Sir Emeka Offor is of great repute and well known as one of Nigeria’s business moguls. He has contributed immensely to the Nigerian business sphere and he currently serves as the CEO of the pair of ERHC (Environmental Remediation Holding Corp) Energy Inc. and the renowned Chrome Group. In addition to this, He has an authoritative position in EEDC, currently presides over the board of directors ( Sir Emeka Offor Net Worth 2018 & Biography ).


Sir Emeka Offor Net Worth


  • Early Life and Academic Career

Born Onyebuchi Emeka Offor; though Sir Emeka emerged from an Igbo family, given brith to in 1957 in Kafanchan –an area in Kaduna State. Together with his father Chief Bennett Offor, Sir Emeka Offor hails from Anambra State with Oraifite regarded as his hometown.

In his early years, he was enrolled in a school in Ihiala –Abbot Boy’s Secondary School –for his academic course. However, Sir Emeka Offor couldn’t complete his education at the school due to the expulsion he suffered. In consequence of this, he later attended Merchant of Light –a school in Idemili Local Government Area, Anambra. In 1977, he sat for his WASCE examination at this very school.

  • Business Career

Sir Emeka Offor had a humble beginning in his business career. At this time, he worked under his uncle from whom he learned business. Having served under his uncle for some time, he eventually initiated his own enterprise –the Chrome Group –in the mid 90’s and through this attempt, he emerged into Nigeria’s oil and gas sector.

His enterprise, the Chrome Group, is globally acclaimed as it offers professional services to oil companies within and outside Nigeria. The Chrome Group is known for its high-quality services which span across digital inspection, construction of the natural gas pipeline and the maintenance of refineries. Also noteworthy is that the Chrome Group happens to be multifunctional as the span of its operation now covers investment holdings (both internationally and domestically) in sectors such as logistics, telecommunications, power, and insurance.

In addition to his vital contributions to the business sphere, Sir Emeka Offor is greatly acclaimed for his efforts towards promoting education. In his quest to heighten the position of education within Nigeria and across West Africa at large, Sir Emeka Offor took the advantage of an academic project to provide more than 1 million computers, books, and other academic equipment.

As a philanthropist, Sir Emeka has come out to be regarded as BFA’s most significant member in Africa. Meanwhile, this notable achievement stemmed from the influence of SEOF (Sir Emeka Offor Foundation) –the non-profit organization he set up.

Sir Emeka Offor has vigorously persisted in his quest as a humanitarian personality. Meanwhile, his non-profit organization –SEOF- is believed to have risen from his objective aimed at becoming Africa’s largest donor of books. By way of reaching this milestone, Sir Emeka’s non-profit foundation will have completed the book project estimated to be worth 14 million dollars.

As established by Sir Emeka Offor, the SEOF is regarded as an ambitious embodiment aiming to pave the way for economic opportunities and poverty alleviation in the hope that this will promote the welfare of Nigerians across less-privileged localities.

To crown Sir Emeka Offor’s unrivaled contributions to the development of his native State, Anambra, he owns the oldest and most prominent market plaza in the State. By way of regarding him highly, it is believed that the name of the market plaza was attributed to Sir Emeka Offor.

  • Personal Life

Sir Emeka is a married man who is blessed with 3 male children and 5 female children. He has been married to his wife since 1982 and she is Nkiru Offor –a native of Oru (a Local Government Area in Imo State).

Besides Nkiru Offor, he has another wife, Adara Ofondu, whom he married a few years ago.

  • Awards

Sir Emeka Offor has been bestowed by Rotary International with an honour titled 2015/2016 International Service Award aimed at liberating the world from polio. Meanwhile, he was crowned with this award as an obvious recognition of his efforts towards the eradication of polio.

  • Achievements as a Philanthropist

Sir Emeka’s philanthropic efforts are fairly great in number and as he continues to donate a huge portion of his wealth with a view to empowering the marginalized Nigerians, particularly in the South East, we’ve gathered some of his notable efforts as a philanthropist.

As God would have it, Sir Emeka Offor has taken the advantage of his philanthropic efforts to support the construction of Oraifite Civic Centre which constitutes Nigeria’s greatest civic centres in the South-Eastern region.

Moreover, Sir Emeka runs a scholarship programme which has been in existence for more than twenty years. As contained in reports, the programme is specialized for students at the tertiary level and to cultivate the desire to learn, each beneficiary of the programme receives great benefits including an automatic job opportunity and the possession of a motor car. Meanwhile, such a beneficiary must have finished his/her academic course as a first-class graduate.

Sir Emeka also established a cooperative fund for the welfare of widows. Currently, the fund’s membership accommodates over 3,000 persons. With the help of this cooperative fund, a fair portion of the widows has been granted the privilege to fly to India with a view to educating them in the management of a cooperative business. In consequence of the training, they have received so far, these widows have empowered themselves with the establishment of lucrative small businesses together with a microfinance bank.

In the construction of buildings for the welfare of the people, Sir Emeka Offor has earned great recognition through the establishment of a well equipped Anglican church which forms part of the biggest Anglican churches in Nigeria’s South East. To signify another contributive effort, Sir Emeka Offor is the main force behind the construction of a significant community road situated in Ekwusigo Local Government Area.

Over and above the stated philanthropic contributions, Sir Emeka Offor’s name will continue to live within the memories of the people of Oraifite –his hometown. To further promote the welfare of the people, he equipped the four regions of Oraifite with a basic amenity in form of a communal water project. In this regard, the water project serves the four Oraifite regions which are Ifite, Irefi, Ezumeri, and Unodu.

  • Sir Emeka Offor Net Worth 2018: $5.8 Billion

Currently, Sir Emeka Offor is renowned not only as a business mogul but also one of Nigeria’s richest people. His present net worth is estimated at $5.8 billion.

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