Nadia Comaneci Net Worth 2019 And Biography – The name Nadia Comaneci is a household name in the world of gymnastics, obviously, in her youthful age, she redefines the face of gymnastics. She is currently 56 years of age. Whenever this name is called out, she is believed and recognized to be the best that has ever existed in the world of gymnastics among her contemporaries and fans all over the world. 

Nadia Comaneci Net Worth 2019 And Biography

  • Full Name: Nadia Comaneci
  • Date Of Birth: November 21st, 1961
  • Height: 5ft 3in
  • Profession: Former Ace Gymnast
  • Marriage Status: Married To Bart Corner
  • Children: Dylan Paul Corner
  • Nadia Comaneci Net Worth: $10 Million
  • Country Of Origin: Romania (Onesti)
  • Nationality: United States Of America
Nadia Comaneci Net Worth Biography Height Age


In gymnastics, Nadia Comaneci is internationally known to be among the most decorated gymnasts in the world.  Recognized as the first woman to score a perfect 10 at the age of 14 in 1976 at an Olympic gymnastics event.

Nadia Comaneci Net Worth And Biography

Her father’s name is Gheorge Comaneci and her mother Stefania-Alexandrina Comaneci. Nadia Comaneci is a former gymnast of Romanian origin, born in Onesti Romania on 12 November 1961. She is popularly called Nadia and she got into gymnastics at an early age which propelled her to a high level of success talking more of success among her contemporaries Nadia has been floating on the list during her time at the gym in the world of gymnastics. Though she is a shy type and at her tender age, she became the youngest gymnast to win gold in the Romanian National gymnastics competition at the age of nine, alongside other awards in the European championship in 1975.  Having achieved a tremendous and land sliding of success in national and international gymnastics which wrote her name in the sand of time, she retired happily from competitive gymnastics on May 6, 1984. There are numerous awards, honors, and medals credited to her name in the world of gymnastics.


Nadia Comaneci places a lot of value on her family life. She got married to Bart Conner in 1996, who also was a gymnast. Having been married to Bart Conner, their union have produced a lovely and friendly son called Dylan Paul Corner.


Like other celebrities in the world of sports whose net were recorded, Nadia Comaneci currently has a net worth of around $10 million dollars recorded to her and this can be well observed in the fleet of exotic cars and well-constructed houses she has around and outside the country.  Furthermore, she is into promoting gymnastics as a sport through her various institution of promotional programmes, television commentaries, advertisements and also, she writes for gymnastics publications; of which have generated a lot of revenue for her and also added value to her as a professional gymnast. She published her first book in December 2003 titled “Letters to a young gymnast”. Besides writing, she has worked and signed numerous contract endorsement agreements with world-renowned companies.

She has a clothing line, also running a business which is named after her husband “the Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy” as a caring wife she is, also into the selling of gymnastics equipment. Due to her expert knowledge in the world of gymnastics, she often travels all around the world for charity programmes, speeches, and many other international meetings and conferences.

Nadia Comaneci Net Worth Biography

Nadia Comaneci Net Worth Biography


Regardless of her personal challenges and family background, in which Nadia Comaneci encountered while growing up, she gave all her best to be honor with both national and international awards and recognition credited to her name. Nadia Comaneci dedication towards the building and attainment of her dreams as a young girl while growing up contributed immensely to her success. Her achievements have motivated and changed the perspectives of many people in regards to women successes in the world of sport (gymnastics), thereby changing the face of the sport in general and also attracted female to the sporting world. The below are some among many of her life’s achievements:

  • In Montreal Canada where the Olympic Games was hosted, she surprised the world due to her rigorous and commitment in the level of training by becoming the first woman to score a perfect ten at the age of 14 years.
  • Nadia Comaneci won two gold medals in 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, Russia for the beam and floor exercises.
  • Nicknamed then the goddess of Montreal after winning three gold medals in 1976 Olympics.
  • In 1984, she was awarded the Silver Collar Olympic Order after retirement.
  • She became the Vice President of the Boarding council of Special Olympics International.
  • The Honorary President of the Romanian Olympic Committee (2002), due to her immense contribution to the sport of gymnastics.
  • In 1998 she was given the Flo Hyman Memorial award in Washington D.C (USA).
  • Sportsperson of the 20th century in Vietnam in 1999.  
  • The Honorary President of the Romanian Gymnastic Federation (1996).
  • She was awarded the star of Romanian Order, which is the highest national award to a civilian from Romania.
  • She is the founder of the Nadia Comaneci foundation.
  • In January 2007, the Spanish daily El Mundo Deportivo also named her as the Sportsperson of the 20th century due to her outstanding performances and achievements of the past.
  • The perfect ten score of Nadia Comaneci in than Montreal Olympic Games was officially recorded into the world record also in 2007.


Her life has been a source of inspiration to many and a point where many gains a driving force to forge ahead in their sporting activities, been a woman of vision, full of potentials, and goals are driven, she has been restless to see herself improving on daily basis, regardless of her age factor, she always make it a point of duty to show up at the gymnasium to encourage young ones and instruct them on module operandi to making the best out of the gymnastics world. She has constantly improved the lives of young ones even upcoming gymnast via her oral encouragement, practical instructions and work to do tasks.


Her husband a successful gymnast has been a source of inspiration to her, in course of her training her husband appears to give more support and instruction on how to achieve a great move. They have fun and hang out together, they have demonstrated to be astounding couples, this has really helped the due to attain the peak of their career.

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