Mayorkun Net Worth 2020 And Biography

Mayorkun Net Worth 2020 And Biography – We all know fast rising popular musician Mayorkun the Mama Crooner. Mayorkun is now becoming a household name in the Nigerians Industry. Now, the question goes like this what do you know about Mayorkun, well this article is here to give you all you need to know about this fast-rising musical act. 

Mayorkun Net Worth 2020 And Biography

  • Full Name: Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel
  • Date Of Birth: April 5th, 1994
  • Occupation: Musician/Entertainer/Song Writer
  • Record Label: DMW – Davido Music WorldWide
  • Private Phone Number: N/A
  • Charges Per Show: Not Fixed
  • Place Of Birth: Osun State
  • Country Of Origin: Nigeria




Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel who is popularly called Mayorkun is a Nigerian artiste. He was born April 5th, 1994 at Osun state. Before becoming a well-known artiste in Nigeria, he actually started his musical career way back in school, but he made sure he was focused more on his studies before he was able to go into music fully. Mayorkun father Mr. Adewale is an actor and Director while his mother is also an actress she is Mrs. Toyin Adewale. Mayorkun had his secondary and primary education at living spring Montessori and Hi grade college at the age of 22 years old, Mayorkun was already a graduate of the University of Lagos, which is popularly called UNILAG. The University of Lagos has actually produced more artistes and personality of high class in the entertainment industry than any other university in Nigeria. But withstanding that, our major focus here is Mayorkun so let’s not divert into the university.

Music actually runs in the Adewale family, as even one of Mayorkun’s father uncle is also a musician. It has been said severally that music is a talent, if it does not flow in you, you cannot force it. This is written over in the case of Mayorkun if the music was not actually flowing in him and if he did not have the passion for what he is actually doing he would not have come so far like this. This should be stated as advice to upcoming artists that when you are pursuing your chosen music career path, you should never give up, no matter the little number of efforts you put in, success is always guaranteed.

In the year 2012, Mayorkun released his first single which was titled butty babe but before then after his youth service, he worked in a bank,  before he went into music finally. Mayorkun also released GBO in the year 2013 which made him gain the audience a little bit. Mayorkun came into limelight after Nigerian biggest artiste watched him online Davido from there his life changed. Davido saw a 14 secs Youtube video where Mayorkun re-sang his song and Davido was impressed then called him up for a meeting and he was signed to the HKN gang label.

The HKN gang label comprises of artistes like Davido, B-red, Dremo, and Danagog. Mayorkun dreams came true as Davido has actually been one of the biggest artists he has been looking up to for a long time now. Not only Davido as artiste like Olamide, Tuface, Brymo, Pasuma and (KSA)  which is King Sunny Ade, he has actually looked up to these artists and has taken them as his role model. Signing in to the HKN Gang Label was a success and Mayorkun was able to release his first official single ELEKO. ELEKO was a hit in the Nigerian Music market, after releasing the video, the music actually sets a record as one of the fastest music YouTube video to reach one million views in 10 days and during that time the music also made a hit to the tunes chart in Nigeria.

Mayorkun Net Worth Cars

For an upcoming artiste to be successful at this rate is quite surprising, many said its because he is with Davido, others said it was because of hard work that is why his music gave birth to success for him well.

As you read you all know that hard work is really good, many things actually come when you do not give up that easily. Getting up to 1 million views on ELEKO video, Mayorkun has done some collaborations with some music artistes in Nigeria which has actually pushed his career forward. Mayorkun has also dropped a couple of new songs with Davido which is a hit. Although the artist has not been said to have signed any Endorsement deal with any company, in a statement which he recently said to have that soon. Apart from the release of ELEKO which brought him to the limelight, Mayorkun has actually won the Rookie of the year award for 2016.

2017 has actually been an amazing year for the artiste. He dropped two new songs which one way during the middle of the year while the other was dropped towards the end of the year. Mama which was Mayorkun hit song of 2017, made him gain more popularity far and wide, after the release of the song fans were actually demanding for the video which was dropped and got lots of views online. Mama song became the tune of everyone as this song was played on the streets and every other place especially wedding ceremonies. During the end of the year, he dropped Che Che. Che Che became a popular streets anthem, as everyone sings the song and rhyme the lyrics together. Mayorkun song has not only gotten far in Nigeria but other countries as well. Due to his recent dropping of different songs he has been called up for different show performance which has actually given him much popularity.

Now, apart from talking about Mayorkun musical career, we are going to talk about his net worth. What do you think is Mayorkun net worth as an upcoming act?

DMW Star Act

Mayorkun Net Worth In Dollars: $120,000

Many of us do believe that upcoming artists do not earn well, or even have a net worth at all. But with Mayorkun case, we are going to prove you wrong. Musical artists in Nigeria, normally earn more than any other profession. Earnings can be gotten from show performances, sales of their musical albums and Entertainment deals. All of these listed here, they are being paid in a good amount of money. Endorsements deals and shows are being paid in a huge sum of naira. Although, for now, Mayorkun has not been recorded to have any dealings with any company, with his show performance and music sales he is said to have a net worth of $120,000. That is quite okay for an upcoming act, we believe with more wishing him a successful musical career.

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