Top 20 Richest Football Clubs In The World 2018

Manchester United is now currently the richest football club in the world after much struggle with Real Madrid and Barcelona. Forbes through research picks some of the best-performing football clubs around the world and rank them based on their worth. Real Madrid and Barcelona have been topping the list but recently Manchester United have overtaken this lead from the duo and is now regarded as the richest football club in the world 2018.  

The list of the top 20 richest clubs in the world cuts across the Spanish, English and Italian teams and as such you should expect teams from each of the leagues. You’ll find the yearly revenue of each of the clubs below the club’s name given in the British pound denomination as common with football. We have also given a brief storyline about each of the clubs so you might want to go through them and sharpen your football knowledge.

Richest Football Clubs In The World Top 20

Richest Football Clubs In The World Top 20

Finally, this list is not fixed, it can change at any time since earnings are not constant but depend on a lot of factors. We’ll like to hear your opinion about this list through the comment section.


  • 1. Manchester United

    • Revenue: £581.2 million

Following last season’s Europa League triumph, Man United emerged above Real Madrid as the world’s richest football club. With this, Man United has claimed the top spot for two consecutive seasons. The English giants enjoyed a revenue increase from £515.3 million to £581.2 million. Significantly, this massive boost is said to have stemmed from increased broadcasting contracts and the club’s sponsorship deals considered 12 in number. With this milestone, Man United is believed to have emerged the world’s richest football club for the tenth time since the records kicked off.

  • 2. Real Madrid

    • Revenue: £579.7 million

From the last campaign, Real Madrid clinched an interesting revenue increase which now places the team around £579.7 million in revenue. This is more than a £20 million increase ahead of its closest Spanish rivals –Barcelona. Currently, Real Madrid is quite shaky for trailing behind first-place Barcelona with 18 points but the Los Blancos side still maintains a great reputation in the Money League. Worthy of mention is that Real Madrid is the first and only team to have claimed the back-to-back success of the modern UEFA Champions League title.

  • 3. FC Barcelona

    • Revenue: £557.1 million

Despite the fact that Barcelona amassed a turnover boost in the previous season, the team has yet dropped from the second spot to the third spot of the Money League. Based on the ranking criteria adopted herein to find out the world’s richest football clubs, transfer earnings are not considered in comparing the revenues of football clubs. Therefore, Neymar’s massive move to PSG for the world record fee of £200 million is not included in Barcelona’s current revenue of £557.1 million.

  • 4. Bayern Munich

    • Revenue: £505.1 million

In terms of commercial revenue, Bayern Munich is considered the world’s highest-earning football club according to Deloitte. At the end of the previous season, Bayern Munich’s massive commercial revenue struck £295.1 million, contributing significantly to the team’s overall revenue of £505.1 million. Over the years, Bayern Munich has stood its ground as the best German Bundesliga side to reckon with. Its massive achievements include a prestigious status as the defending champions of the German Bundesliga.

  • 5. Manchester City

    • Revenue: £453.5 million

Based on our rankings herein, Man City happens to be the second richest EPL club after Man United. Though the club is still growing in influence, it has managed to be one of the biggest spending EPL sides in recent times. Due to its significant increase in commercial revenue and broadcasting contracts, Man City has now appeared amongst the top 5 richest football clubs in the world for the second consecutive season. At the end of the previous season, the team struck the overall revenue of £453.5 million, making it the fifth richest football club in the world.

  • 6. Arsenal

    • Revenue: £419 million

For years, Arsenal has constantly featured on any list of the world’s richest football clubs. Its most recent overall revenue struck the club record of £419 million, giving it a remarkable presence on this list. Arsenal has been crippled by inconsistencies in recent times but the team is still acclaimed for its impressive record of 3 FA Cup triumphs within the short spell of 4 seasons. However, Arsenal is doubtful for next season’s UEFA Champions League qualification and this might result in a shocking downfall in its total revenue.

  • 7. Paris Saint Germain

    • Related: £417.8 million

Paris Saint Germain is the biggest-spending side in the French league. Although it lost the French league title to its closest rivals Monaco in the previous season, PSG has succeeded tremendously in boosting its total revenue which now stands at £417.8 million. The arrival of key footballers in the names of Neymar and Kylian Mbappe has signified PSG’s strong intention to re-dominate the French Ligue and probably claim the UEFA Champions League.

  • 8. Chelsea

    • Related: £367.8 million

Chelsea’s overall revenue at the end of the 2016-17 season struck the total of £367.8 million and this is said to have stemmed from the club’s successful adventure which yielded its fifth EPL title since establishment in 1905. Last season, Chelsea clinched the commercial revenue of £139.8 million and reports claimed that this came under the influence of a sponsorship contract with Carabao –a drink-producing company.

  • 9. Liverpool

    • Related: £364.5 million

Liverpool’s overall revenue at the end of last season stood at £364.5 million majorly under the influence of improved broadcasting revenue resulting from a new TV contract the team signed. Besides, the club’s series of brilliant performances on the pitch has boosted matchday income and commercial revenue at large. With the club’s current level of performance and constant appearance in the UEFA Champions League, Liverpool should emerge in a better position amongst the world’s richest football clubs in future.

  • 10. Juventus

    • Revenue: £384.6 million

Juventus has been performing remarkably over the years especially for having claimed the Serie A title for the sixth consecutive season. Besides domestic success, Juventus has competed brilliantly in Europe by appearing twice in the final of the UEFA Champions League within the spell of three seasons. Despite its string of domestic triumphs, Juventus lags behind a number of EPL teams and reports have claimed that the Italian side may decline in revenue due to relatively low broadcasting contracts in Italy. Meanwhile, Juventus’ overall revenue at the end of 2016-17 season stood at £384.6 million making Juve the top 10 richest football clubs in the world 2018.

  • 11. Tottenham Hotspur

In recent times, Tottenham’s remarkable form has preserved the team’s ambition to become a regular feature in the UEFA Champions League. In the previous season, the team claimed the second position in the EPL, finishing above top English sides like Man United, Man City, and Arsenal. Broadcasting income contributed £77.8 million to Tottenham’s overall revenue of £305.6 million at the end of the previous season.

  • 12. Borussia Dortmund

    • Revenue: £305.6 million

Borussia Dortmund is the second richest German club after Bayern Munich. Under the influence of sponsorship contracts with Eurowings and Coca-Cola, Borussia Dortmund sealed a £43 million increase in revenue. One more important reason behind this revenue increase is Dortmund’s re-appearance in the UEFA Champions League. Based on reports, the recent broadcasting plans afoot in Germany have been predicted to boost the broadcasting revenue of the German club. At the end of the previous season, Borussia Dortmund clinched the overall revenue of £285.8 million.

  • 13. Atletico Madrid

    • Revenue: £234.2 million

Atletico Madrid is now one of the three most vibrant Spanish football clubs to reckon with –the two others being Barcelona and Real Madrid. Significantly, the team struck the club record of £234.2 million as total revenue for the previous season 2016-17. Meanwhile, this milestone is said to have stemmed from TV revenue and improved commercial contracts making them number thirteenth on the list of the richest football clubs in the world 2018.

  • 14. Leicester City

    • Revenue: £233 million

In the previous season, Leicester City rose to great prominence after claiming the twentieth spot amongst the world’s richest clubs. Due to its memorable EPL triumph of 2015-16, Leicester City secured a place in the UEFA Champions League and this generated substantial TV revenue for the EPL side. Meanwhile, Leicester City’s most recent total revenue is estimated at £233 million, making it the 14th richest football club in the world. Also, it has been predicted that the club could continue featuring among the world’s richest football clubs if it maintained the EPL’s “Top 10’’ spot on a constant basis.

  • 15. Inter Milan

    • Revenue: £225.2 million

Inter Milan’s most recent total revenue is estimated around £225.2 million. Having boosted its commercial revenue to £111.8 million, Inter Milan succeeded in maintaining a presence among the top 20 richest football clubs in the world. With the specified revenue boost, it is said that Suning Commerce Group –the owners of the Italian club Inter Milan –has improved against the year before with a %137 increase in revenue.

  • 16. Schalke 04

    • Revenue: £197.8 million

Schalke 04 is the third richest German side behind the duo of Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. Meanwhile, about three-quarter of the team’s total revenue is attributed to improved commercial income and broadcast contracts. Based on the most recent statistics as recorded for the season before, Schalke 04 struck the total revenue of £197.8 million but due to its current failure to perform in the UEFA Champions League, Schalke 04 might drop from this position in the nearest future.

  • 17. West Ham United

    • Revenue: £183.3 million

West Ham United has experienced a boost in its revenue. Considered a portion of West Ham’s total revenue, matchday revenue has hiked significantly due to the club’s relocation to the London Stadium. Currently estimated with the overall revenue of £183.3 million, it is said that West Ham earns majorly through broadcasting plans.

  • 18. Southampton FC

    • Revenue: £182.3 million

With the current total revenue of £182.3 million, Southampton has recorded its first presence in the Money League featuring the top 20 richest football clubs in the world. Contributing around £143 million to Southampton’s overall turnover, improved broadcasting returns have been considered the major reason for Southampton’s emergence into the Money League.

  • 19. Napoli

    • Revenue: £172.5 million

Napoli is currently in a determined position to win this year’s Serie A title amidst fierce competition with Juventus and Roma. Meanwhile, the club’s remarkable campaign in the previous season earned it a place in the UEFA Champions League. Significantly, this has boomed Napoli’s overall revenue which is currently estimated at £172.5 million.

  • Everton FC

    • Revenue: £171.2 million

In the previous year, Everton FC of England clinched substantial broadcasting returns which accounted for £130.5 million of the club’s overall revenue. As we speak, Everton’s total revenue stands at £171.2 million and it is said that the club’s sponsorship contract with USM Holdings over a large training ground has contributed immensely to its improved commercial revenue. Rounding off this review of the world’s richest football clubs, Everton comfortably sits in the twentieth position.

The above are the top 20 richest football clubs in the world. We’ll like to hear your opinion about this list through the comment section and don’t forget to share this with friends using the social media buttons below.


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