Mike Sonko Wealth, Cars, Net Worth and Biography 2020

Mike Sonko Wealth, Cars, Net Worth and Biography. Mike Sonko is a man who has been in the Kenyan political limelight when he became governor. Not only is he a popular Kenyan politician, he is also a person who has achieved great Kenyan political success within a short period. As of now, the man is the governor of Nairobi, Kenya. Mike’s popularity is not limited to Kenya alone, he is also known by many people outside the country. Furthermore, a larger number of people are craving to know more about the politician. They want to know about his cars, houses and wealth. To help the situation, our team decided to put up this article, ‘Mike Sonko Wealth, Cars, Net Worth and Biography’. The article has as much information as anyone will need concerning the man.

Mike Sonko Wealth, Cars, Net Worth and Biography 2020

  • Full Name: Mbuvi Gidion Kioko Mike Sonko
  • Date Of Birth: February 27, 1975
  • Country Of Origin: Kenya
  • Mike Sonko Wealth

Mike Sonko


  • Background and Early Days

Mike Sonko is known by the full name, Mbuvi Gidion Kioko Mike Sonko. He is also often called Sonko which is a name meaning ‘rich person’ or ‘boss’ in Sheng. Making an elaboration on the name Sonko, Sheng is a Swahili and English-based language. The man was born on February 27, in the year 1975 — this makes him 42 years of age. He was born in Mua Hills, Mombasa, Kenya, into a poor family. Luckily for him, his parents strived hard to give him a primary education. He obtained this primary education at Kikowani Primary School. Not only did Mbuvi Gidion Kioko Mike Sonko receive primary education at Kikowani Primary School, he also got the chance to attend a secondary school. The secondary school he attended is Kwale High School.

Rumours have it that Mike was once a great criminal. In fact, it is also said that he is an international criminal who robs people of their property at gunpoint. So far, there is hardly any evidence that has been able to nail these allegations on him. In September 2013, a serious robbery took place at Westgate shopping mall. According to reports, Sonko knew the robbery was going to happen, and he warned the security services who all refused to consider his tip-off as a potential one.

Political Career

So far in his life, Mike has been able to hold as much as 3 important political posts. These important political posts are namely: Member of the Kenyan Parliament, Senator from Nairobi and Governor of Nairobi. His political success started in 2010 when he became the Member of Parliament for Makadara Constituency, Kenya. He assumed this post at the age of 35, defeating two great politicians who also contested for the posts. These two great politicians are Dick Wathika and Reuben Ndolo. Sonko was preceded by Dick Wathika (one of his 2010 opponents), and he was succeeded by Benson Kangara.

Not too long after Mbuvi Gidion Kioko Mike Sonko decided to be a Member of the Kenyan Parliament, he announced his intention to become a Kenyan Senator in 2013. Sonko kept to his words, contesting for the post in 2013. His race to the Senatorial post was run by him, Margaret Wanjiru and some other politicians in the country. He won this post in 2013 after garnering a total of 808,705 votes. Margaret Wanjiru who was his closest rival garnered only 525,822 votes. His success in winning a Senatorial post did not mark the end of the things that made him popular, he became a lot more popular after the election as he became fond of flaunting House Rules, including incidences of inappropriate dressing.

At the beginning of 2016, in January to be more specific, Mike announced his interest to become the next Governor of Nairobi. In 2017, he took part in the race for the post which he won. A lot of people believed that Sonko’s success at the race for the post was due to his experience in elections, love from the people and political connections. He contested against the incumbent Governor of Nairobi whom he defeated with relative ease. He ran for this post under the Jubilee Party of Kenya which is the ruling party in the country.

  • Mike Sonko Wealth, Cars, Houses

Gold Plated Land Cruiser V8

Mike Sonko is not only a popular politician, he is also a very wealthy man. He has a lot of luxurious cars and houses within and outside Kenya. The politician has a gold-plated Toyota Land Cruiser V8 and the latest Range Rover Sport. Furthermore, he has a good number of expensive Mercedez-Benz cars. He also has a luxurious Hummer Jeep, and houses littered all over the country. Sonko has a lot of money, and it is said that he is into real estate and transportation businesses.


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