Kunle Afolayan Biography and Net Worth

Kunle Afolayan Biography and Net Worth

Kunle Afolayan is a popular Nigerian actor, filmmaker and film director. He is from Kwara state, Igbomina to be precise and he is the son of the famous theater film producer and film director Ade Love. Kunle’s father Adeyemi Josiah Afolayan popularly known as Ade Love was a Nigerian artist that is prominent in the second half of the 20th century; he worked in traveling theatre and later returned to the film industry as a filmmaker.

  • Full Name: Kunle Afolayan
  • Date Of Birth: 30 September 1974
  • Profession: Nollywood Actor
  • Marriage Status: Married
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Kunle Afolayan Biography and Net Worth

Kunle Afolayan studied economics before venturing into filmmaking. The ambitious actor and filmmaker started off as just an actor in 1998, when felt the urge to go into filmmaking, he approached established filmmakers in the industry like Tunde Kelani and Tade Ogidan for advice and mentorship on how to achieve his dream.

Tunde Kelani finally gave him an audience when he saw his zeal and anxiety to become a filmmaker. Kelani advised him to learn the art of filmmaking by studying it in school and also advised him to start as an actor and he could progress into filmmaking from acting like his father. Kunle Afolayan put the advice to good use, when the time came to shoot “SAWORO-IDE”, he was invited for the audition and he clinched the role. Many people remember him today for his role as Aresejabata in Saworoide, the film went ahead to become one of the evergreen movies in Yoruba movie industry.

However, Kunle started working in the bank in the following year and that did not give him the chance to feature in many movies after Saworoide. This is the main reason while Kunle was not active in the film industry from 1998 to 2004; he only featured in about 10 movies.

Although Kunle Afolayan was working in a bank and earning enough salary to get him a car and a 4 bedroom flat he did not feel fulfilled. He later decided that he doesn’t belong in a bank and it wasn’t really what he wanted to do so he resigned and stayed at home for 8 months thinking on what he wanted to do and making research at the same time.

Kunle Afolayan Biography

Kunle Afolayan Biography

Background as Filmmaker

Kunle later took the advice of Tunde Kelani and went to school to bag a diploma in digital filmmaking at New York Film Academy, afterward, he came back to set up a small production office with a staff of just two people. According to him, the office was a gift from someone, when the person saw his zeal to become an entrepreneur the person asked him to occupy the office and use the remaining six-month rent still available. The person told Kunle to continue using the office and pay rent after the six months has expired, Kunle got an assistant and that kick-start his career as a filmmaker.

He got a computer and started learning how to edit; before he knew it he got the idea of how to produce his first film “Irapada”. He bought his first camera from the profit he made from Irapada and that was how he started equipping himself and growing as a filmmaker. Since 2005, Kunle Afolayan has been active in the Nigerian film industry, he produced one award-winning movie after another and his films are extremely popular.

Kunle Afolayan later moved to a bigger office and the number of his staffs moved from 2 to 5, he kept on working hard and improving on his art and today he has several award-winning movies like “The Figurine: Araromire” which was in Yoruba and English Languages. The movie Figurine won five awards in the African Film Academy and is one of the most successful movies in Nigerian Movie Theaters. He produced “Phone Swap” after Figurine, he featured the Legendary Chika Okpala and Ikpe Etim in Phone Swap and it was another success like  The Figurine.

Kunle Afolayan represented the Nigerian Film Industry with Zeb Ejiro at the Subversive Film Festival in 2011; it was indeed a pride for him to be chosen to represent the second largest film industry in the World. Kunle is one of the most successful film producers in Nigeria today and the reason is not farfetched, he is very hard working and goes extra miles to produce the best movies. Many of his movies are among the best movies in Nigeria with international repute.

kunle afolayan awards movies

Awards and Movies

The Figurine was nominated in 10 categories at the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in 2010; the film also received great reviews internationally and locally. Phone Swap was premiered in France in May 2013 at the First Edition of Nollywood Week in Paris and it won the Public Choice Award. His fourth movie “October 1” also gained lots of awards and positive reviews. Kunle Afolayan announced that he was making another film in 2015 titled “The CEO”, Nigerians fell in love with the movie before it was released and it gained prominence in the social media, the film was released in October same year.

Today, Kunle Afolayan is one of the most prolific film producers in Nigeria; he is one of the few who was able to move African Films into cinemas. The tradition in Nollywood was to move films to DVD distributors immediately they are completed and it has been going on for some time in the industry, Kunle was able to change this, he was able to produce films that are interesting and captivating enough draw viewers to the cinemas, his films are worthy of African Cinema and are doing well in the international market as well.

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Kunle Afolayan’s Marriage and Endorsements

Kunle is happily married to Tolu Afolayan and they have three lovely kids together. His mansion is located in Magodo, Lagos and it contains private cinema, lounge, studio, courtyard, an office and a swimming pool.

Kunle has many endorsements to his name today, among which is:

  • A multi-million naira endorsement deal with Air France in 2015, Air France is France’s national career.
  • Kunle is also a brand ambassador for Peugeot Automobile Nigeria (PAN) and he was presented with a new Peugeot 508.
  • He also signed a huge deal with Glo Nigeria in 2014
  • Kunle Afolayan got a political appointment and was inducted into Lagos State Board of Arts and Culture.

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