Uhuru Kenyatta Net Worth 2020 Wealth and Biography

Uhuru Kenyatta Net Worth 2020 Wealth and Biography. Uhuru Kenyatta who goes by the full name, ‘Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta’, is the present president of Kenya. He happens to be the fourth president of the country. He is also the son of Kenya’s founding father and former president, Jomo Kenyatta. Uhuru rose to the presidential post on April 9, 2013, after he carted about 51 percent of the presidential votes.

Uhuru Kenyatta Net Worth 2020 Wealth and Biography

  • Full Name: Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta
  • Profession: Politician / Kenya President
  • Age / Date of Birth: October 26, 1961
  • Contacts / Email Address :
  • Uhuru Kenyatta Net Worth 2018: $500 Million
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Background and Early Life

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta was born on October 26, 1961. His name ‘Uhuru’ means ‘freedom’ in Swahili, and it was given to him by his father, in anticipation of Kenya’s upcoming independence. Uhuru’s father is the first president of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta who ruled the country between 1964 and 1978. His father suffered imprisonment and exile in process of aiding the country’s independence. During his lifetime, Jomo Kenyatta got married to a total of four wives (Grace Wahu, Edna Clarke, Grace Wanjiku and Mama Ngina). He had eight children, namely Peter Muigai, Margaret, Peter Magana, Jane, Christine, Uhuru, Anna, and Muhoho.

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta was born to his father last wife Mama Ngina Kenyatta. She is also the mother of Christine, Anna, and Muhoho. Ngina Muhoho was born on June 24, 1933, in Ngenda, Kiambu District, Central Province, Kenya. Here age as of the time of writing this article is 83. Uhuru attended St Mary’s School in Nairobi where he graduated. He moved to the United States to attend a College, ‘Amherst College’. He studied economics, political science, and government at Amherst College. After his graduation, he returned to Kenya and started his business. He owned a company named Wilham Kenya Limited which was in the agricultural sector.

President Uhuru kenyatta Biography Wealth

Political Career / Educational Background

Uhuru Kenyatta stands out as a politician who has attained great success in politics within a very short period. He is popularly regarded by Kenyans, as a credible politician. His political career began in 2001 when he became Minister for Local Government under President Daniel Arap Moi. At this time, Uhuru had relatively small political experience, and this made a lot of individual wonders how he attained such post. When President Daniel Arap Moi was about leaving his presidential post, he selected Uhuru as his successor who will run for the presidency in 2002. Uhuru went ahead to contest for the presidency in 2002, but he lost greatly to his political rival, Mwai Kibaki.

However, things changed in the following 2007 presidential election. Instead of running for the presidency, Uhuru allied with Mwai Kibaki who was his major opponent in the 2002 presidential election. Together, the two of them contested against Raila Odinga who was a major contender in the 2007 election. Mwai Kibaki and Uhuru came out victorious in the election. Unfortunately, their opponent refused to agree with the election result, and this resulted in a serious conflict between 2007 and 2008. To put an end to the conflict, Mwai Kibaki and Uhuru decided to ally with Raila Odinga, and this worked out.

Under Kibaki’s government, Uhuru was the Deputy Prime Minister and also the Minister For Finance, while Raila Odinga was the Prime Minister. In 2013, Uhuru decided to run for the presidency on his own, selecting William Ruto as his vice. The two ran against Raila Odinga who chose Kalonzo Musyoka to be his vice. The 2013 presidential election was conducted, and Uhuru Kenyatta won the election by carting away about 50 percent of the total votes, while his major opponent (Odinga) was able to acquire about 42 percent of the total votes. Uhuru has been able to run Kenya successfully, considering crucial problems of the country which he has tackled.

president Uhuru Kenyatta Net Worth Wealth

Uhuru Kenyatta Net Worth: $500 Million

  • Uhuru Kenyatta Wealth

For those interested in knowing and asking how is Uhuru Kenyatta Worth, he is worth an estimated $500 Million. The Kenyatta family has assets in various sectors, ranging from

  • Hotels {including the likes of Great Rift Valley Lodge}, Beach Hotels { Including Kipunguani in Lamu, Voyager Beach Resorts},
  • Real estates which include large land areas around different parts of Kenya,
  • Dairy business among others.
  • Media Business with Media Max that owns the likes of K24, The People Daily and Kwamme TV
  • Banking and Finance : Centra; Bank Of Africa (CBA) which is in different countries like Malawi, Botswana and Rwanda
  • Among other business

Presidential Challenges

One of the major challenges faced by Uhuru, is the problem of high public wage. According to recommendations, only a maximum of 7 percent of the country’s GDP should be allocated to paying wages. However, when he assumed position, about 12 percent of the country’s GPD was used to pay public wages. The problem worsened greatly and the percentage allocated to paying to public wages rose to about 50 percent. Uhuru at first approached the problem by cutting his salary by 20 percent in hope that other officials will do the same. Sadly, other officials did not follow suit, so he ordered an audit of the government payroll. He made this order in hope that he will be able to flush out ghost workers which yielded good result. The audit was able to flush out over 12,000 ghost workers which helped the problem.

Foreign Relations

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta has been able to make great progress in the aspect of foreign relations. According to statistics, he has travelled out of the country over 43 times since he assumed the presidential post. This figure surpasses that of the immediate past president, Mwai Kibaki, who travelled out of the country only 33 times during his 10 years in power. Among important travels made by Uhuru Kenyatta is that of his visit to South Africa for the funeral of Nelson Mandela.


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