Strive Masiyiwa Net Worth 2018 and Biography

Strive Masiyiwa Net Worth 2018 and Biography

Born on 29th of January 1961, Strive Masiyiwa is from Zimbabwe. Masiyiwa started his education in Zimbabwe, attended a primary school there before moving to Scotland where he completed his secondary education. Masiyiwa later proceeded to the University of Wales where he bagged a degree in Electrical Engineering. { Strive Masiyiwa Net Worth 2018 Forbes In Dollars }

  • Full Name: Strive Masiyiwa
  • Date Of Birth: January 29th, 1961
  • Country Of Origin: Zimbabwe
  • Profession: Business Man ( Telecommunication )
Strive Masiyiwa Net Worth


Strive Masiyiwa Net Worth 2018 and Biography

The London based businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist is the founder and executive chairman of Diversified International Communications and Econet Wireless. As a member of Africa Progressive Panel, Strive Masiyiwa influence decision makers to make policies that can bring lasting positive changes to Africa. Strive has won many accolades and gotten international recognition for his business and philanthropy. He is currently considered as one of the most generous men in Africa.


Strive Masiyiwa’s Business Career

Masiyiwa returned to his native town (Zimbabwe) after 17 years absence in 1984. He worked briefly for the state-owned telephone company briefly and later quit the job to set up his own company. The company grew by leaps and bounds in 5 years and Masiyiwa emerged as one of the leading industrialist in the country with his large electrical engineering business.

At the emergence of mobile cellular telephone, Masiyiwa diverted into telecom business, he named the business Econet Wireless. He ran into problems when Robert Mugabe the president of Zimbabwe then refused to give him a license to operate his business. Masiyiwa took the case to court and appealed to the constitutional court of Zimbabwe; he argued that the refusal to grant him a license is a violation of his right to freedom of expression.

After five years legal battle, the Zimbabwean court which is one of the most respected courts in the continent ruled in his favor. The legal battle almost took Masiyiwa to the brink of bankruptcy but he endured and prevailed. The ruling led to the removal of monopoly on telecommunications in Zimbabwe, the court ruling was a milestone in the opening of African Telecommunication to private sectors.

Strive Masiyiwa Biography


Strive Masiyiwa and Econet Wireless

Econet’s  first subscribers were connected in 1998, by July 1998, Strive Masiyiwa has listed Econet Wireless Zimbabwe on the local stock exchange as a means of thanking and rewarding thousands of people who gave him support during the legal battle against the Zimbabwean government.

Econet Wireless is dominating the Zimbabwean economy today and has gone ahead to become one of the major businesses that have influence and recognition in Zimbabwe. Also, going by market capitalization, Econet Wireless is the second largest Company in Zimbabwe today.

Strive Masiyiwa left Zimbabwe in 2000 and never returned since then, he first moved to South Africa where he established the Econet Wireless Group, a new and separate organization to the one listed in Zimbabwe. However, his interest in telecommunication does not change. He found partners and together they founded Econet Wireless Nigeria, (Airtel as of today), Econet Wireless International, Econet Wireless Global, Econet Satellite Service, Econet Wireless South Africa, Econet Wireless Burundi, Rwanda Telecom, Transaction Processing System and Solarway.

Masiyiwa also has interest in Mobile operations in Bolivia, New Zealand, and the Dominican Republic. His companies have investments and operations in over 20 countries which include: United Kingdom, Latin America, US, United Arab Emirates China and New Zealand. After spending more than 10 years in South Africa, he moved to London but Masiyiwa retained his business interests in South Africa.


Strive Masiyiwa Net Worth 2018 Forbes In Dollars

Strive Masiyiwa is the richest man in Zimbabwe today with a combined fortune of $600 Million. The communication tycoon has been listed as one of Africa’s 55 billionaires. According to Ventures Magazine, the average net worth of members of Africa’s 55 billionaires club is $1.4 billion.

Strive Masiyiwa Net Worth Biography

Strive Masiyiwa Net Worth

Strive Masiyiwa’s Philanthropist Activities

Strive Masiyiwa as one of the most generous men in Africa has contributed a lot to the goodness of mankind. The following are some of the philanthropist activities of Strive.

  • Strive Masiyiwa supports over 40,000 orphans with educational scholarships; he also sponsors students at Universities in China, America and United Kingdom.
  • He has also used his wealth to provide scholarships to over 100,000 poor young Africans through his family foundation; Strive Masiyiwa has been doing this for the past 20 years now.
  • For some years now Masiyiwa has devoted time to mentor young African Entrepreneurs online through his Facebook page. He has growing followers of over 2.5 million young Entrepreneurs from all over the continent. Facebook has identified Strive Masiyiwa mentoring platform as one of the most engaging platforms compared to that of other business leaders in the world.
  • Strive Masiyiwa has contributed funds to promote public health and agriculture in Africa.


Strive Masiyiwa’s International Appointments

Masiyiwa is more than an actor in the local scene; he also has international and global influence. His business accolades and philanthropist activities made him be relevant and recognized all over the world. Below is the list of international appointments and activities of global influence.

  • Strive Masiyiwa was appointed as a member of US Council on Foreign Relations and International Advisory Board.
  • He also received an appointment as a member of Rockefeller Foundation.
  • Masiyiwa appointed as Member of Asia Society.
  • He is a member of Africa Progress Panel (APP)
  • He is also a member of Grow Africa
  • Masiyiwa is actively involved in the Africa Union (AU) Ebola Fund
  • Masiyiwa is also a member of Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)
  • Strive Masiyiwa is currently sitting on two United Nations Advisory Panels
  • He is a member of Morehouse College Board and Pan African Strategic Institutes.
  • Masiyiwa is also a member of United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Committee on Conscience.


Strive Masiyiwa’s Awards and Accolades

He was named as one of the 10 most outstanding young players of the world by World Junior Chambers of Commerce in 1998.

  • CNN Times Magazine poll name Strive Masiyiwa as one of the most influential business leader in the world in 2003.
  • President Barack Obama invited him and four others to attend a 38th G8 Summit at a camp in 2012 and addressed them on how to end poverty by increasing food production in Africa.
  • Fortune Magazine named Strive Masiyiwa as one of the 50 most influential business leaders in the world in 2014.
  • The Chairman of African Union Dlamini-Zuma asked Masiyiwa to assist in mobilizing resources for response to Ebola outbreak in Africa in 2014, this is first of its kind.
  • Strive Masiyiwa set up the first ever Pan African Fund Raising campaign known as Africa Against Ebola Solidarity Fund with the help of other leaders. Donations people made to the fund enable the Africa Union to deploy the biggest contingency of health workers in Africa to combat the spread of the deadly disease.
  • Forbes Magazine named Strive Masiyiwa in their list of 10 most powerful men in Africa 2015.
  • The International Rescue Committee awarded Masiyiwa the Freedom Award in 2015. The award is given to an individual who contributed towards refugee support in an extraordinary way and championed the cause of individual freedom, dignity, and liberty.
  • Masiyiwa’s Africa Against Ebola Campaign was recognized for outstanding effort and humanitarian contributions at the United Nations Global Leadership Award dinner in the USA (2015).


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