Ludwick Marishane is the founder of Headboy Industries Inc. His company specializes in the production of Dry Bath Gel – A waterless bath gel that gives you the feeling of haven taken your bath when you rub it on your skin. Ludwick Marishane is famous worldwide for this innovation. The question on a lot of lips though, is who really is the man behind the Dry Gel fame? We plan to unveil the man behind the fame in this article – Ludwick Marishane Net Worth 2020 And Biography.

  • Full Name: Ludwick Marishane
  • Date Of Birth: May 23rd, 1990
  • Place Of Birth: Motetema
  • Occupation: Business
  • Country Of Origin: South Africa
  • Marital Status:

Brief Biography

Ludwick Marishane Net Worth 2020 And Biography


Ludwick Marishane was born on May 23rd, 1990 in Motetema South Africa. One day, while still in high school, he was sunbathing with some friends when one of his friends who was lazying around and didn’t want to take his bath thought out loud why there wasn’t a pill or lotion or something, anything at all that could replace bathing. Thus an idea was born in the young mind of Ludwick. He actually thought there must have been such a product in existence. He decided to make a research on it and his findings showed that no such product exists.

Upon discovering that no such product was in existence he decided to work on finding a formula that could make such a product come into existence. Marishanes abode then was in the rural provinces of Limpopo so he had limited resources so he made do with doing research using Google and Wikipedia on various lotions, hand sanitizers and creams and how they were produced for a period of six months before coming up with a formula. Now the thing has he had a formula on paper but then there were no resources to execute his plans just yet.

In the year just before he graduated from high school, Ludwick developed a business plan of about 8000 words in 40 pages. He had been working on the business plan for Two months. The really funny thing was he wrote the business plan on the same phone he used in research in the course of developing the formula. Two years earlier, he had worked on a business idea to produce healthy cigarettes and so he had learned how to patent. He, therefore, patented his idea for the dry bath gel making him the youngest patent holder in South Africa.



Ludwick Marishane, however, faced some challenges as none of the eighty venture capitalists whom he sent his business plan to were willing to take any risk make an investment on the product as the inventor was pretty young at the time and the product seemed to favour the poor because of its water-saving ability. Upon his completion of high school, Ludwick Marishane was offered a scholarship to study at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa. He used the resources at the university to continue working on his project. His efforts did not go unnoticed though, as when he was just in his first year in the University, he pitched his business plan in a competition and he took third place after the results were made known. He was able to create a sample of his product using the prize money he won in the competition to check out the effectiveness. It didn’t work as much as he would have liked as the gel produced flakes on the skin when it dried out, making it unpleasant to the eye.

The problem was however solved when he introduced Dr. Hennie du Plessis, who was a chemical engineer that had experience in the development of personal care products. Dr. Hennie du Pleases improved the formula and the problem disappeared. Dr du Plessis eventually became a shareholder in Headboy Industries. He is also the product manager for the company.

Ludwick Marishane Net Worth Biography Wealth


The dry bath gel can help in preventing diseases such as trachoma and dysentery which can be caused by bacteria found in stagnant water. It’s possible for such bacteria to infect humans when they come in contact with the skin or openings in the body. Dry bath gel is antiseptic thereby making it harmful to microorganisms.

Also, water is quite scarce in some parts of the world. Take for example the Limpopo region of South Africa where Marishane was living when he developed the dry gel formula. Some have to trek a long distance before they can get water. The dry bath gel is a very useful alternative in situations such as this as it helps in water conservation. Even in more affluent lands, the dry gel can serve to save time and water – An example is when one is running late for an appointment.


Ludwick Marishane Net Worth 2020

Dry bath is not sold in bulk rather it’s sold in single small packets at a price of 50cents with one packet enough for one bath and $1.50 for corporate entities such as airlines, hotels etc.

Although much is not known about the affluence or wealth of Marishane, his name was listed on “Africa’s Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs: Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30” in the year 2015. According to, Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30 is put together by Forbes to indicate youths that could become with the potential of becoming multi-millionaires in the future.

South African website lists him as one of ten youngest richest South African.

He also has been named as one of the most intelligent young brains in the universe by Google.

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