Odunlade Adekola State Of Origin And Phone Number

All you need to know about Odunlade Adekola State Of Origin And Phone Number.  Odunlade Adekola is a standout amongst the most famous Yoruba motion picture performers in the Nigerian movie Industry (Nollywood). After surfacing in the Nigerian Yoruba motion picture industry a few years back, Odunlade has since turned into an easily recognized name, as the tall, great looking performer has won the hearts of numerous Yoruba motion picture watchers both in Nigeria and the past.

Odunlade adekola state of origin

Odunlade Adekola State Of Origin And Phone Number

  • Estimated Net Worth : $1.9 Million
  • Odunlade Adekola State Of Origin : Ogun State, Abeokuta
  • Tribe: Yoruba
  • Place of Birth: Abeokuta, Nigeria
  • Date of Birth: December 31, 1977
  • Profession: Actor
  • Marital Status: Married To Mrs Ruth Adekola
  • Odunlade Adekola Phone Number : 080????????
  • Twitter: @OdunomoAdekola
  • Instagram: @OdunomoAdekola

For the various fans curious and asking where is Odunlade from, well his state of origin is Ogun state, in the city of Abeokuta, born on the 31st of December, 1977. His phone number is not presently available because of his privacy, buh you can reachout to him on his original facebook, twitter or instagram account.

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About Odunlade Adekola Biography and History

History: Born on December 31st, 1977, in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. He went to the Saint John RCM grade school, and later Saint Peter’s school, both in Abeokuta. He began acting at an early age. As indicated by him, at whatever point any commemoration was to hold in his congregation (the Christ Biblical Church, Lafenwa, Abeokuta), he and a companion, named “Tunde,” would demand to play jokesters, and this requirement was consistently conceded.
Profession: He composed a “content” for a comic drama play including only two characters (him and his companion). That was the means by which “movie acting” started for this expert performer, chief, and maker. In the wake of being spurred by any semblance of Taiwo Hassan (ogogo), Adebayo Salami (Oga Bello), Lere Paimo, and different virtuoso Yoruba performers in Nollywood, he entered the expert scene in 2005. Be that as it may, he began expanding prominence just in 2007. He got preparing and extra inspiration from late Isola Durojaye (Alasari), who put stock in his potential and helped him in drawing out the best in him.
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Odunlade Adekola Movies: He has acted in nearly 70 Yoruba films. He conceded that the movie Asiri gomina wa, in which he assumed the part of a state representative, was the most arduous task of his vocation, as reactions and questions flew about finished his capacity to imagine the part adequately. As indicated by him, he trusts that this part opened up the entryway of numerous more noteworthy open doors for him.
Odunlade Adekola’s family and private life: One of the most made inquiries about him, made by ladies is the question ” Is Odunlade Adekola married ?” Well, for your data, the tall, good looking performer is legitimately married to Ruth with three children. The spouse of Nigerian on-screen character Odunlade, Mrs. Ruth Adekola, brought forth her third child on Saturday, April thirteenth, 2013 in Abeokuta, Ogun State.
Aside from being a performer, Kola, as he is notably known by fans, is an award winning moive artist and additionally a Glo ambassador.
{{In a meeting allowed by Taiwo Aromokun, a Yoruba Nollywood on-screen character and Odunlade’s learner conceded that there existed a connection amongst her and the on-screen character. Be that as it may, the team needed to go separate ways as he was not willing to take a moment spouse, and apparently, she needed to go ahead with her life. The separation, in any case, the couple is still on good terms. }}
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List of Latest Movies

  • Alani pamolekun (2015)
  • Asiri Gomina Wa (2003)
  • Mufu Olosa Oko (2013)
  • Kabi O Osi (2014)
  • Oyenusi (2014)
  • Sunday Dagboru (2010)
  • Monday omo adugbo(2010)
  • Emi Nire Kan (2009)
  • Eje Tutu (2015)
  • Ma ko fun e (2014)
  • Gbolahan (2015)
  • Oju Eni Mala (2015)
  • Kurukuru (2015)
  • Olosha (2015)
  • Omo Colonel (2015)
  • Aroba(2015)
  • Oro (2015)
  • Baleku (2015)
  • Babatunde Ishola Folorunsho(2015)
  • Adebayo Aremu Abere’ (2015)
  • Adajo Agba (2015)
  • Oyun Esin(2015)
  • Taxi Driver: Oko Ashewo (2015)
  • Samu Alajo(2016)
  • Sunday gboku gboku (2016)
  • Abi eri re fo ni (2016)
  • “Igbesemi” (2016)
  • “Lawonloju” (2016)
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