Rotimi Akinosho Net Worth 2020 And Biography

Rotimi Akinosho Net Worth 2020 And Biography. Rotimi is an American-born Nigerian who engages in singing and acting. In view of his presence in the theatrical industry, he is also regarded as a model. His prominence as a model can be attributed to the role of Starz Network’s Boss at which he starred as Darius Morrison. Likewise, at the moment, Rotimi plays a role in Power –a TV series where he is starred as Andre Coleman. 

Rotimi Akinosho Net Worth 2020 And Biography

  • Full Name: Rotimi Akinosho
  • Date Of Birth: 30th November 1988
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 1.78 m / 5’10”
  • Rotimi Akinosho Net Worth: $1.9 Million
  • Birthplace: Maplewood, New Jersey, USA
  • Nationality: Nigerian-American
  • Record Label: G Units Records, Capitol Records
Rotimi Akinosho Net worth biography



  • Family, Early Life and Education

Born Olurotimi Akinosho; though Rotimi was born in New Jersey (in America), he emerged into a Nigerian family of mixed parentage. In this respect, he has an Igbo mother who serves as a public official and a Yoruba father working as an investment banker.

Rotimi was given an education at Columbia High School and during his years at this school, he stood out as a remarkable student in sports –precisely in the school basketball team –and the school choir.

Rotimi was favored with standard education and going by this privilege, he was enrolled at Northwestern University to further his academic course. At the end of his academic programme at the Northwestern University, Rotimi became a degree holder in Communications.

Rotimi Power

Power Series

  • Acting Career

Rotimi marked his debut attempt at acting by participating in an audition. Through this medium, he was staged for his debut acting role. This came when a TV series, known as Boss, featured him as Darrius Morrison who played the role of a drug dealer. Other than that, Rotimi starred in ABC’s Betrayal where he took part in three episodes.

Also, in a 2013 movie titled Black Nativity, Rotimi marked his first silver screen performance. In addition to this, Rotimi performed at the Sundance Film Festival (2014) where he featured in Imperial Dreams.

With his active roles in the theatrical industry, Rotimi soon came to limelight as an actor. Meanwhile, this prominence came about through his role in a flagrant 2014 movie titled Divergent.

Currently, Rotimi appears in the cast of regular actors for a TV series known as Power. On Power, a Starz’s TV Series, Rotimi is starred as Andre Coleman who is a young and choleric follower of Ghost –another character. 

Rotimi age height

Lotto Video with 50 cent

  • Music Career

In 2011, Rotimi hit the music arena with two releases –While You Wait and The Resume. American-born Rotimi used the launching of these digital mixtapes to boost his fame as one of the modern R&B artists. To indicate how eminence has favored Rotimi, his videos have swirled around and appeared on entertainment media within and outside the United States. Among the entertainment media platforms which have featured his videos include VH1 Soul, MTV Base, and MTV.

Rotimi has featured in musical collaborations. In a video titled Trust and Believe, Rotimi was featured by Keyshia Cole (another R&B artiste) as the disloyal boy lover of the latter.

As part of his stage performances, Rotimi played opening roles for the trio of Estelle, T.I and Jennifer Hudson. Other than that, he featured in 106 and Park –a music video show televised on BET.

On another show titled Boss, Rotimi composed “I’m the One’’ which he used as his musical arrangement during the first episode of the show.

Fortunately, in 2015, Rotimi was added to G-Unit Records –a record label owned by 50 Cent (one of America’s leading rappers). Rotimi came up with his debut single as a G-Unit artiste. He starred 50 Cent in the single and entitled it “Lotto’’.

Rotimi continued rocking the American music industry and in the subsequent year (2016), he had a music project composed of 5 tracks. From the project, he extracted a single with the title “Doin it’’.

For the year (2017), Rotimi has soared high in his music career and regarding this, he has come up with the volume 1 of his debut album and entitled it “Jeep”.

  • Rotimi Akinosho Net Worth: $1.9 Million

Rotimi Akinosho Net Worth bio

How Much is Rotimi Power Worth

Estimated to currently worth $1.9 Million. Rotimi makes his money from his acting performance, musical shows and collaborations

  • Films

Rotimi has starred in several films beginning from 2013 and even till the current year. For the year (2017), he has featured in more films than he did in previous years. Below are details of his roles in films (Among others):


Film Titles                                               Film Years                           Roles Played             

Black Nativity                                            2013                                     Officer Butch McDaniels

Divergent                                                    2014                                      Ezra

Darkest Before Dawn                            2015                                       Manny

Burning Sands                                          2017                                       Edwin

Acts of Violence                                        2017                                       Frank

Deuces                                                          2017                                       Face

Imperial Dreams                                      2017                                       Wayne

Rotimi Parents


  • TV Series

Rotimi has featured in several TV Series with the first being Cooper and Stone (2011). For the current year (2017), he stars in a TV Series titled Power and he happens to be among the regular actors. Apart from Power and Cooper and Stone, Rotimi has featured in TV Series including Betrayal (2013), Boss (2011-12), Bet Experience (2017) and Battle Creek (2015).  

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