Whoop!, it will a glamorous day and a day to remember in the lives of the duo Harry and Meghan who will be tieing the knot and in the same vein be observing age-long traditions of the United Kingdom as a prince set to engage a princess and to swear to oath in presence of God, friends, Queen and the entire families. Though not a new event or special day to the duo who are set to tie the knot, why? It was a dream come through for the two and also fulfilling their promise earlier ditch out to the general populace sometimes November 2017. The two are planning an event that will demonstrate the life and experiences they had over time, also a time to dine and celebrate with the public.


To be princess Meghan was born and bred in Los Angeles, California, her full name is Rachel Meghan Markle she was born in the year 1981 in the month of August. She was born by a father name Thomas Markle and her mother goes by the name Dorian Raglan who is a social worker and also double to be a Yoga instructor. Her father got divorced from her mother even at the prime age of 5 years, her mother (Dorian) who happened to be an African-American, while her father (Meghan) is a Dutch-Irish man, the difference in skin the parent color tone led to the family receiving all manner of racial abuse when she was in her tender age.

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Prince Harry of Wales was born on September 15 in the year 1984, he is the son of the British royal family, he is the last born of Charles who is the prince of Wales and her mother Diana a princess of Wales, he is the sixth in the succession line, he is a military officer . a Captain in the Uk army. He is popularly known as Prince Harry

When is the royal wedding 2018?

This wedding has been scheduled to hold on 19th if may which happened to be Saturday, also this day was special and a fun date has it fall on the same day of the FA cup which is the final match and the match will be played at the Wembley stadium, hilarious thing about this is, the best man (Duke) from Cambridge who is meant to be at the final as the FA president to present the Trophy to the winner, who knows if the date was selected to at least first time in history give rest to Duke..

The venue for the wedding has been resolved to b St George Chapel in the ground of Windsor Castle, this chapel happened to be the venue where the prince was christened also, this chapel has been a place of wonderful experience to the couple in time past in course of their relationship. the Lord Chamberlain’s Office is in charge of dealing with the aspects related to the ceremony on the special day while The Lord Chamberlain’s Office situated at Buckingham Palace are to handle the organizing of the royal weddings.

The service is proposed to commence fully at 12 pm. The major aspects of the wedding, which include the church service, flowers, associated music, reception, and decorations, will be shouldered and cater for by the Royal Family, with Ms. Markle’s parents both set to be in attendance.


Invitation has been made, this was made in the royal order and how it has been done from time immemorial with the royal ethics, this invitation was done by Barnard Westwood, an English card was used with American ink, this invitation was printed in Black and gold colors, also the badge that was three feathered by the prince of Wales is enshrined at the center of the invitation card.

Invitations have been sent out to 600 people who fortunate due to luck standing by them, also special 200 cards have been carefully made for close allies who will be at the reception or called after party at Frogmore house.


No official list of political leaders which invariably means neither the President (Donald Trump) nor the Prime Minister (Theresa May) are invited so, they may not be present in the ceremony.

Sources have it that, the guests who are not directly related to the couples will be restricted from the venue due to the relatively small size of the St. George Chapels. Although some gust has received invitations to watch the bride arrive the church venue and also their exist.

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It will be a fantastic event, emotions are high already, the bell is ticking, friends dangling waiting for the special day, it will be a royal serene for the duo of Harry and Meghan.

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