Vusi Thembekwayo Net Worth 2020 And Biography

Vusi Thembekwayo Net Worth 2020 And Biography

Vusi Thembekwayo is a South African entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He snatched a spot on the list of the richest South African youngsters. According to the biography of Vusi Thembekwayo, he was born on March 21, 1985, which pegs his current age at 32 years. Best known for his contributions as President and CEO of Watermark Advisory Limited, he is one of South Africa’s top renowned public speakers. (Vusi Thembekwayo Net Worth and Biography )

  • Date Of Birth: March 21st, 1985
  • Profession: Public Speakers
  • Post: President and CEO of Watermark Advisory Limited
  • Country Of Origin: South Africa (Gauteng)


Vusi Thembekwayo Net Worth 2020 And Biography


  • Early Life and Education

Vusi was born in Benoni, Benoni, Gauteng. It’s really a hard thing for anyone to believe that Vusi actually dropped out of school in his first year at the university level because of financial constraints. Despite being forced to leave the university at the end of his very first year due to financial constraints. He encouraged and picked himself up to never stop trying at life, he arranged his CV and started sharing from place to place, he started from two shopping malls in East Rand, delivering his door-to-door resume from store to store, six weeks gone after this initiative, he still couldn’t land a job. Vusi had in borne oratory skills and he was quite good at talking in public and convincing people, he used this personality trait coupled with his international networks (acquired through public speaking) and mobile phones to his financial advantage as he slowly and steadily recruits apprentices in South Africa for jobs based in England and Australia. This initiative led to the creation of his first company called Global Professionals South Africa, which then created a global recruitment agency which he operated from the comfort of the four walls of his bedroom.

Vusi then sold part of his business to a digital agency based in Johannesburg to digitize the business. Too early for the digital revolution and with poorly chosen partners, Vusi quickly left the company and the money. But at the age of 22, Vusi had the opportunity to change his life: he was offered a position in a corporate finance company. Here, he refined his skills in corporate finance and became one of the finance lever guys in the team. He combined his financial skills with public speaking and after a commitment to speak, he moved away from the event with a job offer. Vusi became an executive at Metro Cash and Carry, one of Africa’s largest consumer goods companies, where he started, developed and managed a multi-million dollar (40 million Rand) portfolio.

Regardless of his status quo, Vusi never really stopped learning, in 2009, he completed the Advanced Management Program at Commerce Wits University. Later, he joined the University of Pretoria GIBS and learned modeling and financial evaluation techniques. In addition, he studied corporate finance and business administration with honors (from the University of Pretoria). Recently, Vusi completed his Executive MBA in Business Administration (MBA) from Hult Business School.

Vusi Thembekwayo Net Worth – Biography

  • Career and Professional Life

His early business world mistake was selling a portion of the recruiting company to another that would digitize it led to a huge financial loss because of unfavorable conditions, Vusi forged ahead to work in a corporate finance company as highlighted in his early life section, he fine-tuned and added to his corporate skills knowledge.
Vusi has inspired millions of people with his wits over the long span of his oratory and business career. As a gifted speaker, he has been invited to speak by people from 21 countries around the world, including people from New York, Paris, England, Rio de Janeiro, Dar es Salaam, Lagos, Jersey, Buenos Aires, Kampala, San Francisco, Colombo, and Nairobi.

As a venture capitalist, Vusi has invested his wealth in many listed companies. His biography is inspiring for anyone interested in the business and management sectors.

Vusi recently sold a majority stake in his Motiv8 management consulting business to US partners in a multi-million rand transaction and used part of the proceeds to launch MyGrowthFund, a venture capital firm launched to create and develop entrepreneurs. financing in the rural sector and the markets of the South African municipality. By 2030, Thembekwayo hopes to have created 300 sustainable black businesses by finding and caring for high-growth African-American entrepreneurs through funding, incubation and development platforms plus business development. As part of MyGrowthFund, Vusi has just launched # Top40, a mentorship program that will enable 40 high-growth companies that provide 1 million rand, through an 18-month mentorship program to expand their business and move to a higher level

One of the highlights of his career was actually getting an invitation to address the British House of Common and the World Bank. As part of his inspiration tour in the year 2013 & 2017, he hosted a show in Las Vegas and it was a massive success as the show was sold-out.

  • Personal Life

Save for his busy schedule, Vusi Thembekwayo is a family man and this fact was verified with his union with a woman who Vusi prefers to keep private and personal. According to reports, he is blessed with a son and his marriage has been out of the limelight since he got married in 2009 as it has been controversy-free so far.

  • Body Measurements

Physically Vusi looks so agile and visibly strong and a lot of people wanna know his body measurements for reasons best known to them, we are sad to inform you that we have no details about his body measurements, watch out for this page though, we might update it anytime from now.

On The Left

  • Vusi Thembekwayo Net Worth 2020 In Dollars: $550 Million

Vusi’s salary has been an unresolved mystery as nobody can say for sure what his monthly take home is, one thing we are sure of his, it’s an enormous amount if we are to go by his recent business activities and his speaking career. His current net worth as at the time of writing this article is $550 million. Pin-pointing Vusi’s net worth has proved to be a tedious and a continuous task as it keeps growing year in, year out.

That’s all about Vusi Thembekwayo Net Worth 2020 And Biography. You can visit his website to get regular updates about his personal life.


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