In Africa, music is one of the inspiring spirits which drive people into joy and intense ecstasy. In view of this, charismatic musicians are usually regarded with due honour and for shrugging off our boredom through their artistic talents.

Meanwhile, this topic has drawn our attention to the question:

  • Who Is The Richest Musician in Africa

As a notable point, this article comprises the names of Africa’s richest musicians in accordance with Forbes latest rankings.

Top 20 Richest Musicians In Africa And Their Net Worth 2020

  • 1. #Akon

Born Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam; Akon is one of the long-standing musicians who has carved out the greatest paths within and beyond the African continent. He has garnered over 35 million sales from his high-selling albums and this signifies how music has transformed him into one of the hottest musicians Africa currently boasts of.

Over and above the huge sales and returns Akon makes, he has been endowed with a multitude of awards together with 45 Billboard Hot 100 songs. Likewise, the largest portion of his wealth comes from his massive album sales and his mouthwatering endorsement deals.

With the current net worth of $80 million, Akon claims an unrivaled spot as Africa’s richest musician and to further beautify his music gallery, the legendary musician has had his name contained in notable nominations. Amongst his noteworthy nominations is the Grammy Awards for which he has been nominated a number of 5 times.

Top 20 Richest Musicians In Africa 2017 and Their Net Worth

The Richest Musicians in Africa and Country Of Origin

  • 2. Black Coffee

#BlackCoffee: Born Nkosinathi Maphumulo, Black Coffee happens to be the legendary musician currently ranked as South Africa’s richest artiste. Having lived and grown up in the Eastern Cape, Black Coffee eventually found his way back to KwaZulu-Natal –the South African region where his birth came about. Meanwhile, his return to KwaZulu-Natal meant he was passionate about studying music as a full-time course.

Black Coffee is never a new personality in Africa’s music industry and over the years, music has remained the driving force behind his massive wealth and success.  As his net worth currently swirls around $60 million, Black Coffee claims two great spots as South Africa’s richest musician as well as the second richest musician in Africa.

  • 3. Hugh Masekela

#HughMasekela: Born in the South African region of Witbank, Hugh Masekela makes spectacular waves with his musical splendor and significantly, he is regarded as one of Africa’s richest musicians. Masekela happens to be South Africa’s second richest musician and through his continuous release of songs, his name remains a perfect feature in South Africa’s music industry.

Having spruced up his music gallery with a total of 43 albums, Hugh Masekela once doubled up his musical presence by collaborating with dignified artistes such as Stevie Wonder, The Byrds, Miriam Makeba, Dizzy Gillespie, Fela Kuti and Paul Simon.

  • 3. Don Jazzy

#DonJazzy: With his birth name believed to be Michael Collins Ajereh, Don Jazzy is one of the reputable Africans who dominate the music scene as producer and singer. At the moment, his remarkable momentum on the music scene distinguishes him as Nigeria’s richest musician. Like other dignified personalities in the music industry, Don Jazzy has done music with a number of artists both locally and internationally.

In view of his unbending passion towards music, Don Jazzy realized his potential as a futuristic musician at a young age. Regarding this, he left Nigeria –his fatherland –for the U.K where he steered his music career forwards. As God would have it, Don Jazzy is currently Africa’s fourth richest musician with the net worth of $35 million.

  • 4. Tinashe

#Tinashe is a significant character who happens to be one of the charismatic female musicians in Africa. Taking a flashback at her childhood, young Tinashe had a courageous taste for singing and impressively, this could be attributed to her beautiful voice.

Through a movie released in 2000 and titled Cora Unashamed, Tinashe recorded her debut performance and since this remarkable start, the impressive singer has remained a constant and high-flying artiste.

With regard to her soothing voice which featured in a cartoon movie titled The Polar Express, Tinashe remains one of the female singers who has earned much adoration from the music audience.

  • 5. Jidenna

#Jidenna: With his birth name believed to be Jidenna Theodore Mobisson, Jidenna is a remarkable singer of Nigerian descent. Although many Nigerians do not recognize him, Jidenna’s musical proficiency has earned him great attention from the U.S audience. Significantly, he has made the United States the mainstay of his fortune as a musician and this means he is one of the impressive Nigerian musicians who has built musical reputations outside the country.

During his childhood, Jidenna had a strong inclination about emerging successful through music but unfortunately, he was afraid of revealing this to his father because the man wanted him to venture into engineering as a life-long career.

  • 6. Wizkid

#Wizkid: When African hip-hop is the subject matter, many enthusiastic lovers of music would definitely mention Wizkid’s name. Attributed to the birth name Ayodeji Balogun Ibrahim, Wizkid is a Nigerian musician who emerged to great prominence several years back –apparently in 2011. Since he became a celebrity on the music scene, Wizkid has maintained his vibrant presence under the umbrella of top Nigerian brands including Pepsi and MTN Nigeria. Other than that, the young artiste earns big through the expensive musical shows he performs and the sales of recorded songs.

Wizkid is the founder and owner of Starboy Entertainment –one of Nigeria’s biggest record labels –and this marks his vigorous presence in Nigeria’s music industry. Apart from the fact that Wizkid has claimed a lot of musical awards, the young pop star has been nominated for notable musical awards. Based on current estimates, Wizkid’s net worth swirls around $20 million.

  • 7. Davido

#Davido: Undeniably, Davido is another young artiste who currently rocks the music atmosphere with constant releases. Attributed to the birth name Adedeji Adeleke, Davido is a Nigerian who rose into great musical eminence in 2011 after his hit song –Dami Duro.

Although one of the sons of Mr. Adeleke –a wealthy Nigerian business mogul –Davido claims to have made his wealth through music and as God would have, he progressively makes waves through music. Meanwhile, his name has been endowed with many musical awards within and outside Nigeria. Currently, he claims a beautiful spot among Africa’s richest musicians as he is worth $16 million.

  • 8. Sarkodie

#Sarkodie: Born Michael Owusu Addo, Sarkodie’s presence is undoubtedly one of the beautiful facets of modern Ghanaian music. Though there are other notable Ghanaian artistes, Sarkodie remains the cynosure of modern Ghanaian music.

Having attained an unrivaled feat within Ghana’s music industry, Sarkodie maintains a dignified status as a presidential youth ambassador. Going beyond his musical contributions, Sarkodie is regarded as one of the philanthropic Ghanaians who donate part of their wealth to numerous Ghanaian children living in extreme poverty. Under the auspices of his Sarkodie Foundation, many Ghanaian children have been saved from homelessness and poverty.

Besides music, Sarkodie amasses massive returns through his several business engagements among which is his popular Sark Clothing.

  • 9. Oliver Mtukudzi

#Oliver Mtukudzi: Currently ninth on our list of richest musicians in Africa, Ardent lovers of music from around the world have acclaimed Mtukudzi for his lovely songs. Meanwhile, the talented musician is regarded as one of the African musicians with the greatest achievements. To signify his unrivaled musical achievement, Oliver Mtukudzi has amazingly recorded a total of 65 albums in his music gallery. At the same time, his music is largely perceived as an irresistible urge that has evoked people’s desire to organize musical entertainments.

  • 10. P Square

#PSquare: With the pair of Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye making up P Square, P Square is not just a name but a magnificent combination of two brotherly musicians. Fortunately, Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye have long remained vibrant and successful Nigerian singers. At the moment, the P Square brothers constantly maintain their reputable stances as part of the richest Nigerian musicians.

As a notable mention, P Square is a mixture of twin brothers whose music albums have struck the international market and triggered foreigners to pay attention to Nigerian music. With Square Records regarded as the record label collectively owned by the two brothers, P Square –a group of twin brothers –acquires the enormous part of its wealth through fast-selling songs, mouthwatering musical shows, and several whopping endorsement deals. At the moment, P Square reportedly charges a massive sum worth $150,000 for each musical show.

  • 11. D Banj

With the full name Daniel Oladapo Oyebanjo, D Banj is not only one of Nigeria’s richest musicians but also one of the country’s adorable artistes. Progressively, D Banj’s name appears amongst Africa’s richest artists and since he swirled into eminence as a remarkable musician –apparently through his hit song “Why Me?’’ –the superstar has continued making great waves.

Through music, D Banj is believed to have carved a great path for himself and this has obviously associated him with multi-million local and international endorsement deals. Like several other top musicians in Nigeria, D Banj remains a constant singer and songwriter with Kanye West’s Good Music the title of his record label.

Significantly, D Banj’s musical splendor has attributed him to an impressive record of over 4 million sales generated from his fast-selling albums.

  • 12. 2Face Idibia

#2FaceIdibia: Going by the birth name Innocent Ujah Idibia, 2Face is one of Nigeria’s long-existing pop stars. With the release of “African Queen’’, a remarkable song which earned him great recognition across and outside Africa, 2Face became a musical talent to be watched out for. And since “African Queen’’ drew him into massive popularity, 2Face has constantly featured amongst the richest musicians in Nigeria.

Under the record label Hypertek Digital, 2Face magnifies his musical reputation as the CEO of Hypertek and besides this, he doubles up his wealth through the high sales generated from musical records.

Just like other notable artists, 2Face earns big through his significant musical performances which yield him around $50-80,000 on each show. Besides music, 2Face Idibia widens his wealth base under the influence of several business engagements, especially in real estate.

  • 13. Youssou N’Dour

Youssou N’Dour is of Senegalese descent and considered one of the best musicians Senegal has ever churned out. Beyond the sphere of music, Youssou N’Dour magnifies his reputation as a vigorous businessman and a political personage.

As an ardent lover of mbalax –one of the popular music genres in Senegal –Youssou N’Dour’s music has been welcomed with intense fervour by the Senegalese audience. In addition to his prominence on the business scene, Youssou N’Dour boosts his wealth with a shareholding in the investment sector –pertaining to real estate. Also, he is blessed with a number of significant assets such as his media authority considered one of the greatest in Senegal.

  • 14. Koffi Olomide

#KoffiOlomide: Here is one of the legendary artists who add significance to Congolese music industry. Koffi Olomide is obviously a versatile artist whose proficiency covers singing, music production, dancing, and songwriting.

As he vigorously adds to the beauty of Congolese music, Koffi Olomide has smartened his music gallery with a total of 7 albums. In this manner, the Congolese superstar strove to establish the Quarter Latin International orchestra which now features notable musicians inclusive of Ferre Gola and Fally Ipupa.

Currently, Koffi Olomide is paid a total of 100,000 euros for each musical show he performs in and besides this, he is one of the reputable African superstars who has taken home the Best African Artiste of The Decade –an award section affiliated with the Kora Awards.

  • 15. Salif Keita

#SalifKeita is of Malian descent and obviously regarded as a prolific songwriter and singer who fancies pop and Afro music genre. Through his great release – Moffou –a lot of Malians have acclaimed Salif Keita and marked him as one of the country’s memorable singers.

As part of his notable nominations, Salif Keita once appeared on the list of Grammy Awards nominees.

  • 16. Fally Ipupa

#FallyIpupa is a native of Congo very famous for having given the renowned Lingala music a modern form. He is very conversant with proficient singing and songwriting and as a fortunate stance, he has amassed beautiful wealth through mega endorsements and constant musical shows.

  • 17. Banky W

#BankyW {number 17th on our list of top 20 richest musicians in Africa and country of origin} – When R&B is within discussion –particularly in Nigeria –Banky W’s name easily occupies the mind. Like several other notable Nigerian stars, Banky W is on the payrolls of endorsement deals organized by notable Nigerian brands among which are Etisalat Nigeria and Samsung Mobile.

  • 18. Jose Chameleon

Jose Chameleon is undoubtedly one of the remarkable artists stemming from East Africa. As a native of Uganda, Jose Chameleon maintains great popularity especially in view of his musical style that encompasses three languages –Luganda, Swahili, and English.

With the current net worth of Shs 2.5 billion, Jose Chameleon is largely associated with wealth and assets. Among his assets are high-end cars such as Cadillac Escalade and Mercedes Benz (ML 200).

That’s all in our ranking and answer to the question ” Who Is The Richest Musician In Africa and their Net Worth 2020″.



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