Reginald Mengi Net Worth And Biography

Reginald Mengi Net Worth And Biography. Reginald Mengi had little beginnings, during his childhood with untold sorrows, sufferings, and lack, but he didn’t give up, even without shoes and sometimes no meal, he still had a dream and did not hesitate to make it big in life.

  • Date of birth: – Dead
  • Country Of Origin: Tanzania
  • Wealth Source: Minning, Media, Self Made Businessman
  • Worth: $560 Million


How Much Worth


  • Early life / Background

Born in Northern Tanzania was Reginald Mengi a self-made industrialist and media mogul. Reginald was born into a poor family, his family shared their mud hut with cows, sheep, chicken, goats, and insects, he walked to school on barefoot and most times ate once in a day. Despite all this Dr. Reginald Mengi left his home, all in search for a brighter future and good education, he managed to study accountancy and articles with Cooper Brothers in the UK, where he was then accepted as a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales after he completed his study. Reginald returned to Tanzania in 1971 and was employed by the accounting firm of Coopers & Lybrand Tanzania (now Price Water House Coopers) where he worked until September 1989 when he became its Chairman and Managing Partner.

In October 1989 Dr. Reginald Mengi left Coopers & Lybrand Tanzania and started his own businesses. Today his company IPP Limited and its associates’ companies rank amongst the largest private companies in Tanzania.

IPP Limited and its associated companies are engaged in a variety of spinning businesses like print media, electronic media (ITV- Independent Television Limited runs the largest coverage private television and radio stations); manufacturing (Bonite Bottlers Limited produces Coca-Cola drinks under license and the Kilimanjaro drinking water which is the most widely sold bottled water in Tanzania, mining, publisher of The Guardian Limited which publishes The Guardian and Nipashe newspapers which are amongst the largest selling in Tanzania.


Dr. Reginald has done a lot for Tanzanian’s, even with his wealth and everything, he did not forget his people and where he came from, he has been of so much help to his country, through charity and also
setting up other things for his country. He brought a poverty eradication and economic empowerment scheme for youths and women through various programmes which include Village Community Banks and Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies. He has stood up for the children with disabilities and the physically challenged, he also played a significant role in creating an awareness for the albinos, which have been condemned in the country and the government has taken quick steps to help solve the case, he also hosts annual luncheons for people with disabilities; an event he has been sponsoring for more than eighteen years and which is attended by over five thousand people, over the last three decades Dr. Reginald has made efforts to set up scholarships to encourage academic excellence and to assist bright students who are unable to pursue further studies due to lack of funds and other things. He also funds schools which target disadvantaged sections of the community.

As a United Nations WFP “End Hunger” Ambassador in Tanzania Dr. Reginald has also successfully supported a national scheme to provide free meals to school children, this has helped in enhancing school enrolment and attendance. he has also partly contributed in helping a boarding school, which was about to subject the girls to early motherhood and also school dropout, due to lack of funds and other things to help carry out maintenance in the school, Dr. Reginald has also contributed to the health sector like helping disabled children and also taking some to India for other diseases. His net worth is $560 million which places him on number 34 of Africa’s 50 Richest. He has also received lots of awards for himself and recognition all over the world, we have so many entrepreneurs but a man like this is so rare, lots of achievements and everything which is so numerous to mention.

  • Dr. Reginald Mengi Net Worth: $560 Million

Dr. Reginald has made it over time, it is difficult to say that he is not a successful man, a man with a good heart, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a great leader. Tanzanian is blessed with a man like this, his success story can be read on the Forbes magazine also with lots of achievements, this should be a lesson to us all that no matter where you came from, you can also make it in life. Writing this makes me
feel inspired more. Readers, what is your take on it?



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