Prince Arthur Eze Net Worth 2020, Private Jet And Biography

Prince Arthur Eze net worth 2020, private jet and biography. Prince Arthur Eze is a well known billionaire and one of Nigeria’s business tycoons emanating from the South East. He is the originator and manager of a reputable company known as Atlas Petroleum International Limited. Apart from his huge assets found in Nigeria, he owns numerous assets in several other West African countries such as Guinea, Liberia and the Gambia.


  • Net Worth : $5.8 Billion
  • Industry: Oil and Gas
  • Age / Date Of Birth: 62 /
  • Country: Nigeria

Prince Arthur is not only reputed for his wealth, but also his royal lineage as the younger brother of Ukpo’s traditional ruler (Ukpo is one of the famous communities in Anambra State).


Prince Arthur Eze Biography

Prince Arthur Eze Biography

  • Education, Family Background and Early Life

Prince Arthur Eze hails from Ukpo –a community in Dunukofia (an LGA in Anambra State) where he was born into a royal family.

In course of his secondary education, Prince Arthur Eze was schooled at St. Augustine Secondary School –a school based in Nkwere. At the end of his secondary education, Prince Arthur Eze had the privilege to steer his education forwards and this took him to California State University from where he graduated as a student of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering.

  • Philanthropic works

For many years, many South Easterners have regarded Prince Arthur Eze as Ozoigbondu –an attribute that translates into “He who provides the Igbo’s with salvation’’. Meanwhile, he is attributed to this name in appreciation of his notable contributions as a philanthropist.

A few years back, precisely in 2013, Prince Arthur Eze contributed to the welfare of Bayelsa populace through the $12 million he donated for the establishment of an Anglican church. Over and above his philanthropic works, quite a few people gave Prince Arthur Eze the nickname “The Godfather’’. This name is obviously attributable to his immense monetary contributions towards political causes and with respect to this, many people believe he is of great political influence.

To further emphasize Prince Arthur Eze’s philanthropic contributions in Nigeria at large, he once gave out a sum worth $6.3 million as a donation. This donation, which came in 2012, was aimed at alleviating the incidence of flood in Nigeria.

In addition to his honourable nicknames, Prince Arthur Eze is popularly dubbed “Eze NA Ukpo’’ by the natives of his hometown –Ukpo, in Anambra State.

Lots of Young Nigerians, particularly in Anambra State, have reaped great benefits from a scholarship programme initiated by Prince Arthur Eze. As God would have it, this marks one of his philanthropic efforts in addition to the opportunities he has created for over 1000 persons who currently work under him.

  • Personal Life

Prince Arthur Eze is largely considered an easy-going personality who has earned much affection from the Nigerian populace –especially across the South East. Other than being a philanthropist, many Nigerians highly regard him for his humble nature.

As of now and as a married man, he is the father of five children of whom two are girls while the other three are boys.

Prince Arthur Eze Net Worth houses cars

His House

  • Prince Arthur Eze Net Worth 2020 & Assets

Have you ever wondered How much is Prince Arthur Eze worth ?. Over the years, he has been favoured with his thriving business engagement that continually yields profit, particularly how he generated a sum worth $200 Million from his Liberia-based oil blocks in 2010.

With his current net worth estimated in excess of $5.8 billion, Prince Arthur Eze’s immense wealth has placed him among Africa’s richest personalities. In this regard, he claims the eighth spot on the list of Africa’s Top 10 Richest People.

In accordance with reliable reports, the largest portion of Prince Arthur Eze’s huge wealth comes from his company which is considered as Africa’s oil firm with the largest oil exploration blocks.

On a continual basis, his oil blocks produce enormous volumes of crude oil (with two oil blocks estimated as capable of yielding a total of 100,000 oil barrels daily).

Prince Arthur Eze Private Jet Falcon 7x

Falcon 7x

Like many other rich men who fancy expensive assets, Prince Arthur Eze is declared the owner of a Falcon airplane which he acquired in 2015. Other than that, the reputable business tycoon owns an expensive Bombardier jet estimated in excess of $25 million. Likewise, he adds opulence to his garage which occupies about 5 various models of Rolls Royce.

  • Prince Arthur Eze Private Jet

The rich Prince owns a cool private jet, a falcon

Prince Arthur Eze Private Jet Biography interior of a falcon

Interior of Falcon 7x

  • Favourite Musicians

Prince Arthur Eze enlivens his humble personality as an ardent lover of a number of reputable musicians who are Igbo indigenes. With regard to this, he has had some intimate interaction with Flavour N’Abania –a popular Nigerian Hip-Hop star. And among the other Igbo musicians are Emeka Morocco and late Oliver De Coque who paid tributes to him in a number of the songs they released.

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  1. A Good , lovely, kindhearted and peaceful man that is what prince Arthur Eze is . the way u help the poor and the rich man, mad man . u are a Good man in did .my prayer for u is that God should give u long life and Good health, at last for all the thing u have don for both the poor and the rich people . my God will continue to blessing you sir . my name is Abeze George olisa . am from ifitedunu behind central school in dunukofia local govt area , in anambra state. My phone number is — mail attached

  2. when I was a little boy, I use to hear Arthur 1000, Arthur 1000, Arthur 1000 and I say to myself I’ll like to be like dis man (Arthur 1000) I started shearing my things with people. I became a teenager started hearing Eze na Ukpo, Eze na Ukpo now is Prince Arthur Eze Ozoigbondu pls is dis Trinity One god!!! if it’s can I get to meet dis my ldeal (Arthur Eze) when and where and how

  3. God bless you moro sir

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