Isabel Dos Santos Net Worth 2018 And Biography

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  • Date Of Birth: April 20, 1973
  • Nationality: Angolan
  • Children: 3
  • Parent: Tatiana Kukanova and Jose Eduardo Dos Santos
  • Husband: Sindika Dokolo

Isabel Dos Santos Net Worth 2018 And Biography


Isabel was given birth to on the later days of April 20th in the year 1973 at Baku, Azerbaijan SSR Soviet Union. Who has the nationality to be an Angolan, she started her education in “All girls boarding school of Kent”, she proceeds her education by attending the most famous London college, “kings’ college London” where she studied Electrical engineering, where she also met her spouse ditto. She is the current richest woman in Africa, she was a daughter of the then Angola President who was a president from the year 1979 to 2017. Recently she was named by the BBC as one of the Africa women who are in top 100 list of most influential women in the world. She has been a business minded type, who at her tender age of six (6) regardless of been a president first daughter, started selling chicken eggs to cater for her pet, she also runs a waste/garbage collection idea which fails but thought millions of ideas of business. She has a dream to turn Angola to an abode of job opportunity in which will attract individuals from different countries for trading and business purposes.

Isabel Dos Santos Net Worth Biography

Isabel Dos Santos Net Worth Biography


Isabel was ranked to be the richest African woman of late, and also, she has a net worth that is over 3 million US dollars. This was due to her immerse knowledge in business and management positions she has held over the year in different holdings and investments.  She accrues most of her wealth by buying shares in different companies, holding stakes etc. it has also been the talk of the country that most of her wealth is due to family recommendation and connections which made her entitle to many liabilities, holdings and companies as the eldest daughter of the president, different company are ready to enter into business with her and ready to sell shares to her. She started her career as the project manager in her father’s company after she came back from London. Which brought her to an immerse light of another deal to disinfect and clean a city, her retune and profits from this project was reinvested into a trucking business. The later delve into the technological world, by working on a security walkie-talkie device.  She further opens a beach, nightclubs, oil investment. She expanded her business horizon for over 20years after she left college. She speaks different languages fluently which help her in her business during transaction and tours.


Her desire and craving to establish and invest majorly in the media, retail, energy, finance and telecommunications industry, these have been successfully achieved by Isabel, she invested into oil and gas companies both in Angola and in Portugal, her interest and investment in cement company, diamonds, she has the largest share in Nova company, Zon multimedia etc. she has investment in Angola which include “condis” where she has over 51%  decision on the joint business. She opens her first supermarket in Angola in the year 2013, which remain the biggest and the most patronized supermarket in Angola.

She established a joint agreement with Telecom from Portugal, she bought the “T+” mobile operator in the city of Cape Verde, she also obtained her license to set up 2nd mobile telecom operator in Principe and Sao Tome.

Isabel as a successful businesswoman, has helped her country and neighbouring company in many ways which include the investment she made at Sao Tome, training of citizen as a manager, Engineers, technicians which has lead to creation of job, which she is still working on more projects which are in pipe to liberate and empower the citizen, there has been of her major achievement as a successful businesswoman.

She has also achieved in the area of the satellite, she set up a satellite TV operating as ZAP, she got her license to broadcast the Forbes in series of countries speaking Portugal. She has stake in different companies an also her personal establishment which include the following, Condis a business dealing with retailing ,  Esperanza, this company is based on Amsterdam which deal with energy, Trans Africa Investment, which she co-owned by her mother which deals with diamonds, Santoro finance etc. as it stood today, she is the most influential, and richest woman today due to her sense of humor and business mind, she stood among the best woman in Angola.


She has received several awards from different media outlet ranging from state media, country and has gained an international recognition as a woman who is resourceful and has a potential to the whole Africa. She was rated the richest woman in Angola, Richest in the whole of Africa, and top the list of first 100 richest and influential woman in the whole world. She has also won the heart of many, Forbes Award and different company, personality, media, and social groups have presented award ranging from businesswoman of the century, creative personality, etc.


During her years at king’s college in London, she met her husband Sindika Dokolo, who is from Republic of Congo from a millionaire father, they are happily married with three kids. The holy matrimonial of these duos cost over 4 million US dollars which left people astonished, people wine and dine to every man’s satisfaction. With her sweet and caring husband, she has, business and taking a major decision on her investment and transaction has always resulted in success.


Isabel as a successful woman she is, has fleet or cars, she has fixed assets in various Africa countries and few in London, her breathtaking gigantic house in Angola is quite worth over 400 US dollars. Her net worth is over 3 billion US dollars. She has a house in four different countries.

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