Said Salim Bakhresa Net Worth and Biography

Said Salim Bakhresa Net Worth and Biography

Born in Zanzibar in 1949, Said Salim Awadh Bakhresa is a wealthy Tanzanian businessman tycoon, the founder, and chairperson of The Bakhresa Band of Companies is known for being one of the wealthiest residents in Tanzania. He is married to Mrs. Said Salim Bakhresa and father to Abubakar, Omar, Yusuf, Khalid (deceased in 2007), and Mariam Said Salim Bakhresa. Bakhresa is a well-known industrialist in the aisle and mainland of Tanzania.

  • Full Name: Said Salim Bakhresa
  • Bakhresa Net Worth 2017 Forbes: $600 Million
  • Business Type: Conglomerate / Milling
  • Country Of Origin: Tanzania
bakhresa Net Worth Biography


Said Salim Bakhresa Net Worth and Biography


Said Salim Bakhresa started as a small restaurateur in the seventies, his business grew by leaps and bounds within 3 decades metamorphosed into a business empire. He dropped out of college at the age of 14 years to become a blended potatoes sales person and later went ahead to become one of the most successful businessmen in Africa today.

Today, his establishment Bakhresa Group is a conglomerate of various companies and the largest milling organization in Africa with operations in Tanzania and other five countries in the world.


Said Salim Bakhresa Business Background

After Bakhresa went into the potato mix industry at a young age, he also dipped his hands into restaurant operations in the 1970s. He later added grain milling to his business operations and turned it into an empire. As of today, the main products of Bakhresa’s company flows from Kipawa Flour Mill where different grain and rice products are processed.

Rwanda, a neighboring company to Tanzania is depending on Bakhresa’s milling company to provide its residents with a minimum of 120,000 tons of wheat flour every year to ease the pressure of food prices in their country.  Rwanda Bakhresa because there is currently inadequate Level of food security in the country; 52% out of the residents of the country does not have enough food to live on. Bakhresa’s companies and its operations in Rwanda are not only expected to produce food, they must also create jobs and add to the national corporate tax revenues of the country.

Bakhresa’s group has employed over 2000 people in Tanzania and is the largest residing conglomerate. Apart from wheat flour and rice other products produce by Bakhresa conglomerates are Frozen Foods, Different types of drinks, Confectionaries, and Packaging. Bakhresa is always proud of his chocolate and ice cream company in town, Azam Brand is his most successful confectionary product company in Tanzania. The company is owned by Bakhresa himself and managed by his sons.

Azam Brand’s daily capacity for manufacturing is 2100 metric tons and it sold out $800 million in 2011. Azam Marine Division of Bakhresa’s group, this company is providing international tourists with quick ferry services, as many foreigners that started to discover and explore the country. Tourists that take the opportunity of the quick ferry ride can experience the sight of Lake Victoria, Zanzibar, and Mount Kilimanjaro.

Said Salim Bakhresa Net Worth and Biography

Said Salim Bakhresa Net Worth and Biography

Said Salim Bakhresa is aiding the reduction of impact and spread of Malaria among his workforce by curbing the spread of disease in all his establishments. As a result of this, he spent less than the stipulated amount of $10000 per month to heal his workforce, Bakhresa is actually spending about $3400 per month because of his preventive measures.  Also, his establishments stopped the use of Fansidar a Malaria drug in favor of Artemisinin; this is because Fansidar is a mono-therapy drug while Artemisinin is more effective because it uses poly-therapy. Because of the success rate of Bakhresa Group is curbing malaria, other companies joined forces with the Group to curb malaria in their region.

Said Salim Bakhresa started a crusade against malaria in Africa, the crusade is based on stopping the spread of the disease and ways to achieve this. As a result of this campaign, other residents of Tanzania who work for other companies have been able to benefit from the crusade started and sponsored by Bakhresa Group.

So how much is Said Salim Bakhresa worth in Dollars?

Said Bakhresa Net Worth 2017 Forbes

Said Salim Bakhresa is a celebrity in Tanzania and the whole of Africa today, his innovation and hard work have paid off by earning him great wealth that made him be recognized in the Africa and the world today. The current net worth of Bakhresa in 2017 is said to be approximately $600 Million according to Forbes estimates. The net worth has been calculated based on the number of properties he owned, his stocks, luxury goods, private airplanes, and yachts.

That’s all about Bakhresa Net Worth and Biography 2017.


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