Slap Dee Net Worth 2020 And Biography

Slap Dee Net Worth 2020 And Biography. Mwila Musonda, popularly known as Slap Dee, is one of the Zambia golden sons that has uplifted the Zambian hip-hop music business. A multi-award winner and one of Zambia’s top musicians, Slap Dee has made a number of hit songs to make the hip-hop one of the dominant genres today. He was among those who persevere to make it gain recognition after it had been largely ignored in the late 20th century. 

Slap Dee Net Worth 2020 And Biography

  • Full Name: Mwila Musonda
  • Date Of Birth: April 27th, 1987
  • Slap Dee Net Worth 2020: $68,000
  • Profession: Hip-hop Artist
  • Country Of Origin: Zambia
Slap Dee Net Worth Biography Cars House Slap D


Before we go into Slap D’s Biography, let’s take a look at his impact and the development of Hip-hop in Zambia generally

  • Hip-hop In Zambia And Slap D

Hip-hop music is an Afro-American urban youth culture based on rap music, break dancing etc. Although, it is not a strange phenomenon to Africans because it has its root deep-rooted in African culture. The African people had the art and culture of chanting poetry in palaces and traditional ceremonies. It was this culture that was transferred to Europe and America during the era of slave trade, with the influx of slaves from Africa to that regions.

As generation passes on, it transformed form and fashion until it became the usual western fashion it is today. Therefore, hip-hop music is not an alien thing to Africans, it was already part and parcel of their culture.

In Africa today, hip-hop music has gained popularity beyond imagination. This largely goes back to the tireless contribution of many of the hip-hop artists in different countries in the region.

One of the African countries that is worthy of such a considerable attention is Zambia

In Zambia, as it is previously known, hip-hop music is already deep-rooted in the culture of the African and Zambian inclusive. The Zambian hip-hop started as a disco that was enjoyed by the younger generation of that era. The first emergence of hip-hop was in the 1970s and 80s with the production of American acts like the Sugarhill Gang and Rapper’s Delight. Later on, the introduction and discovery of Zam-Ragga, a new version of Zambia hip-hop music, brought her hip-hop to the limelight.  

During the transformation stages of the Zambia hip-hop, one of the notable figures that contributed to the attention and fame that greeted the Zam-Ragga is Slap Dee. An overview of him is highlighted below.


Slap Dee Net Worth 2020 And Biography

  • Biography

Slap Dee was born on Monday 27th of April, 1987 in Zambia. He began his music career in 2006 with the work Asembe Isebenza, and that made him be spotted by promoter Sync as one of the rising stars to move Zambian music to a greater height. That assumption was proved right with the achievements of Slap D today.

31-year-old Slap Dee had started building his music career since his high school days. He would compete with mates so that he would gain recognition and dominance. This feat sounded a good omen for him that later made him pursue a career in Music. This paid off however with the fame and achievements he attained today.

The Zambian superstar began his music career lowly in 2006 when he produced the work Asembe Isebenza. That work, however, was a commercial disappointment that could not make the wave as it ought to. But despite that, the work was able to earn Slap Dee a radio spins that was able to generate hip-hop underground for him.

As an optimistic fellow, Slap Dee never relented until he had a follow-up to his first work. He had another work that followed the first one entitled So-Che. With the production of So-Che, the work catapulted him to national stardom that was beyond imagination. The work not only ensures that the artist was known far and wide, it also signaled a new era in the Zambia music industry and a U-turn in its previous inertia state.

So-Che featured hit songs such as Solola and Takwaba that marked the first hitting song produced by Slap D and a scintillating one that was indeed remarkable.

Slap Dee also produced another series of hits that were legendary one the following year in 2007 and 2008. It happened that he had a bitter feud with fellow musician, Mampi. That feud resulted in different types of hit that was produced by the duo, to treat their fans to a sumptuous taste of their artistry skill, and to vie for superiority and dominance.  

It was that feud that led to the release of Nizee and Sunshila that were adjudged legendary far and wide.

Followed by this, Slap Dee also released Kamba Che and Disposable that resulted from his collaboration with songbird Sutu.

In 2009, the iconic singer made history again with the release of his third studio project entitled black na white. Black na white was a thrilling release that made waves. It got an overwhelming response from fans across the whole nation.

  • 4th Album

The Musonda born artist also released his 4th album In 2013 which he labeled The Business. It was a huge success that featured hit songs like Remember, Just like that, Rasta among others.

The iconic singer is also making move to release another studio work. This time around the work is also entitled Black Na white 2. The work is eyed to be Slap’s biggest hit, as it had already been nominated for the best Hip-hop album at the 2016 Zambian music award before it’s actual release.

Slap Dee Net Worth Biography House Cars

Slap Dee Net Worth Biography House Cars

  • Awards And Recognition

In his entire career, Slap Dee has won several awards in the music industry that reveals his classical talent. In 2013 alone, he swept the Zambian Music Awards, winning an impressive 6 awards in a single night. These were; Best male contemporary artist, Best hip-hop song, Song of the year, Best Collaboration, Best Hip-hop album and Best Male Album.

His album Black Na White alone earn him the Ngoma Award and a Born and Bred Award for Best Hip-Hop Video.

The iconic singer has many labels to his credit. Some of them are listed below. Ulula, Baja Balipaja, Sivizakasila ft P jay, Takwaba Feat P jay, Chalila ft Hamoba, Gold digger ft.JK, Looking for love, Usaninamizile ft Rav 4, Takwaba, Chimudala Cha Pala and many more.

Asides his involvement in music, Slap D also has his own XYZ entertainment that features other musicians. He is also into fashion with his XYZ fashions. He also runs a restaurant and nightclub with the name The Play Room.

Slap Dee Net Worth 2020 – $68,000

Slap Dee is also adjudged as the highest paid rapper and number three among the musicians. With his business dealings in transportation, printing, clothing, XYZ entertainment and other dealings that cover endorsement and performance fee, Slap Dee is believed to worth around $68,000, putting him among the top five earning musicians.

That’s all about Slap D’s Net Worth And Biography.


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