AIG). Igho’s father was said to have contributed to sports in Nigeria, as he was a sportsman in his young days, he was active in football playing.

The dad was said to have nurtured and helped Nigeria first Olympic gold medallist Chioma Ajumwa. In 1996, the summer Olympics in Atlanta, have gone to Mr. Dickens Sanomi. He was also named after the Nigerian police games “Dickens Sanomi Golf Championship. He was also honoured as one of the 46 departed officers of the Nigerian police, they were honoured for their services to the police through sports.

Mabel Iyabo Sanomi holds a chieftaincy title of the Isotun Ijeshu Kingdom which is the Yeye Jemo title in Osun state. She is from Osun state, a nurse, and a medical entrepreneur.

Igho Sanomi studied geology and mining at the University of Jos in Northern Nigeria, after his education, he entered into the world of business. He was a co-founder of Sarian oil and also an executive director. Sarian oil is an oil trading company with its core activities in West Africa. His career took him across various sectors of the economy like real estate investment, telecommunications, shipping, aviation, engineering, and construction.

Igho Sanomi Net Worth biography

He became an executive director with COSMOS oil AG, this was during the 1990s and the company’s business activities in Nigeria. During this period of being a director in all these companies, he developed trading operations for its fuel oil business, he did this by negotiating trade transactions for fuel oil exports from Port Harcourt refinery, negotiated exports and delivery of fuels from West Africa to the United States. He developed an alliance with an oil trading group which is based in Zug, Switzerland with this partnership there were exports of millions of tons of refined petroleum products to and from the West African coast.

Igho Sanomi Net Worth Forbes : $1.3 Billion

With all of these good works which he did to the society, Nigeria is proud of him, he is worth $1.3 Billion and he is still striving for more. Igho Charles Sanoi II is a great man.

Igho Sanomi Private Jet

He is one onf the youngest Nigerian billionaire to own a private jet, though we don’t have the full details of the jet at the moment.

Igho Sanomi Private Jet

In His Private Jet

igho sanomi private jet

In the year 2004, he founded his own company Taleveras Group. Taleveras Group is a trading company which deals on telecommunications, real estate, and others. The company has a vision and drive to become a leading Global Energy and Service company. Taleveras Group trades over 100 million barrels of crude oil, million tons of gasoline, jet fuel and LPG. The company has offices in London, Geneva, Dubai, Ivory Coast, Abuja, Lagos, and Cape Town.

In the year 2012, the company acquired production sharing contracts for three offshore oil blocks in Ivory Coast, the company owns a stake in a power distribution firm in Nigeria, it also sold a 68% stake in one of its Ivorian offshore projects to a company in Russia, the company constructs electrical substations in Nigeria, recently acquired some stakes in the Port-Harcourt electricity distribution company, they own a stake in two oil blocks in Nigeria, a lucrative production sharing contract in Ivory Coast.

In the year 2013, Taleveras Group signed an agreement with ALSTOM Group for the capacity expansion and rehabilitation of the Afam power plant which is 776mega watts which is located in Rivers state. The deal was signed with the Taleveras group with the chairman and the chief executive of the French engineering conglomerate Patrick Kron. The same year 2013, Taleveras Group was awarded oil lifting contracts in the federal government bid through the NNPC, the contract was worth $60 billion and it was meant for indigenous companies alone. The process which helped in promoting local contents and also downsizing contracts which were always awarded to international oil traders.

Still On Igho Sanomi Net Worth Private Jet and Biography

Having done lots of philanthropic and carried out social responsibilities both in his country and beyond, In the year 2012, he initiated a project rescue 10,000 flood victims. The foundation which helped to rescue about 12,300 persons which were displaced by flood in some communities in Delta State. The project which took care of the people by donating food items and relief materials which were worth millions of naira to the victims at camp settlements in locations like Ughelli North and South, Ewu and some other communities in Delta state. The displaced persons were rescued in 500 seaters engines and speed boats, which they were now taken to government designated camps.

Igho Sanomi is the chairman of the “Dickens Sanomi Foundation, which is funded by Taleveras Group and the foundation is a charity organization founded by him and his siblings in the year 2011 to commemorate the life of their late father. The foundation organizes annual essay competition which is open to all Nigeria secondary school students. The competition started in 2014, making it in its 4th year right now. Since the year 2014, 250 entries from throughout the country have been recorded. The competition is being divided into two categories which are one for the junior secondary, while the other is for the senior secondary after the competition prizes are being awarded to the winning student and also the school. The first prize is a school fees grant while the school receives a project grant to spend on different facilities. Apart from helping school children, they are also involved in the competition for adult writers and the Strauss musical competition.

Even with doing all these for his country, he did not forget to give also to other countries. He made a donation to support the dance theatre of Harlem’s “First Latin American Tour” which was held from January 31 to February 6 in Tegucigalpa. The trip of the dance theatre was also made possible by Igho Sanomi. He also contributed to the Centre for Education Research and Conservation of Primates and Nature (CERCOPAN), a non-governmental organization which provides education and practical options for the local communities in South East of Nigeria. Through the Dickens Sanomi Foundation which he pledged a substantial grant to Booby Moore Fund for cancer research in the United Kingdom, which was for prostate cancer research. This gesture helped him earn the Martin Luther King legacy award for philanthropy and he also became the Honorary chair of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr international salute committee.

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