Victor Moses Biography and Net Worth 2017

Victor Moses Biography and Net Worth

Victor Moses is a popular Nigerian football player who has risen to stardom in less than 10 years. The football player who is 26 years of age, has played for Nigeria and a good number of English football teams. On Friday, November 17, 2017, this football star was named the Nigerian football player of the year. November 17 did not only mark the day he won the Nigerian football player of the year award, it is also the day he won the award for the second time. This article, ‘Victor Moses Biography and Net Worth’, has a lot to reveal about the football star. His biography, as well as his net worth, will be discussed.

  • Date Of Birth: 12 December 1990
  • Profession: Footballer
  • Country Of Origin: Nigeria
  • Victor Moses Parents: Austine / Josephine Moses
  • Phone Number: Not Available Presently

Victor Moses Biography and Net Worth 2017 Forbes Estimate



Victor Moses Biography and Net Worth 2017 Forbes Estimate

  • Background and Early Life

Victor Moses was born in Lagos, Nigeria, into an average family. He was born on December 12, 1990. In 2012, when Moses was only 11 years of age, he lost his father and mother to an assassination. The murder of his parents did great damage to Moses’s psychology, and he was flown to the United Kingdom. Moses’s flight ticket was paid by his relatives who are also the one that sponsored his stay in the United Kingdom. Upon his arrival at the UK, the football player was enrolled at a high school in South Norwood. The high school he attended is Stanley Technical High School — Stanley Technical High School is now known as Harris Academy.

At Harris Academy, Moses put up good performance academically and in football. He played for the school’s football team, and he became a star in no time. The player’s football talent caught the attention of Crystal Palace scouter. Some Crystal Palace scouter approached him, and he ended up joining the club’s team. After joining the club’s team, this football player proved that not only can he shine at the high school level, he can also shine at the semi-professional level. He was able to score over 50 goals for Crystal Palace’s under-14 football team.

Meanwhile, Moses also played for Whitgift School while playing for Crystal Palace’s football team. Whitgift School is located in Croydon, and at the time he played for the school’s football team, the school’s football team was managed by Colin Pates. Colin Pates was an English football player who played for two great London football clubs, Chelsea and Arsenal. Just like he scored over 50 goals for Crystal Palace’s under-14 football team, the star footballer scored over 50 goals for Whitgift School. Furthermore, he helped both football teams to win a lot of trophies. It was also said that Moses scored 5 goals in a final match against Healing School of Grimsby, at the Walkers Stadium, Leicester.

  • Early Football Career

Victor Moses first appeared on Crystal Palace’s first team on November 6, 2007. The November 6 game was against Cardiff City, and this football match ended up a 1-1 draw. Moses continued to play in the first team, and he scored his first goal on March 12, 2008. His March 12 game with Crystal Palace was played against West Bromwich Albion. The game ended up just like his debut game — it ended up a 1-1 draw. In his 2007/2008 football season with the club, he was able to play a total of 16 football matches. The following season, the player’s appearances doubled, featuring in 32 games for the club. His outstanding performance helped save the football team from relegating — Crystal Palace finished the season at position number 15.

On January 31, 2010, his football club sold him off to Wigan Athletic, as the team suffered a crisis in that period. The football star moved to Wigan Athletic on a £2.5 million deal. His first appearance for Wigan Athletic was made on February 6 of the same year he was signed. His first game with the club was played against Sunderland Football Club. This game, just like his debut for Crystal Palace, ended a 1-1 draw. On March 10, Victor Moses made his first assist for Wigan Athletic. He came in as a substitute and went ahead to make the assist for Hugo Rodallega who did not waste the opportunity. The goal was scored during the extra time given, and the goal also helped the team secure 3 league points.

Not too long after his March 10 football match against Burnley, the football star sustained an injury which ruled him out of Wigan Athletic’s games until November 13, 2010. His November 13 football match was played against West Bromwich Albion, and the game ended up a 1-0 win and the team secured 3 points. The 2011/2012 season is Moses’s best football season with Wigan Athletic. He played regularly for the club, and this is partly due to the fact that Charles N’Zogbia, a key player on the team, left the club. His first goal of that season was on December 10, 2011, against West Bromwich Albion.

  • Present Football Club

Victor Moses Biography and Net Worth 2017 Forbes Estimate

Victor Moses Biography and Net Worth 2017 Forbes Estimate

Apart from Crystal Palace and Wigan Athletic, the football star has played for a good number of EPL team. He currently plays for Chelsea Football Club, and the other EPL teams he has played for, include Liverpool, Stoke City, and West Ham United. Chelsea bought him in 2012 but loaned him to Liverpool. He spent most part of the 2012/2013 season with Liverpool. Chelsea loaned him again in the 2013/2014 football season, but this time he was loaned to Stoke City. The loan happened again, he was loaned to West Ham United. When he was at Liverpool, the football star scored a total of 19 goals for the team, he also made 1 assist. Victor Moses scored 19 goals for Stoke City, but the number of assists he made for the team is 3. His performance at West Ham was more spectacular as he netted 21 times and made one assist.

  • Net Worth

Victor Moses is a wealth Nigerian footballer. He is estimated to worth about $23 million. His annual income is said to be about $3 million. Moses is said to own a luxurious house in Lekki area of Lagos State. Furthermore, he has a good number of amazing cars which include: a Mercedez-Benz, a BMW, a Lexus and a Ford. The football player has a personal investment of $12 million.

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