On August 17, 2014, a 12-year-old Jacob Sartorius posted a video on the vine; the video was about bullying in school. And since then he has gone to become an internet sensation, a musical artist with at least three singles, loved by his millions of followers across all social media channels. ( Jacob Sartorius Net Worth).

  • Date Of Birth: October 2, 2002
  • Nationality: American (USA)
  • Worth: $500,000


Sartorius was born in Oklahoma, USA on 2nd October 2002. Record has it that he was abandoned by his birth parents that were unable to raise him which subsequently led to his adoption by current parents. His birth name is Rolf Jacob Sartorius. He said Rolf is also the name of his birth father and grandfather. He grew up in Reston, Virginia with his adoptive parents. Records have it that when he was 7 years old, he began acting in musicals shows; this is he then discovered his love for performing. This caused people to bully him which led him to post his first anti-bully video on vine. Sartorius is a member of Music Stars


As earlier stated, he was adopted after his birth parents could not take care of him. His adoptive parents raised him. His mom once in a while appear on his many videos and is also his manager, his adoptive father have also been supportive of him as he mentioned in one of his videos on YouTube. He older sister named Caroline also appeared in some of his videos and he said he is very lucky to have such a supportive family to count on. His social media is managed by his mother. He has a cat named Prince. In late 2017, he began dating

Jacob Sartorius Net Worth Biography

Jacob Sartorius Net Worth Biography


Sartorius is still a very young boy, as he is just 15. Hence there are little to write about his dating life. Rumoured had it in 2016 that he was dating Disney Channel star, Jenna Ortega after a picture of them appeared online in his social media accounts. He has constantly told his fans that he needed a girlfriend and would gladly date any of his female fans, so the pictures got tongues wagging. In 2017, it was also rumored that he was dating Millie Bobby Brown who starred in a TV show called Stranger Things.


Before the fame, Sartorius was just a regular schoolboy, he reported that due to his music and comedy, he was always bullied in school which made him change school three times. This made him put a hold on his career as an artist for some time. After his first video on vine bullying didn’t begin posting regularly again until February of 2015.


At his young age, Jacob Sartorius career can be said to have been on the rise and keeps rising on a daily basis. He can be said to be a music Artist, a comedian, and an internet personality. Since he began singing, he has released several singles which were sung by him. Some of his songs include; “Last Text”, “Hit or Miss,” “Sweatshirt,” and “All My Friends”. He was also once a stand-up comedian in his local community where he started and was adjudged a very talented individual. He has also been on many tours some of which includes; “All My Friends Tour”, “The Last Text World Tour”, “The Left Me Hanging Tour” and “Night & Day Tour”


Sartorius fame started after he posted his first Vine in 2014.  This was about bullying at school and it quickly went viral, this was mostly thanks to his outstanding appeal and adorable awkwardness. Sensing that his video was a hit, he later started making a short video and posting them on his social media channels. This led to the increase in his popularity on social media and fan base grew as a result. Later on, he joined “Musical.ly app” and he became an instant hit with his funny lip sync videos. This made him one of the top stars on the app. He has over three singles to his name. His fame has continued to grow since his debut on social media with a current total of over 1.2 million followers on Twitter and 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.


After taking the social media by storm, he went on to replicate the same feat in the music world when he came out with his first single ‘Sweatshirt’ in May 2016. The song was an instant hit as soon as it was posted on his YouTube channel. He went to release a second single ‘Hit or Miss’ didn’t make so much noise as the first one. His third single which was titled ‘All My Friends’ was released on his 14th birthday which was also a hit though not as much as his first. He announced on his social media channels he plans to release more single videos in the future. He currently has over four singles to his name and as a young teen, the sky is the limit to what more lies ahead for him.


Jacob Sartorius has shown up for so many awards, he was even nominated for one of the awards in 2017. Some of the awards include; Teen Choice Awards in 2016, iHeart Radio Music Awards, Social Star Award, Kids’ Choice Awards, Radio Disney Music Awards, and Shorty Awards, 2017. As his still young, he has the ability to win many more awards as he progresses in his career.



As at 2017, from all his social media activities, endorsements, his personal brands, his music deals, revenue from his tours, he also has an online store where he sells merchandise, he is brand Ambassador for companies, the revenue accrued from the monetization of his YouTube account. It is estimated that his worth around $500,000 and counting.

With his social media followers increasing at an alarming rate, his net worth will mostly be on a daily increase.

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