Julius Malema Net Worth 2020 And Biogrpahy

Julius Sello Malema who is nicknamed Juju in South Africa was born in the year 1981, 3rd March, he hails from South Africa.

Julius Malema Net Worth 2020 And Biogrpahy

  • Full Name: Julius Malema
  • Age / Date of Birth: March 3, 1981
  • Country Of Origin: South African
  • Net Worth 2020: $2 Million
  • Industry: Politician
  • Leader Of Economic Freedom Fighters
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:  @Julius_S_Malema
  • Instagram: @julius.malema.sello
  • Youtube: check the end of the post for his youtube link and video

Julius Malema Net Worth

Julius Malema Biography

During his early life, Malema was born in Seshego, Transvaal Province. Malema was raised by just his mother, she was a domestic worker who was a single parent. Being raised by a single parent did not stop him from going to school, he graduated from Mohlakaneng high school which was located in Seshego, Limpopo. In 2010, he graduated from the University of South Africa (UNISA) where he completed a two-year diploma in youth development. In 2011, he also enrolled at the same university and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and African Language and he graduated there in March 2016.

Before we take a look at Julius Malema Net Worth and let’s go in-depth into Julius Malema Biography and Political life.


Malema joined politics at the age of nine years old, he joined the African National Congress which his main task was to remove national party posters, at fourteen (14) years, he became the chairperson of ANCYL branch of Seshego and also the regional chairperson in 1997.

Malema rose to popularity and fame among the masses and the poor. He was known for his controversial statements and which made him be frequently targeted for lampooning.

Leader Economic Freedom Fighters

At present, he is currently the leader of Economic Freedom Fighters, he assumed office in July 2013. He was a member of the ANC, until his expulsion from the party in April 2012. Through his support for president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma he has risen to prominence in his political career, he has been described as the future leader of South Africa.

Julius Malema Net Worth Biography

Julius Malema Net Worth Biography 2017

During the year 2008, Malema made international headlines by vowing that the Youth League would take up arms if the prosecution of Jacob Zuma for alleged fraud and corruption continued. This statement also made him address a youth day rally in Thaba Nchu, which Jacob Zuma was in attendance Malema said “Let Us Make It Clear Now” we are prepared to die for Zuma, not only that, we are prepared to take up arms and kill for Zuma. This statement which was made by Malema drew widespread condemnation and complaints which made the ANC to partially distanced itself from the statement.

When he was the head of COSAs, Malema also made a statement that the student union would do anything including “Burning the prison she is to be locked in”, all of this was said to prevent the jailing of Winnie Madikizela Mandela.

Malema has had lots of controversies over the years. During September 2009, Malema threatened to mobilize people to withdraw their Nedbank accounts, this was after the bank decided to withdraw its sponsorship from Athletics South Africa (ASA). This made the bank release a statement that the decision was made after dissatisfaction with the delivery of previous events, Malema suggested that the withdrawal was related to current controversy around ASA’s president Leonard Chuene, who admitted he had been informed about the gender test which came to a conclusion that athlete Caster Semenya is a hermaphrodite, where she actually won a gold medal but neglected to withdraw her from the world championship. During this event which took place, Malema criticised the Deputy sports minister Gert Oosthuizen who called for Chuene’s resignation.

In an argument, he said that there is no concept of a hermaphrodite in Pedi culture, which he called was imposed by the imperialist and which he said he did not understand Chuene’s apology, which made the parliamentary spoke-man on sport, Anton Alberts stated that Malema was a dilemma which can no longer be ignored, which needed to be addressed by the ANC.

On April 2010, Malema visited Zimbabwe, some events which took place made the Prime Minister condemn Malema’s visit after he criticised Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), during his visit, Malema described them as an ally of Imperialist and called Mugabe style seizure of mines and farms in South Africa.

{ Still On Julius Malema Net Worth 2020 and Biography }

The youth organization in Zimbabwe criticised Malema’s visit which they cited his statements as racial and alleged corruptions. Malema who blamed the MDC for introducing political violence to Zimbabwe in which he defended “Robert Mugabe’s political and human right’s record. Upon his return to South Africa, the ANC Youth League praised Mugabe and Zimbabwe’s land seizures during a statement which says that young Africans should follow the example of the people in Zimbabwe and to engage in agriculture in order to reduce their dependence on white farmers.

During the year 2010 in the month of April on the 8th day to be precise, Malema had an incident with a BBC journalist Jonah Fisher. Malema criticised the movement for Democratic change for having offices in Sandton, this made the BBC journalist to make a comment that Malema himself lived in Sandton. Malema who lashed out at the BBC journalist and that he said the comments were rubbish.

This incident was a big blow to Malema, he accused \Fisher of being disrespectful and Malema who claimed that Fisher’s country which is the United Kingdom has undermined the credibility and integrity of African leaders. Malema expected an apology from Fisher, which he did not get, the next day, the ANC issued a statement condemning Malema’s action. Jacob Zuma also publicly criticised Malema’s behaviour saying the manner in which the journalist was treated at an ANC youth league press conference is unacceptable and regrettable.

In March 2010, he was convicted of hate speech, September 2011, November 2011 he was found guilty of sowing depositions within the ANC which made him suspended from the party for five years which was also added to his two-year suspended sentence in May 2010. On April 2012, Malema lost an appeal to have his expulsion from the ANC overturned, the expulsion took immediate effect than during September 2012 he was charged with fraud and money laundering.

Julius Malema Net Worth

Julius Malema Net Worth 2020 In Dollars: $2 Million

As a political figure, a lot actually happened to Malema which many felt he was going to back down but he became stronger, even with all that his net worth is estimated to be $2million. Amazing right, he is actually young and very rich, started from an early age and till now, he is actually called a leader in South Africa despite his controversies and hate speeches, the people still love him.

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