Lena Headey Net Worth and Biography

Lena Headey Net Worth and Biography

Born on 3rd of October 1973, Lena Headey is 44 years old as of today. She was born in Hamilton, Bermuda, to John and Sue Headey, her father happened to be stationed at Hamilton when Lena was born as he was a Yorkshire police officer. Lena has one younger brother named Tim Headey, her family moved to Somerset when she was five and later moved to Shelly, West Yorkshire when Lena was 11 years old. Lena was taking ballerina lessons as a child but she was later stopped for some family reasons.

  • Full Name:  Lena Headey
  • Lena Headey Net Worth: $9 Million
  • Nationality: British, Bermudian
  • Profession: English Actress, Film Producer
  • Height: 1.66m
  • Age / Date of Birth: October 3, 1973
  • Private Phone Number: Not Available
Lena Headey Net Worth


Lena Headey Net Worth 2017 and Biography

Frequent relocation and change of environment was part of Lena’s childhood and growing up for Lena and it was because of her father’s nature of work, as a police cadet then he was often frequently relocated, he was sent to Bermuda before Lena’s birth and she was raised living by the ocean side until she was five. John Headey took his family along when he was also relocated to other places and it formed part of Lena Headey’s growing up. However, Lena soon got her own life when she found acting or shall we say acting found her?

Lena never attended any drama school before she started acting, it all started when she was a pupil at Shelly College. Her performance in a show in the company of six of her school friends in Shelly College at Royal National Theatre made a casting agent to take notice of her; he took a photo and invited her for an audition. Lena later got a supporting role in a drama titled Waterland, she was privileged to work with actors with several years of experience in the movie industry in 1992.

Lena Headey’s Acting Career

Since her debut in the film Waterland in 1992, Lena played the role of Katherine in Disney’s The Jungle Book in 1994. The film gained positive reviews and earned about $44 million in the United States alone. Headey also received positive reviews from other actors and actresses that starred in the movie, James Berardinelli described her performance as solid and praised their performance. It was on set and during the production of The Jungle book that she met Jason Flemyng who later became her boyfriend for 9 years.

After appearing in quite a number of movies, she landed a role opposite Vanessa Redgrave in a romantic comedy titled Mrs. Dalloway in 1997. She also got a supporting role in “Onegin” a high profile film, the film starred Ralph Fiennes and Liv Tyler. The following year, Lena also starred in a drama titled Aberdeen, she received good reviews for her role in the film. Lena’s fortune soared as she was able to get roles in “Gossip” in 2000 and “The Parole Officer” in 2001.

Lena Headey received Silver Iris Award for Best Actress at the Brussels European Film Festival in 2001 for her role in Aberdeen. Lena was able to get a role alongside Gwyneth Paltrow and Aaron Eckhart in the mystery drama “Possession” in 2002. Lena also acted in Terry Gilliam’s movie “The Brothers Grimm” which was released in 2005; she co-starred with Heath Ledger and Matt Damon in the movie. The Brothers Grimm received a mixed review from audience and Lena confessed that she fell in love with the character she played in the film.

Lena also starred in the films The Cave and Imagine Me & You, with actress Piper Perabo in 2005, one of the movies “The Cave” did not do well at the box office and had negative reviews from critics. However, her other movie Imagine Me & You which was a romantic comedy was able to get positive reviews.  Lena Headey’s performance was praised by critics; she acted the role of a lesbian in the movie and she was said to have Irresistible appeal and a smile and face that suggest intelligence and fun.

Lena acted nude in the role she played in 300; she acted the role of Queen Gorgo in the movie produced by Zack Snyder. Although she felt weird for taking her clothes off in front of 20 people and have it watched by the whole world she said it was necessary to establish the role she played and according to her” it does it in a quite a beautiful way”. After the success of 300, Lena repeated her role as Queen Gorgo in the sequel to the movie titled 300: Rise of an Empire in 2014.

Lena also appeared in a film titled “Low Down” in 2014, the film narrated the life of Joe Albany, a jazz pianist. She also played the role of the wife of Patrick Wilson’s character in a film titled Zipper in 2015. It was announced that Lena would voice Jeopardy Mouse in a movie titled Danger Mouse in July 2015, the movie was a reboot of the TV series of Danger Mouse-produced in 1981, and the film was broadcasted on CBBC later in 2015. Lena saw it as a great privilege to take part in the film; she appeared along with Stephen Fry who appeared as Colonel K and Alexander Armstrong who also appeared as Danger Mouse.

Lena Headey starred in the horror film Zombies and pride and prejudice in 2016, she co-starred with her those she acted within “Game of Throne”, Century and The Contractor co-artist Charles Dance.  She did voice over for Mercedes A-Class Television Advertisement in 2017. Lena appeared on the covers of TV Guide, Sunday Mirror, G3, and Germany Filmstar. She was rated No.64 on the Maxim Magazine Hot 100 list, she was announced as NO.4 and No.3 in After ELLEN’’ list on the list of the Hot 100 out of 2007, 2008, 2009, respectively.

Lena Headey Net Worth Biography

Lena Headey Net Worth 2018 Biography

Lena Headey Net Worth 2017

The beautiful actress, film producer, and voice actress currently has an estimated net worth of $9 million. The game of throne superstar in climbing higher on the ladder of success in her acting career and America is celebrating this mother of two. Lena Headey is an award-winning actress that has several awards and nomination to her credit, it is obvious that she is good at what she does and she is making money out of it.

Love Life

Lena Headey was once engaged to an actor called Johnny Cicco and also dated Jason Flemyng for 9 years, they were an item from 1994 –  2003. She met Jason onset during the production and filming of the movie “The Jungle Book”, she made a tattoo of his, on her arm, which has since been covered.

Lena went ahead to marry musician Peter Loughran in May 2007. They both have a son together named Wylie Loughran, Wylie was born on the 31st of March 2010. Lena complained of postnatal depression and suffering that occurred after the birth of Wylie. Lena and her husband separated in 2011 and she filed for divorce on 20th of July 2012, the divorce became final on the 26th of December 2013.

She was romantically linked with one of the co-stars in Game of Throne Jerome Flynn but the relationship ended badly around March 2014, as a result, the two were kept apart on the set of the movie. However, she gave birth to her second child on the 10th of July 2015, she gave birth to a girl and she named her Teddy, her father is director Dan Cadan who was her childhood friend, both of them also worked together on his short film (The Devils Wedding). They are said to be engaged and preparing for marriage in the summer of 2018.

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