Top 10 Richest Rappers In South Africa 2019 and Net Worth

       The rap industry in South Africa arguably has the richest line of rappers on the African continent. Long gone are the days when rappers were debased by members of other music genres. In times past, rappers were considered trivial artistes with no messages to pass across to listeners. They had no mass appeal and little commercial value. { Top 10 richest rappers in South Africa 2019 }But today, it is a known fact that rappers constitute the richest set of entertainers worldwide. The rap game on the African continent has evolved and grown tremendously due to the infusion of vernacular into their lyrics by rappers. This has expanded their local fan base as people can easily understand and relate to messages being passed across by rappers. The main sources of income for rappers like other entertainers are album sales, endorsements, and shows. Some of them however also run other businesses to add to their income from music. This article beams its searchlight on the richest rappers in South Africa. Their names and net worth are revealed below.

Top 10 Richest Rappers In South Africa 2019


    • Net Worth: R56 Million
Richest South African Rappers Net Worth Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord

With a net worth of R56 million, Die Antwoord tops the list of richest South African rappers. The rap duo rose to prominence in 2009 and they haven’t looked back ever since. These talented artists keep dropping hit after hit, Die Antwoord took a wise use of their charming rap punchline to gain recognition which is impressive especially from the European. They earn about R8 million yearly and they are the richest rap act in South Africa. With numerous global tours, it is strongly believed that the net worth of this highly talented rap duo will continue to soar over the years as they continue to thrill audiences all over the world.

  • 2. AKA

    • Net Worth: R4.8 Million
Richest Rappers In South Africa AKA

AKA – Richest Rappers In South Africa

AKA is another prominent rap act on the South African rap scene. He rose to stardom after choosing to bear the stage name AKA. This move has proven to be highly profitable since he made a name change. His music fortune came after he released his debut album titled Alter Ego. A highly talented rapper, AKA continues to generate waves in his home country as well as in other African countries. He is a real heavyweight on the African rap stage. At the moment he is worth R4.8 million but the future still is bright for the young and brilliant rapper and he is poised to continue to grow his brand. He also has numerous endorsements generating income for him. One of his well-known deals is with popular South African urban clothing brand Head Honcho. Head Honcho has a clothing line X AKA named after the rapper. He also recently entered a partnership with Reebok on their classics line. He signed a multimillion deal with Cruz Vodka as the face of the brand recently.

    • Net Worth: R3.2 Million
Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest

Cassper is an interesting act to discuss owing to his rapid growth since he emerged in the music industry. He has made his mark within a short time and has already cemented his place in South Africa’s rap history. The South African rap industry is highly competitive which is why the feats achieved by this young man are highly remarkable. In December 2017, cassper became the first hip-hop act to hold a sold-out concert at the 75 thousand capacity FNB stadium in South Africa. He signed a very good endorsement with telecoms giant MTN and this made him the rapper with the biggest endorsement in South Africa. He has succeeded in taking his music to the global scene despite his continued dominance on the local stage. His net worth is estimated to be around R3.2 million currently with the bulk of his money coming from endorsements.

    • Net Worth: R2.5 Million
Richest South African Rappers Net Worth Khuli Chana

Khuli ChanaRichest South African Rappers Net Worth

For more than a decade, the 35-year-old rapper has been maintaining a presence on the rap stage. He is quite popular within the continent as one of the legends of the rap game. He is a businessman and this brings in extra cash for him. He is reported to have parted with a huge sum of money following his brush with security agents in his country recently. He also has numerous endorsements bringing in money for him. He partnered with KFC for a TV commercial and also recently, he announced a partnership with Aston Martin. Annually, he hosts Maftown heights event together with DreamTeam SA and is supported by a host of brands. He is estimated to have a net worth of R2.5 million.

  • 5. KO
    • Net Worth: R2 Million
K. O

K. O

KO is a South African rapper who rose to prominence with the group Teargas after releasing their critically acclaimed debut album K’shubile K’bovu in 2006, under Electro mode Music. He released his solo debut album in November 2014. He is the co-owner of a popular South African record label called cash time life. His record label is dominated by a number of star artists such as KiD X, Noomozie, and a few others. He is estimated to be worth about R2 million.

  • 6. J.R

    • Less Than R2 Million

      J.R is a fortunate rapper to reckon with. He emerged in the late 2000’s. He acquires his luxury from his outings and mega endorsement deals. His rap lyrics have given him a significant edge and made him one of the richest rappers in South Africa. He once bagged an award called the Tropical Island and this came with the lump sum of R1 million. He is also a businessman.

  • 7. HHP
    • Less Than R2 Million

Another hugely popular South African rap act is HHP. His fame has obviously earned him a fair amount of wealth and he also comes in at under R2 million. He is popularly dubbed the king of Maftown. In recent times, his fame has started to decline due to the emergence of younger rappers on the rap scene but it going to take a lot for any of the new acts to reach the levels attained by this great rapper. Despite his declining fame, he still remains one of the richest rappers in South Africa.

  • 8. DA LES

    • Less Than R2 Million

      Da les is another former recipient of the Tropical Island award and its associated prize money of R1 million. He found his way into the music industry in the mid-2000s. Since his emergence, he has continually made waves with constant tours and hit songs. He is an ambassador for Cîroc Vodka.


    • R1 Million

      Widely considered an outstanding rap star, Jack Parow is one of the richest rappers in South Africa. His wealth, however, doesn’t compare to the rappers earlier mentioned. He has taken his music abroad by touring Europe and has established a massive international audience.

    • R1 Million

       Tumi Molekane is a popular South African rapper who rose to fame in 2000s. He is part of an elite group of South African artists to have embarked on a global tour. Also, he owns a record label called Motif records. Some of the music acts signed to his label are Reason and Ricky Rick. Tumi makes his money from a number of sources but the bulk of his wealth comes from music.

        With super-rich top acts, as shown above, it is obvious that the South African rap industry is big and it surely has a claim to being the outright number one on the African continent.

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