Joseph Kabila Net Worth 2020 And Biography

Joseph Kabila Net Worth 2020 And Biography. Joseph Kabila Kabange was born on 4th June 1971, he was actually born as a twin, his twin sister who is named Jaynet Kabila. They were born at Hewabora, a small village in the territory of the south Kivu province in Eastern Congo. Actually, we are not sure of Joseph Kabila birth place, as some say that he was born in Tanzania which made him a citizen { Joseph Kabila Net Worth / Biography }.

Kabila attended a primary school which was organized by his father rebel forces, he also moved to Tanzania to complete his education over there. Kabila is the son of a long time rebel and president of the Congo, his father whose name is Laurent Desire Kabila while his mother is named Sifa Mahanya. Throughout Kabila school years, he posed as a Tanzania. Kabila father has 10 children he was the oldest, his dad has also been rumoured to be an ivory and diamond trafficker. 

Joseph Kabila Net Worth 2020 And Biography

  • Age / Date Of Birth: June 4, 1971
  • Country: Congo
  • Father: Laurent Desire Kabila
  • Mother: Sifa Mahanya
  • Joseph Kabila Net Worth : $75 Million

Joseph Kabila Net Worth

  • Their family had lots of business, and his Networth is estimated at $75 Million

Continuation of Joseph Kabila Kabange Biographie

Kabila mother, was one of the three wives of his father, she was a member of the Bangabanga tribe in the Mamema province of Eastern Congo, some rumours which also claimed that the mother was a Tutsi from Rwanda.

During Kabila school days, he learned how to speak English, Swahili, French. After his secondary and primary school education, Kabila trained in the Rwanda military for three years, before he was on to further his education at Makerere university in Uganda.

In October 1996, Kabila’s dad launched a campaign in Zaire to oust the Mobutu regime with his own newly formed army which is called the Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo-Zarie (AFDL). During this time, Kabila was the commander of the AFDL unit that involved children soldiers. He actually was a leader, as he played a big role in major war battles, but during the war his whereabouts were difficult to put into place. The media reports identified Kabila as a commander of the rebel force, that took the city after four days of intense fighting. After, the war AFDL got the victory which they actually wanted, this gave Kabila dad rise to the presidency then Kabila went on to get more training at PLA National Defense University which is located in bejing, china.

After series of training in China, Kabila was awarded the rank of Major-General and he was appointed Deputy chief of staff of the Armed forces of the Democratic republic of Congo, that took place in the year 1998. Kabila’s dad ruled Congo for some time, when coming into office, he promised to change the corruption and bad politics that has plagued the government for the past 40years. Unfortunately, what happened was just the opposite, his rule was also corrupt in the country. This event led to the assassination, Kabila was chief of staff, he was the main military leaders who were in charge of government troops at that time, this took place during the year 1998-2003.

Joseph Kabila Kabenge Biographie

Joseph Kabila Net Worth

Joseph Kabila rose to presidency after the assasination of his dad, Kabila became the world’s first head of government who was born in 1970s, aged 29 years, this made people say he was young and also inexperienced. During his time there, Kabila attempted to end the ongoing civil war by negotiating peace agreements with the rebel groups who were backed by Rwanda and Uganda, this was the same armies who brought his dad to power. Before the assassination of Kabila’s father, he led a fight against Rwanda and Uganda, both of whom had invaded the Congo and had control over portions of it. When Kabila returned time, he was living in a military housing unity with his girlfriend Olive and his daughter Josephine, it was during this time, that his dad was assinated by one of his own bodyguards, Rashisi Kasoereka, in the year 2001, the guard was shot dead for murder.

How Kabila gained the presidential position was not really known but many said it was because Kabila was actually the least controversial choice at that time. Kabila had a lot to face when he entered into power, some said he had been put into office as a puppet for a hidden regime, some people were actually suspicious of the way Kabila came into power, many said he would be a dictator like his father, others said Kabila was weak, he was so young that he liked sports and computer games. Kabila was actually a Christian who doesn’t smoke, drink or even ate at fancy restaurant, or even wore expensive clothing, mostly shy and also quiet.

After a week, Kabila was sworn in as president, Kabila was invited by George Bush to visit Washington, he accepted the invite, he went there and met with Colin Powell and Paul Kagame which was the president of Rwanda. Kabila discussed with them, that he wanted peace for his country, the fighting and bloodshed has been too much, he said he wanted it to stop. During the next three months, Kabila did lots of things, like re-organizing the government, he fired anyone too extreme and retired anyone who had been in parliament for so long, that he felt that they assumed that this position were secure and they felt that they did not need to do anything anymore. Kabila made promises to turn Congo’s government into a democratic government and also to improve the economy.

Joseph Kabila Biography

In the year 2003, Kabila ended the war that had started when his father was alive, since they had been occupying parts of the eastern Congo. Four million people were killed during the conflict, with officials of other countries, there was an end to the killing. In the year 2006, June 16 Kabila married his girlfriend Olive Lembe. Later in that same year, democratic elections were to hold and the two candidates were Kabila and Jean Pierre Bemba, who was a businessman. Jean was also part of the people that led to the war and killing which Kabila ended in 2003. His group has been accused of numerous acts like raping, killing, because of some of these things Kabila said he did not want the country to go to Bemba. Kabila faced a problem during the elections, because he did not speak Lingala, which is the main language spoken in the capital of Congo, they saw him as an outsider because of this.

Prior to Kabila neverv wanted Bemba to rule the country, because he feared that the country would be in danger again, he did lots of things to win the election. After the votes was caused by the people, Kabil;a won the elction which made Bemba more furious and was planning to stir up a war again, when Kabila tried to step down the foreign government interfered and decided to share the power, alot has happen since then and his presidency has brought peace to country.

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