Prince Mazibuko Net Worth – Prince NRB Mazibuko, born 30th of June, 1992 in Nseleni township in the northern coast of KwaZulu-Natal South Africa. He had it rough from his earlier age, he was raised by his grandmother. He changed from one school to another but the last high school he attended was Tholokhule high and shortly his matriculation, his grandmother passed away when he was 10. He had to stay with his unemployed uncle, he only barely survived through high school and started selling sweets and snacks to feed himself at the very least.

Prince Mazibuko Net Worth 2020 And Biography

Like every successful human being, there will be some favours all around and he had it in the form of some of his teachers who are aware of his condition at the time pleaded with the school principal to allow him to further his education for free as he couldn’t afford the *R280 school fee.

He has not been able to continue his formal education but the lack of tertiary education cannot stop a man that has a success DNA. He once said “People may think that it was an easy road for me to be where I am. My grandmother who raised me passed away when I was doing grade 10, and from there I had to sell sweets and snacks at school in order not to go to bed on an empty stomach”.

Prince Mazibuko Net Worth And Biography


No matter how poor a man his financially he would always have something he is rich in. Prince has some of those and they include friends, intelligence, and determination. One of his friends that his well to do taught him how to trade on the stock market. He had no money to begin trading with, he had to pour in all his life savings he earned from the selling of petty stuff such as sweets and snacks (who does that?). Fortune did smile on him and he wouldn’t know what poverty felt like anymore. This is what he had to say about that in one his interviews “Guess what? From our first trade, we managed to make close to R5000 in just about an hour. I was gifted when it comes to computers so my friend allowed me to trade on his behalf and from there I have never looked back.”


They make forex feels like a child’s play, they make making millions even very easy and easier also is how they seem to always do it at the age 23 (seems like a magic number in South Africa) or below in the case of Prince NRB Mazibuko. Sandile Shezi did (sometimes it feels as if they are legends of the past) and he is still doing it and so is the I am tempted to say “legendary” Prince Mazibuko. The interesting thing about their lives as a forex trader is how they seem to defy all odds to achieve the almost unthinkable just like it would be impossible to think falling from a 14 story-building wouldn’t result in the death of the jumper. That is exactly what forex traders such as Mazibuko did. They knew they were playing with something hotter than fire but they still did it anyway and history will forever greatly appreciate them for it. They have given youths across the country and all over the world a sense that nothing is impossible with the right commitment, strength, interest, amount of calculated risk etc. All of the above wouldn’t make any sense except some perspective is created in the environment of what forex is.


The above question is the one people involved in forex get asked by outsiders and on first thought, it seems a very legit question but if forex trading is not illegal in your country there is no reason to make it illegal in your mind.

They say that politics is a dangerous game, those people must have a little knowledge of what forex is and how it works because there is no danger greater than that of forex or to agree for sake of argument, it is safe to say politics is dangerous, forex is more dangerous.

Forex is short for foreign exchange which is a decentralized platform where currencies of different countries are traded. The market determines the foreign exchange rate. It involves buying, selling and currencies exchange at a current or determined price. Lots of activities take place but where the element of greater risk comes in is when a huge amount of money is traded and forex little or no supervisory entity to regulates its activity. This security issues and many more makes people introduced to forex very skeptical about it.


With the money he realized from stock market trading, he started a company in 2011 called Dumasha investment and became the first young successful businessman at just 19. As if that was not enough he opened another company he called the born rich group which is based in the upmarket suburb of Umhlanga Rocks in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) that focuses on different sectors just as logistics, supply chain industry, events and sound and many more. He has been driven this far because of his poor background so he believes in helping the less privileged youth who he finances different aspects of their lives from some of the proceeds from his Born Rich Group. He has sent some youth through tertiary education while he is yet to do so himself.


He has really made enough money in life but he has been very humbled by it and he said that’s thank to his grandmother who taught him to be God fearing. He turned to Jesus as his lord and personal savior and he hasn’t forgotten any of the old woman’s teachings. He is considered one of the youngest millionaire in the whole of South Africa. The Born Rich Group makes the young man a whole lot of money together with what he earns from forex. A figure for his net worth cannot be obtained due to the numerous businesses in different sectors he is involved in.


Life is always not a bed of roses. Although he has been very rich since his first forex trade wealth comes with its own set of problems. He has been accused of fraud which even made police in South Africa place a bounty of $10000 as a reward for anyone who has news of his whereabouts but no news can confirm he was jailed and as the common cliché goes in law. Nobody is guilty until proven.

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