Jhene Aiko Net Worth 2020 And Biography

Jhené Aiko Chilombo is a popular American singer and songwriter who was born in California, USA on March 16, 1998. Jhene Aiko Net Worth is understood to be an estimated $500,000. 

Jhene Aiko Net Worth 2020 And Biography

  • Full Name: Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo
  • Date Of Birth: March 16th, 1998
  • Height: 1.57m
  • Jhené Aiko Net Worth: $500,000
  • Profession: Singer/Song Writer
  • Country Of Origin: USA {American}


Her father, a pediatrician, is of African American and Native American descent, while her mother – Christina Yamamoto – is of Spanish, Japanese and Dominican descent.

Jhené has an interesting childhood at Ladera Heights (the place of her birth), and she also registered for vocal classes in Culver City, California before getting to the big stage of her career. She joined the popular R & B group B2K as a vocalist, and she burst into the scene when she began appearing in the group’s several music videos. Aiko attracted more attention because she was introduced as Lil’ Fizz’s cousin – which was a mere promotional strategy.

According to records, she was baptized at the Pentecostal Foursquare Church at age 16, and it was made known that she was in a relationship with O’Ryan (an American R & B musician) from 2005 to 2008. But before putting a ‘full’ stop to their relationship, the union produced a baby on November 19, 2008 – a baby girl called Namiko Love.

She was expected to release her debut album in 2003 through her labels (which includes Epic, Sony, and The Ultimate Group). However, it was never released as the young teenager demanded to be released from the labels to enable her to pursue her education.

Jhené made a return to the big stage in 2011 when she released Sailing Soul(s). Few months after she released her first-length project, she signed a recording contract with ARTium – which was the record label of American record producer No I.D.

Jhené lost her brother to cancer in 2012. Before Miyagi died, Aiko recorded a song on her computer that was originally meant to be heard by her brother alone – titled ‘For My Brother’

In 2013, Aiko worked with ARTium and Def Jam to release Sail Out. She also released other singles including ‘Bed Peace’,  ‘3:16 am’ and ‘The Worst’. The same year, she was involved in a car accident along with three other persons (her daughter, her older sister and O’Ryan). While baby Namiko was unharmed in the accident, Jhene picked some injuries on her wrist and chin.

She married Oladipo Omishore on March 16, 2016. But unfortunately, just five months later, Jhené filed for a divorce – which was eventually finalized in October 2017 (Jhené cited ‘irreconcilable differences’)

There were speculations she was dating Big Sean since 2016, and their union was eventually confirmed on social media – both have continued in a relationship since then.


Jhené no doubt has a sweet voice that helped shot her to her current spot. She was described as the ‘female answer’ to Frank Ocean by Jim Farber of the New York Daily News.

It was also agreed that she sings like Aaliyah, Brandy, Ciara, and Cassie. Someone also said her lyrics are ‘catch and emotive’, and that they have no boundaries.

Her music is seen as an alternative to contemporary R & B, a new generation R & B.  And besides PBR & B, she explores various genres including Hip Hop and classic R & B.

Jhené, who enjoys writing her own music with her own hands, writes lines, or a poem which she combines into melodies. The singer said she writes as a freestyler, putting down her feelings with her pen.


Jhené married Oladipo Dot da Genius in March 2016 but divorced him five months later. The same year, she started dating Big Sean – arousing rumours that she intentionally dumped Omishore for Big Sean. Some people even believed she cheated on her ex-husband when they were still married, with claims she is already dating Big Sean before the divorce came.

However, the singer recently took to Twitter to clarify the issue with some tweets. According to her, she never cheated on anyone when she met Big Sean. She revealed she was in a relationship with someone who still has a secret marriage with his baby mama in 2012, and they separated when she eventually found out.

Then she called her ‘friend’ (Big Sean) and went with him to a basketball game – they went to the game NOT as a couple. She also added that she went home after the game without any intimate stuff with Big Sean.

The pair then began seeing more often, and initially, they didn’t confirm rumours about their relationship. But after being seen together multiple times, it became tougher to hide what was going on between them (but she insisted they were mere friends  and they only hung out with friends since 2012)

However, right now, the pair are lovers but are yet to get married. Both have collaborated to make music – they worked together to create the album ‘Twenty88’ in 2016.

Still On Jhene Aiko Net Worth Biography Age Height Family


Jhene is a big fan of Tupac. She revealed the American rapper is a big influence, and he inspired her to embrace and stick to who she is. She also said Tupac encouraged her to ‘stand for something’ via what she does.

She also agreed that the likes of Aaliyah and Kendrick Lamar are influences and that she is a big fan of Kid Cudi. She said Cudi is one of the people she listens to consistently.

Speaking about Brandy, Jhene revealed she fell in love with the singer’s voice when she was just 6. She admitted that Brandy is a big influence and that she learned a lot from the singer by listening to her songs.

Since Aiko grew up in a musical family (her older sisters had been singing when she was still a little girl), she believed they also shaped her life tremendously.

Jhene Aiko Net Worth Biography Age Height Family


  • She still thinks about the horrific 1992 LA Riots that killed more than 50 people, with about 2000 people sustaining injuries. The violence began in California in support of Rooney King – who was brutalized by police. 
  • At just 8, she explained the meaning of Lil’s ‘Hardcore’ to her classmates. When it was made known, the question asked was ‘how did she know all these?’
  • She was homeschooled after she complained about being occasionally teased by her classmates for her mix ethnicity. Her father was of African American and Native American descent, while her mother is of Japanese and Spanish descent.
  • Jhene’s parents divorced when she was still a kid, and she stayed with her mother with her siblings.
  • At just 5-year-old, she was given the chance to showcase her talents to producer Chris Stokes.
  • Her older sisters – Jamila and Miyoko – were members of the musical group ‘Gyrl’. Both started their music careers when she was a little girl.
  • When she was still in school, she had a passion for writing, and she began writing songs at age 7.
  • Jhené contributed to B2K’s success in winning the Bet Award For Viewer’s Choice when they released their debut video album in 2002.
  • The first time her song reached the No. 1 Spot on the R & B chart was in 2013 – when she released ‘Sail Out’.
  • She was asked to ‘sell’ herself by one of the heads of an undisclosed music label when she returned to music in 2007, but she said she made the decision to ‘sail’ herself instead.
  • Most of Aiko’s songs were written by her. She made it known she writes music almost every day.
  • Jhené’s ‘Sail Out’ was nominated by the World Music Award for ‘World’s Best Album’. The EP  was also nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album by Grammy – she failed to win any.
  • Her ‘Souled Out’ sold 70,000 copies in less than eight days after it was released. The album also found its way into the No. 3 spot on Billboard.
  • She was nominated for the Grammy Awards in three different categories in 2015.
  • She had her first baby – Namiko – when she was 20. Her daughter’s father – O’Ryan – was Omarion’s brother.
  • Aiko takes care of Namiko single-handedly, and she works very hard to provide the best for her daughter.
  • Despite her busy schedules as a musician, Aiko gives attention to the upbringing of Namiko.
  • Jhené is a vegetarian, and she loves animals a lot. She is a member of ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’
  • Some of her nicknames are ‘Nay’ and ‘NeNe’. She is 157cm tall, and her waist size is 23 inches.
  • According to her, she has never been in a position where she hates a celebrity and calls them names.
  • Jhené creates most of her songs in a car and in her house.
  • Before her parents divorced, they had five children together – two boys ( Miyagi Ayo Chilombo and Jahi Chilombo) and three girls (Jamila Akiko Chilombo, Miyoko Chilombo and herself).
  • She worked with J. Cole on his Forest Hills Drive Tour between 2014 and 2015.

Jhene Aiko Net Worth 2020

For fans interested and wondering how much she’s worth. As at the last check, Jhené Aiko net worth is an estimated $500,000.

That’s all about Jhene Aiko Net Worth 2020.


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