Sandile Shezi Net Worth 2020 And Biography

Sandile Shezi Net Worth 2020 And Biography

A rich man once said “Inside every rich man is a poor kid that followed his dreams”, that rich man is Sandile Shezi. The story of this man is one which most people wouldn’t dream of but it’s definitely shaping up to have the perfect ending (already a millionaire at 25). Sandile Shezi Net Worth 2020.

His story is so motivating and captivating because it contains all aspects (risk, investment, creativity, foresight, tenacity, etc.) business facilitators in business school try to inculcate for months and sometimes even years in their students. It would do nobody any harm to name a course in business school after Sandile Shezi to ease facilitators and students’ stress of reading epistles of how people make fortunes at age 50 when Sandile’s life can make money making twice as fast. He was afraid of what most people are also cred of (poverty) that he turned it on the head and comes out of it a millionaire with many more years to increase his wealth.

His profile in brief

  • Sandile Shezi Net worth 2020: $2.3 million
  • Age: 25
  • Profession: Investor
  • Source of wealth: forex trading
  • Residence: South African
  • Citizenship: South African
  • Marital status: Single
  • Education: National Diploma (ND) in Public Relations and the Applied Communication Durban University of Technology (After becoming a millionaire).
Sandile Shezi Net Worth Biography



Sandile Shezi Net Worth 2020 And Biography

A little history about this man would me you understand no amount of hype can do justice to what this man has achieved even more interesting is how he did it.

In some of the interviews he has granted media houses all over South Africa, there is a common theme of entrepreneur being an art as he was reportedly said to have a keen eye for a business opportunity from the tender age of 12, he would use most of his time selling muffins and used clothes door to door in the face of constant mockery from friends. He wouldn’t give in to all of that criticism (the tenacity of a 12 years old!), he kept at it and felt motivated by it. All of these and advance in technology make him want to be a different trader (creativity) so he learned (investing in himself) the art of trading currency online – forex trading. He must have acquired enough knowledge to know how risky forex can be that he wouldn’t invest a huge amount of money on it. In his 3rd year in the university (Durban University of Technology), he decided he has had enough of being scared and learned enough of forex to make it so he dropped out of school (without the knowledge of his parent) and invested all his tuition fee for that year into forex but as luck or the genius of a year 3 drop-out or the combination of both, he made it and the rest, as they say, is history.



He wouldn’t stop making money from what brings him his first few million dollars which is forex but he is doing his best to make people be as successful as he is in the foreign exchange market i.e. giving back to the society in his own little way by making people see that there is more to investment than the risk people who are afraid of the unknown seem to portray anytime they have the chance to say something about foreign exchange trading.

He founded and co-owns Global Forex Institute with fellow investor George Van der Reit, the school operates out of Umhlanga, Sandton, and Durban. It serves to bring affordable and efficient forex training to the common people. Some classes are even provided free of charge as Shezi’s goal with GFI is to educate and show others in Africa how they can turn time into money. Online classes are available as well. His goal is not limited to only helping people achieve their financial goals but to revitalize the job market in South Africa. He has consistently done this by his numerous motivating interviews when he is not busy trading up and down media houses across the country.

According to the GFI website, the company makes the bulk of its money by trading and posts its results on the website for public viewing.

He has already done so much since the time he made his parents sad by dropping out of school to earning a national diploma from the same Durban University of Technology majoring in public relations and applied communication. He confirmed his parents’ support of him in one of his interviews-who wouldn’t support a rich son? Especially when he’s the country’s youngest millionaire.

Sandile Shezi Net Worth 2020 – $2.3 Million

Everything up to this point in history. If the history of a 24-year-old can be this captivating, it would be safe to say this man is just getting started. He invested heavily in forex with his tuition, it could have ended in two ways (success and failures). He succeeded in his investment and he has gone from strength to strength and he is now considered as the youngest millionaire in South Africa. Rich people are known or luxuries but are never known to relent until they can make all of the world their own. The net worth of a “lucky” forex trader has soared through the sky and it is still breaking beyond the sky. The most recent report of his net worth sits at around 2.3 million dollars ($2.3m).

Sandile Shezi Net Worth Cars Age

Sandile Shezi Net Worth Cars Age


He said in an interview that his major motivation to sell muffins, gambled his whole life on forex is the fear of poverty. It is only normal that when he has gone through all the challenges he faced and come out of it as a victor, he has earned the right to show the world what he has achieved i.e. letting what he has spoken for him and he has them in abundance and some of them include a $250,000 Maserati, Range Rover Velar 2017, a Ferrari, a nice house that matches his personality.

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