Tokyo Sexwale Net Worth 2020 And Biography

Tokyo Sexwale Net Worth 2020 and Biography – A South African born in the township of Orland West, Soweto on Thursday 5 March 1953, Momisa Gabriel (Tokyo) Sexwale is the third of six children of Godlieve and Frank Sexwale. The Nickname ‘Tokyo” was given to him as a result of his love for karate. 

Tokyo Sexwale Net Worth 2020 and Biography

  • Full Name: Momisa Gabriel Sexwale
  • Date Of Birth: March 5th, 1953
  • Occupation: Politician
  • Tokyo Sexwale Net Worth: R2.4 Million
  • Country Of Origin: South African
Tokyo Sexwale Net Worth



  • Background And Politics

Tokyo Sexwale is a politician, anti-apartheid activist, businessman, and even a former political prisoner. Due to his effortful anti-apartheid activities, he became a prisoner together important icons like Nelson Mandela. Both of them were arrested on Rolland Island. South Africa has suffered a lot until 1994 when they conducted their fully democratic election. After the election, Tokyo Sexwale was made the premiere of Gauteng Province. Also, between 2009-2013, he was the Country’s Minister of Human Settlements. Some people see him as a serious-minded businessman. Due to his highly developed entrepreneurial skills, he found many organizations which include Mvelaphanda Strategic Investments (Proprietary) Limited, Rand Mutual Assurance Limited, etc.

  • Early and Education Life

Tokyo’s father, Frank Sexwale was an administrative official in Johannesburg Hospital and also a patriotic individual as he participated in World War II against Germany during the early 1900s. Tokyo Sexwale grew up in during the period of disturbance of the designation of a township for the non-white occupation for the blacks. His family sent and sponsor him through Orland West High School where he graduated from in the year 1973. During the early 1970s, he proceeded to the University of Swaziland where he got a certificate in Business Studies. Also, he enrolled for the same certificate at the University of Botswana and Lesotho. Tokyo had to leave for Swaziland after registering for BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) due to an attempt made to arrest him by the Swazi authorities. In 1975, he got admission into military school -Soviet Union- to study military engineering. Now, he is the founder and non-executive chairman of Mvelaphanda Holdings (Proprietary) Limited.

  • Life of a Prisoner

Being an anti-apartheid activist, Tokyo Sexwale desists racism and as such can fight for justice with all he has even if it will take his life. After his exile into the military school in 1975, he returned to South Africa in 1976 and engage himself in a battle with the South African Security force. The anti-apartheid group comprises of 11 people including Tokyo himself and as such all of them were arrested for terrorism and conspiracy against the then South African Government. In the prison, he met Nelson Mandela who has been there 12 years prior. He was arrested after a 2-years long trial in the Supreme court of South African in Pretoria. The judge at the court sentenced him to an 18-years in a maximally secured prison of Rolland Island. In pursuit of the passion to build his entrepreneur skills, he enrolled himself in a learning program that earns him a Bachelor of Commerce. After 13 years in prison, an agreement called Groote Schuur Agreement between African National Congress and National Party Government pulled him out of the prison. In the prison, he maintained a personal relationship with Judy van Vuuren and after his release, they knot the tie and he born him two children.

  • Political Ambitions

In 1976, after his release from the prison, Tokyo returned to the largest city in South Africa and served as the head of the department of the public liaison of the African National Congress-the congress that saved his life. In the same vein, he was nominated and appointed as the chairman of special projects with the responsibility of reporting to the military Headquarters. Towards the ending of 1990, during an election of the African National Congress, he was elected as a member of the executive committee in the Pretoria-Witwatersrand-Vereeniging(PWV) area and later he became the head in the region till his resignation in 1997.

Tokyo Sexwale Net Worth Biography

Tokyo Sexwale Net Worth Biography

In April 1994, when the election of a prominent member of the government was carried out, he emerged as the first premier of the new PWV Province, which was later renamed as Gauteng Province in December 1994. Being an anti-apartheid, he succeeded in maintaining peace and unity in townships known with political volatility. After 4 years of being the premiere, he decided to dump all acts of politics for reasons unknown. Some raised the idea that he left due to business opportunities he sees that he can venture in while some even predict that it was due to a strong disagreement between the then Vice-president in the person of Thabo Mbeki. In 2007, Tokyo was nominated as a possible candidate for the post of Vice President of the African National Congress. He pronounced his candidacy for the post of ANC presidential nomination in Polokwane around September 2007, which he withdrew and support the then Deputy President-Jacob Zuma. In 2009, he was appointed as the Minister of Human Settlements which was formally called Minister of Housing.

Tokyo Sexwale Net Worth – R2.14 Million

Among the South Africans, Mosima Gabriel “Tokyo” Sexwale was ranked as the 3rd richest black in the country. Who is Mosima Gabriel “Tokyo” Sexwale?

  • Personal Life

His family, which he formed in 1996 after his release from the prison, comprises of two wives, four children and himself, making up a total of 7 people. The first wife, called Judy van Vuuren gave birth to two children named Gabrielle and Chris respectively and another called two children from a previous marriage. People see him as a philanthropist due to his high generosity. Also, he is a member of the Trustees of Nelson Mandela Foundation, his political prisoner. Various societies ranging from Johannesburg Child and Family Welfare society, Streetwise South Africa, Save the Family Fund, the sky is no limit etc. have him as their patron. Also, he headed many organizations which include Global Village Network Technology, MOCOH Energy, and Arcus Gibb Engineering.

Mosima Gabriel “Tokyo” Sexwale is also an author as he has published varieties of articles relating to political and economic issues. He is also a poet that has received series of honorary awards that ranges from Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary Foundation, Order of Freedom Havana in Cuba and D’Tech (HC) from University of Nottingham and many more.

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