Victor Moses is one of the superstars who currently play for the Nigeria national team. In addition to his professional role as a wing-back in the Nigeria national team, Victor Moses happens to be a winger for one of the London-based English clubs –precisely Chelsea Football Club, one of the the best football clubs in th world.

  • Net Worth : $20 Million
  • Victor Moses State Of Origin : Plateau State, Nigeria
  • Tribe: Ngas
  • Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Date of Birth: December 12, 1990
  • Profession: Footballer
  • Club Salary: 2.6 Million Pounds
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Phone Number : Not Available
  • Parents Name: Austin / Josephine Moses
  • Victor Moses Parents State Of Origin : Plateau State

victor moses state of origin

Victor Moses Biography

Within his professional football career which apparently began in 2007, he has played for six different English football clubs including West Ham United, Stoke City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Wigan Athletic and Crystal Palace.

Family and Early Life

Victor Moses was born into a Christian family in his native country, Nigeria. His father was a pastor. But quite unfortunately, he experienced a great shock marked by the deaths of his two parents. This time, Moses was hardly in his teens as he had to bear the loss of his two parents who were said to be assassinated at the time.

However, Moses’ relocation to the U.K came about only after few days from the deaths of his parents. With his flight charges paid for by his family members, Moses was opportune to fly to the U.K where he became an asylum seeker.

Luckily, he was given an education at an English school formerly known as Stanley Technical High School.

victor moses tribe

Football Career

At the start of his football career in England, Moses played for Crystal Palace while the English club was in the Championship. At the club, Moses’ performances were quite impressive and due to this, he was approached by Wigan Athletic.

Moses’ first EPL appearance came about in 2010 while he played for Wigan Athletic. As his performances further improved, Victor Moses soon became a target for Chelsea FC. With two years away from his EPL debut in 2010, Chelsea were already in dire pursuit of the Nigerian.

Luckily for the London-based club, Victor Moses agreed to a deal which soon made him a player in the Chelsea squad. Meanwhile, this deal came up during 2012 summer transfer.

In spite of Victor Moses’ debut season performances which yielded him 10 goals altogether for London-based Chelsea, he was not granted a place during the second season. With regard to this, the Nigerian had to serve a season long loan at Liverpool. Meanwhile, Moses seemed to have served some season long loans for three years. After his first loan term at Liverpool, he joined Stoke City for another loan term. Following this, he returned to Chelsea but only spent few weeks before being loaned to West Ham United.

Victor Moses State of Origin and Tribe / Victor Moses Parents State Of Origin

It has become major point of discussion among differet Moses fans, who are curious about Victor Moses State of origin tribe and that of his parents. Some beleived he is from kaduna state, where he grew up before leaving Nigeria, other are f the opinions that he his from Lagos, his place of birth. Well its our job to shed more light into victor moses state of origin. The state of origin of a child isnot his plae of birth guh his fathers state of origin

  • Place of Birth: Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Victor Moses Parents State Of Origin : Edo Stsate, Nigeria
  • Victor Moses State Of Origin : Edo State, Nigeria
  • Tribe: Igbo

victor moses parents state of origin

Loan Terms

Before finally returning to Chelsea in 2015-16 season, Moses played for two different clubs where he served loan terms for two consecutive seasons.

Ahead of 2014-15 EPL season, VMoses became part of Stoke City squad to serve a season long loan. His second loan term, in which he played for Stoke City, came after his season long loan at Liverpool FC for 2013-14 season.

He marked his Stoke City debut at an EPL match during which Man City lost to Stoke City at the Etihad Stadium. At the end of the match which ended 1-0, Stoke City went home with all three points.

Moses improved in his performances and was awarded “Man of the Match’’ after providing the assist which gave Stoke City a 1-0 win against New Castle.

Stoke City maintained their winning runs as their subsequent game marked another victory over Swansea City at a match which ended 2-1. During the match, Moses was favoured with a penalty after being challenged by a Swansea player. However, Moses was criticized by Swansea manager for the penalty which seemed to have resulted from his diving.

His first goal for Stoke City came about in a dogged match which ended in a 2-2 stalemate between Stoke City and West Ham United.

During the subsequent match, Moses couldn’t play for Stoke City for almost 2 months after sustaining a thigh injury at a match against Burnley. Later on, he marked his return to the Stoke City squad during a match which gave Stoke City a 1-0 victory over Leicester City.

In some subsequent matches, Moses scored several goals to maintain his position in Stoke City starting line-up.

After his season long loan at Stoke City, Moses marked his return to Chelsea squad ahead of 2015-16 season. He played for the Blues during pre-season games but did not play any EPL game before joining West Ham United where he served his third loan term.

Career Statistics

For his professional football career, Victor Moses has had a total of 247 appearances for the club sides he has played for altogether. He had a total of 21 EPL appearances for West Ham United; a total of 19 EPL appearances for each of Stoke City and Liverpool; a total of 74 EPL appearances for Wigan Athletic. Also, he has had a total of 50 EPL appearances for Chelsea.

With regard to the Championship, he had a total of 58 appearances for Crystal Palace.

For the Nigeria national team, Victor Moses has had a total of 27 appearances coupled with 9 goals.


For Chelsea, Victor Moses has won the EPL title (2016-2017) and the UEFA Europa League. For Nigeria, he has won the Africa Cup of Nations (2013).

Victor Moses Net Worth

Mose’s Net worth has been declared one of Nigeria’s top richest athletes. Owing to his endorsement deals coupled with his assets, his net worth hovers around $20.1 million. To give a clear analysis of his net worth, Victor Moses has 5 luxury cars (estimated at $2.7 million), a number of personal investments (valued at $15.9 million), brand endorsements (worth $1 million) and weekly earnings of $55854.


Victor Moses is reported to have acquired many assets for himself. He is blessed with numerous assets ranging from his luxury automobiles. Regarding his intense admiration of luxury cars, Moses previously drove Ford and Aston Martin. However, the big-spending Nigerian footballer has excessively spent his money on even more expensive cars which include BMW, Ferrari and Mercedez Benz. Since the cars are known to carry super-premium prices, it isn’t a surprise that they are worth $2.7 million altogether.

You can check his dribbling skils below

There you have it on Moses Biography, Tribe and Parents Info


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  1. You are wrong. Victor moses was born in Lagos, spent d earliest part of his life in Kaduna and later in England. He is from Kanke Local government area of plateau state, an Ngas by tribe. Do not confuse the public with stories you know nothing about. Yes his parent were mission but you are wrong about his state of origin.

    1. Thanks alot Kaam for the information, the post has been updated.

  2. Victor Moses, i complement you for your integrity and outstanding performance. (please i have a Junoir brother who wants to be like you,he invest most of his time in the football field in the local community we are and he is always talking and dreaming about become a football star like you, humbly ask how he can make it, please you please bring him up with you? He was born on Feb, 2000 his name is God’swill Jameson from Akwa Ibom? Please help him and God will bless you more, Thank You.

  3. Dada Joseph Adelowo

    please sir,i can play football well,but i need someone tu assist me,pls i need your help…thank you sir.may d Lord bless you

  4. The experience once are hided within the assistance of government, Nigeria now a day believed that let my peoples go only for Rich ones

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